Friday, December 31, 2010

Real Talk Wit Raze: Sometimes You DON'T Get What You Pay For...

Happy New Year!!!

This is the last RTWR for 2010 and it was a great year. Those of you fortunate enough to have followed the series on my Facebook page know how hard I went in the paint (Nigga!!) wit it and also how hard the followers/commenters did as well.

But that's enough of that, cuz tonight is a special night for a lot of us/ya'll. It's the over-hyped, far overpriced New Year's Eve Bar/Club/Party extravaganza night.

Fellas, you will pay for drinks. If you have a date, you will pay for her admission to said club/bar/party. Potentially the same club you typically pay no cover to $5 to get into on a regular night, but OH NO. Not tonight! You'll be paying $20 - $100 to get into that same club, wit them same dingy, ratchety patrons from the past 51weeks.

But tonight is special. Tonight, you'll be the lucky guy to spend an evening with a lady lookin her absolute BEST...hurrr did, nails did, make up did...yeah buddy. It is indeed, GOING DOWN.

But, you must be aware of one VERY important factor. The higher she goes up, the further she falls down. Because you WILL NOT WAKE UP NEXT TO THE SAME WOMAN YOU SPENT ALL THAT DAMN MONEY ON. She will be something....very....different. Ya'll gone be hungover...starving, possibly have the liquor could be a horror scene. But most importantly, HER FACE will most likely make you question the likely-hood that she was snatch n' swapped from your arms by alien bodysnatchers at some point, but you were too gone to notice. Chicks are not only crafty when it comes to using makeup to hide their "weak points", but broads are using PHOTOSHOP now too!! Where Glamour Shots failed, Photoshop has helped them succeed!!

NEVER judge a woman's looks by her default pic, homie.

So here are some visual examples of Before and the dreaded Afters I've seen.

Don't say Raze ain't warn you...don't ever say in 0'10 I ain't never look out. Till '11....keep it tight.











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Thursday, December 30, 2010

10 Albums You Should Have Added to Your Collection This Year...

...but probably didn't. In a city often viewed as under the radar, it's hard to believe sometimes how much GOOD music comes out that our own hometown doesn't support. Yet, when someone "makes it" every cat on Capitol Dr will be the first to want to raise their hand with their own version of the "I knew that nigga when..." story. So instead of waiting for the rest of the world to notice our own homegrown talent, why not support it NOW! Here are 10 albums/mixtapes that hit the streets of MKE this year (In no particular order this isn't a countdown) that you should go buy, download, jack a fourth grader know.

The Journey to Hip-Hop...Milwaukee presented by

By no means is this the only good music that has come out of the Brew this year, but this is a sample to prove a point. Milwaukee is putting in work and until we start to support our own, no one else will.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

New Music: Lupe Fiasco "The Show Goes On"

Some love him, some hate him...and VERY few are indifferent.

I myself am a huge fan of Lupe. I wasn't initially tho, as I thought his first album was "just O.K." in my opinion.

But all that changed with 2 1st time hearing "The Cool" album. Dare I use the dreaded C-word (CLASSIC).

And, when I saw him perform live @ The Eagles Ballroom (the Rave). His performance was quite awesome and I was sold on him as a legit artist.

Well, after all kinds of label issues and what-not, maybe we'll actually get to see his 3rd album, "Lasers" FINALLY get a release in March of 0'11. First out the gate is "The Show Goes On", which I love. It's pop-ish, it's contrived, sure. But the message is still one that hip-hop could use more of on the radio.

Here's the video.

My apologies for the WorldStarHipHop link. I hate those fuckers.

Raze Approved.

Here's the download of the song. --->>

Friday, December 24, 2010

Real Talk with Raze: 2010 State of the Scene Address

Dear Milwaukee Hip Hop artists,

There will be many of you offended by what you're about to read. Many of you will be so wrapped up in trying to read into it and find a reason to be offended or feel dissed that you will completely miss the point of what I'm about to say. Adversely, there will be a VERY few of you that will read this, understand my point and whether you agree or disagree, will respect it.

So, with that said...

Our city's hip hop scene is...well, DYING. In case you haven't noticed, show attendance is down all over the city. More and more clubs/venues are turning their backs and a blind eye to our music. Despite the flurry of quality album and mixtape releases in the past year, the media (Newspapers, online blogs, radio, etc) which was already virtually delinquent in their coverage or acknowledgement of our music, are losing what little interest they have FAST. The sad thing about this is, it's all happened very quickly. And by quickly I mean within ONE YEAR. Take a look at the Onion AVclub's top 15 albums of 2010 list. There's only ONE Hip-Hop album on that list. While it's their perogotive to publish whatever they consider ear-candy, one can't help but see red flags shooting off by the ommision of at least 3 Hip-Hop albums that were certainly worthy of acknowledgement.

