Friday, April 11, 2014

Raze's Favorite Milwaukee Hip Hop Albums

First off, let me preface this list by acknowledging that I KNOW people will call my list "biased" because not only do I have a few of my own projects on it, but projects from my team are on it. 

While I could have omitted those, I didn't. 


Because, F*CK YOU. That's why.

I'm not gonna destroy the integrity of MY list because some artists will be butt-hurt over their albums not making the cut, but my own did. 

These are the albums that I personally listen to in my "free time", which is basically when I'm working or some shit. Not necessarily "the best" or "most critically acclaimed by critics who shouldn't even be discussing Hip Hop music in the first damn place" or none of that shit. Just my list of albums that I can, for the most part, simply "press play and walk away" on.

These are the albums that I'm most proud to say are from my city and have for the most part made me fans of the artists that created them.

 So, with that said...let's get on with the list.

1. House of M - "The Alternate Reality of..."

2. The Hollowz - "Dreams of Sex and Flying"

3. AUTOMatic - "Transistor"

4. Raze - "Living in Technocolor"

5. Haz Solo & Tay Butler - "Silkies & House Shoes"

6. L&R (Formerly Logic&Raze) - "...STILL untitled"

7. Yo Dot - "Red Mist"

8. Ka$h & Nova - "G.R.H. Grassroots"

9. Prophetic - "Mo Profit, Mo Progress"

10. SPEAK easy - "Well Spoken"

:::Honorable Mentions:::
D. Ellsey "A Shift in The Wind"
Pizzle - "Fame in Vain"
Coo Coo Cal "Disturbed"
Dirty Mouf (aka Tha D.R.E.) "In Milwaukee"
Shife N*ggas - "Volume 1"
Dana Coppa "Coppa's Welfare Foods"
Qewl Miles "The Epitome"

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

#ShootTheFairOne: Memphis Bleek - Thanks I Get (Video)

So...we got Memphis Bleek aka Bleek aka MemphMan aka Jigga's Oldest Child aka Mr. 2nd Childhood Tax Dependent for Hov, dropping a new joint for us all. Now, I'd like to believe that this is supposed to be a reminder of his entire career and how much legendary music he's blesses us all with over the years but after the first minute of listening I can't help but wonder....

...Nigga, WHAT?

I have no idea how old Bleek is at this point, nor do I care enough to look it up. However, I DO know that he's old enough and has been fortunate enough to be in the proximity of too fkn much opportunity to STILL BE RHYMING ABOUT BEING IN THE F*CKING PROJECT STAIRCASE. Seriously, Bleek should be RICH by now, at least by fkn proximity. Hell, as a hitman...SOMETHING. But, no...he's still in Marcy or some other building of NY's famed project housing system; and he's not gonna let any damned one of us forget that sh*t.

Anyway, here's the vid/song in all it's barely listenable glory. Yes Bleek, I have some thanks for you. Thanks for never, EVER living up to your potential as "The Next Hov" or whatever you've been marketed as for over 15yrs.

Monday, March 31, 2014

#SmeezeOfTheWeek - Shabelle


My Creepmode is FULLY activated.


And before any of the photoshop talk starts.....YOU'RE WELCOME.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

It saddens my Inner Hater to admit but....

....Miguel has the baddest chick in the game. Her name is: Nazanin Mandi.

...and for the record, YEAH...I admit it, I got an inner hater. EVERYBODY does, whether they admit it or not. So fuck it, I'm hating on that nigga Miguel. Fuzzy ass nigga look like a cross between Ted and Fozzy the Bear wit shades on and shit.

But the part that REALLY kills it is, it's not even really close. This chick is COLD. The prototype for longevity. Small, and JUST curvy enough to hold a niggas eyes down, while still having plenty of room for flattering expansion. LOL

For real...don't mind me ya'll. I'm a bit smitten at the moment...ENJOY.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

#RazesRant - Stuff THIS in ur Pipe and Smoke It

In all honesty, who the fuck even smokes dirt, brick weed anymore?

I mean, the shit that "it makes sense that someone could swap this out for Oregano without telling the difference bcuz it's fucking rubbish" type weed.

The shit that's so bad it doesn't even deserve a cool name like "Dope" and should just be called the ONE thing no muhf*cka wit a GOOD garden would want in his fucking good ass garden - WEED.

The shit that puts you to sleep WITH  a fucking migraine headache type shit.

The shit that random niggas on the shittiest corners of all of Shittilandavia, USA can be found giving away for practically FREE, in the most precidented weed discount sale of all time...the coveted....THREE-4-TEN deal!!!

I'm trippin but for today's economy, every dollar counts. We WORK for that shit and to spend it on stuff that's doing more harm than good is THE definition of hustling backwards. Then to add insult to injury, home growers are WAY more boutique to buy from and FIND than ever. They're educated and shit. There's no way someone hasn't or doesn't have at least ONE muhf*cka they can score some PRIME budz round here.

So, the question is....who THE FUCK is smoking dirt and dandys round this muhfucka?!?!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Smeeze of the Week - Natali Phatty

Some of ya'll gone wanna kill me for this one, but I don't give a FUCK. This chick's ass is HEALTHY. Sure, she ain't the cutest, but...what chick packin a wagon like this is?!?

I ain't got no shame!!!