There was a time recently, that there was coverage of Milwaukee's hip hop music all over the place. From the ShepEx, OnionAVclub, OnMilwaukee...even the Journel-Sentinel got in on it. From Prophetic to KHB to Rusty P's to Melissa Czarnik to JC Poppe to AUTOMatic to Ray Nitti to Streetz n' Young Dueces...Milwaukee music was getting coverage from all over the darn place. And rightfully so as all of those artists had something that unfortunately a vast majority of us DO NOT...


Call it what you want, but the music business is NOT "your block". Althogh the similarites are abundant, it is in fact NOT THE DOPE GAME. While it is a rabid business, full of cut-throat backstabbing, it is also A BUSINESS, with rules and regulations that were set long before any of us picked up a microphone. There is a way of going about handling "your business" that, pardon my rhetoric, NIGGAS DON'T FUCKING GET.
See, nobody is obligated to give you anything. NOTHING. If you want publicity for your record, GO GET IT. Know why the press doesn't publish anything about your music? Most likely because they, along with many other people that don't know you personally, DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU EXIST. So while your ranting and as I view it, BITCHING about "lack of support" in your facebook/twitter/myspace statuses is somewhat entertaining at times, really it just comes off as juvenile trantrum throwing. I learned a long time ago from my grandfather, if I didn't know what to do, either go to the library and LEARN HOW or pay someone for the services I need that DOES know how. Unfortuntely my grandfather wasn't that for a lot of other artists.

As artists, we're starving, I know. Despite the lyrics of "ballin & bling" we're a struggling bunch, with bills, kids and real jobs. We live in a struggling economy in a city that is struggling fiscally more and more, year after year. But as with ANY business venture, if you can't invest in yourself, why should you expect anyone else to invest in YOU?

And that leads me to another problem...

The "community".

Let's be real for just one moment, please. There isn't a "community" as far as the hip hop artists are concerned. There are small - large cliques of artists that work together on various projects, sure. But all this faux holding hands singing kumbaya around the 24" Rims at the lakefront; I just don't believe in it. I'm speaking of the 414-Luv's and every other incarnation of it that's come along in the past 5yrs. With the exception of WIHip-Hop, these are nothing more than personal agendas cooked up by masked capitalists, being sold as great rallying cries that the people (especially and most inclusively the artists) can buy into. Literally, as the "if you don't buy a 414 LUV T-Shirt, you don't support Milwaukee Hip Hop" statement tells us. I've been a part of this music scene as an artist, producer, engineer, promoter, DJ...I've done it all. From the Northside, to the east side, to the southside. And ultimately, while we all want support for our music, the shit is futile til artists focus on the reality that 98% of us don't have a fucking clue what we're doing or how to do it professionally. There's a thin line between doing it for the love and doing it to hopefully blow up. We all want to be able to do what we love and feed our families in the process, but that's just not realistic. Less than 2% of all the musicians out there "make it". You'd have been better off taking a shot with your hoop dreams. The market is oversaturated by people that have no business making "music" and has ultimately driven hip hop as a whole to the state it's in now...


There simply isn't any value on our music anymore because it's been shown time and time again that "anybody can do it". While most of us know that is certainly not the case, we live in a society where perception is reality, therefore the that view of our music is more damning than ever. Let's face it, Hip Hop has always been viewed as crude, juvenile and unsophisticated by most critics and music purists. Add to that the complete over-saturation of unoriginal, swagger driven, substance deficient, spiritless, manufactured dreck that we hear on the radio and VIOLA! Disposable music that nobody truly cares about because as soon as one wack-a-mole rapper gets flushed out of the system, another is happily ready to shuck and jive it up in the prior's place. On this very blog, we've had a reader champion the effort of NOT pushing the envelope or attempting to do something different;  even if only for the principle of musicianship. Honestly, if the industry needs another "Atlanta style" rapper/group, why wouldn't they just get one authentically from Atlanta? Not some knock off from Milwaukee, which isn't even a

In closing Milwaukee, I implore you...have some pride. Have more respect for the reputation of the city you so loudly proclaim so much love and adoration for. We, as a community, nor any single artist, will ever truly blip on a national radar until we first support our own. Monetarily, in spirit and in interest. But most importantly, as artists, none of us will succeed til we create something of OUR OWN. A sound and style that no other region can take from us...but only envy and mimic, as we have done to them.
Til that day, we will always be Chicago's smaller step-brother and the often disrespected, yet moreso ignored bootleg southern & backpack knockoff's of the Hip-Hop world.



Friday, December 17, 2010

Mario meets Poop Porn Fetish

Normally, I find tattoos to be trashy distractions people get when they're A) attempting to shift your attention from an ugly, annoying or lame personality or 2) attempting to draw you away from some kind of physical flaw (read: flat booty aka elongated back disease). But that's just me.

Still, there are some that are creative. None creative enough to permanently adhere them to MY body, but again, that's just me.

All of that said, this is one of the more creative ones I've seen recently.

(If you don't get the joke, don't ask.)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Raze's Favorite 25 Songs of Oh-Tee'In I set out to (a week and a half early) make out a list of my 25 favorite songs of 2010 aka Da Oh'Tee-In.

Actually, it was supposed to be TWENTY, but ehh...that didn't work. For MULTIPLE reasons.
So, I'm just gonna do my thizzle. Feel free to ridicule, as I'm sure even some of my Ashy brothers & sisters will...LOL.

Oh yeah, these are in NO ORDER WHAT SO EVER. It was hard enough making the fucking list, let alone putting them in order of dopeness. Yeah right...

1. Little Brother - Tigallo for Dolo (Finally, a solo track from Phonte. And what a teaser for the solo Phonte album that we will NEVER EVER F*CKING SEE. What a jerk.)

2. Malicious - Vital Signs (It was hard even picking one song off this year's Malicious album, but yeah, THIS IS MY JOINT. Str8 forward hip hop. Period.)

3. AUTOMatic - Nobody (Such a beautiful tragic record. APRIME really showed his storytelling skill off on this one.)

4. Drake - Same Mistakes (For Your Type demo) (Fuck the Jamie Foxx record. Drizzy shoulda kept this one for delf.)

5. Fabolous - You Be Killin Em (I'm a sucker for Fab's singles. This joint is just mindlessly catchy and commercially slept on.)

6. Yung Humma - Let Me Smang It ft. Flint Flossy (Yeah, I know...ur prolly thinkin WHAT THE...but that's the point. It's so bad, IT'S AWESOME.

Lemme Smang It - Yung Humma featuring Flynt Flossy from Turquoise Jeep Records on Vimeo.

7. Dr. Dre - Kush (Yup, it's gotten some lackluster responses, but the overall feel and SOUND of this record is simply EPIC. Akon for Nate Dogg? Not even close, but...fuck it.)
8. Raze - All I Am Not (Ok, so I added myself. So the fuck what. It's MY list and this is one of MY favorite songs of the year. If you can lyrically listen to this and tell me it's wack...I've got two middle fingers and an i.p. address block for you.)

9. F. Stokes - Pretty Shit (Technically this may have dropped in '09, but I discovered it less than a month ago so it's 0'10 to me. And damn it is DOPE. F. Stokes is doing some more "out there" poetry type ish right now, but he obviously can spit/write as an emcee. I'm hoping he returns to this stee...SOON.)

10. Alicia Keys - Unthinkable (I'm Ready) (Easily my favorite "I'm bout to get some BOOTAY" track of the year. Pure sensual, seduction, beat it up music.)

11. JC Poppe - Foundation of a Moment (One of my new favorite songs of all time...OF ALL TIMES!! (c)KaNYeWeST)

12. Kanye West - Blame Game ft. John Legend & Chris Rock (Damn this song reminds me of quite a few ex...whatevers. Another reason I believe Yeezy is a genius. John Legend kills the hook. And Chris Rock at the end? BRILLIANT.)

13. Cee Lo Green - Fool For You ft. Philip Bailey (yeah, "F*ck You" was the great single, but THIS was my jam that had the repeat button on overtime.)

14. The Foreign Exchange - Laughing at Your Plans (Another moment to prove Phonte made the right decision by leaving hip hop behind)

15. Slum Village - Faster (This song makes me feel like I'm listening to some 2010 Depeche Mode meets Tribe Called Quest or somethin...and I love every second of it.)
16. Joe Budden - Stuck in the Moment (It was so difficult picking one song off MM4, but ultimately this one just hit me hardest. PAUSE.)

17. SPEAK Easy - Something Epic (Yes, something epic indeed. I seriously hope to hear a more epic mix of this song on SPEAK's upcoming album, considering this was on a mixtape.)

18. Far East Movement - Like a G6 (Another one of my WTF tracks. Yup, hate all you want. If this dropped in '98 it woulda been an underground House music HIT RECORD.)

19. The Dream - Take Care of Me (This is one of those songs that validate why I am admittedly a fan of The Dream. Dude IS this generation's R. Kelly...which is crazy cuz R. Kelly just put out a GREAT album this year...weird.)

20. Dameon Ellzey - A Shift In The Wind ft. Bobby Drake (This track is just simply undeniably SICK. I ain't even gotta explain the shit. Just listen.)

21. Plies - Goonette (Yeah, ignorance is bliss.....right?) 

22. Eminem - 25 To Life (I'm a sucker for extended metaphors and storytelling. So, yeah, this is an example of Em at his best.)

23. Sade - Babyfather (It's Sade. The queen of melancholy strikes again.)

24. The Roots - The Day ft. Blue, Phonte & Patty Crash (One track of many from in my opinion the most under-appreciated album of the year.)

25. The Hollowz - Bring It Back (I'm really upset the album didn't drop this year. But it's coming January, so this track helps me forgive them.)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Grind My Gears: Musician Edition

You know what really grinds my gears?

You, Musicians/Rappers/Producers. YOU grind my gears.

The reality is this: if you are making records for 12 year old kids, don't call your self an "artist". It is illegal for Joe Camel to target age based demographics, it should be illegal for musicians/record labels to do so as well. At least the quality of music would float back up to an adult mentality, and perhaps influence some of the adults to stop acting like kids as well.
You are like breakfast cereal. You are the flood of Christmas crap commercials that flood the two minute and 2 seconds between snaps on a Sunday. Most of you have no idea why you are doing what you are doing because you are simply emulating corporate maneuvers created by record labels anxious to pillage a teen fan base and A&R's that are too scared to bring in a fresh sound in fear of losing their job.

Say what you will. But i have heard first hand from some of the most respected industry A&R's and producer managers in the game while attending a music conference that shall remain nameless: "Don't try to be different. Don't even try and be one step ahead. Try and be.. like a quarter step ahead of what's going on right now. Copy your favorite rappers. Copy your favorite producers." It was that day that i realized that the "HIP HOP" industry was just that. An industry. A large cookie cutter wearing a chain. The saddest part about all of this is that the afore mentioned philosophy has inspired some of the musicians i looked up to most in my life (national AND local) to follow the trend and amputate the part or parts of themselves that made them special. They ripped out their own artist's heart screaming "KALIMAAAAA!!!" in the hopes of selling more records or gaining more support from a demographic that really, could give 2 shits less about a rapper/musician from Milwaukee.

I implore you.

Some of you may read this and say what the fuck does this guy know. And that's fine.

But I implore you.

Do not give up on the best part of yourself. Do not give up on trying to inspire people in your own way. Do not give up on displaying what makes you different. Do not hide your vulnerabilities as a human in your art. Hell, do not give up on art.

The time will come when this breakfast cereal rap will perish. People don't want to hear this stuff forever. And then how will you reinvent yourself? Most people think that when this phase of rap dies, rap itself will die along with it. I suppose that could be true, but i know i won't ever stop wanting to hear music that means something.

Artists make things that mean something.

Official Mad Kids Radio Blog - Interview with Tory T and Playlist from 12-14-2010

Check It out peoples. Latest playlist from the Mad Kids Radio Show. Also check the archives to hear the interview with Tory T. He was an influential member of Milwaukee hip hop since the 80's. Check out the history. DJ Bizzon. Kid Cut Up. Bringing you the old school and underground every Tuesday on WMSE 91.7FM from 9-midnight.

JC Poppe - "Foundation of a Moment" Official Video!!!

If you're into music from Milwaukee, or Wisconsin for that matter, but don't know who JC Poppe is I seriously applaud you for gettin ya Atlas* on, considering the size of the rock you've been hiding under. With the release of his first album, "Sleep Therapy", in 2009 he snatched up a LOT of attention, locally and nationally, for seemingly coming out of nowhere with a truly different brew of hip hop. Some of the attention wasn't necessarily all good tho, as some felt he hadn't "paid dues/earned stripes" by grinding in the underground show circuit, as they had been.

Well, everybody's path isn't the same to walk, because obviously JC has been on his own path and considering the success he's had along the way, I'd say he's running his cheeseburger eating a$$ at top speed.

Which is probably walking for some of us...LOL.

Never the less. His new album(s) is amazing and the growth from "Sleep Therapy" to "Shadowlands/Tea Party" is uncanny...but come January of 0'11, you'll find out for yourselves. Til then, here's the first single from Shadowlands in awesome video form. Shout out to Ku Mays for an awesome job on the visuals to this dope record.

"Foundation of a Moment"
Produced by Danny Diggs 
Directed by Ku Mays 
Cameos by Some Short handsome Black Guy wearing a goofy hat in the parking lot scene.

*Atlas was the Roman titan that Zeus condemned to carry the weight of the world/heavens on his shoulders. Hence the "hiding under a large rock" reference.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Real Talk with Raze: Advice for Up & Cumming "Reality Porn" stars

Considering the new "in thing" to gain celebrity status, even if only for a quick minute, is through sex tapes, it seems EVERYBODY is doing them. I mean, dammit former DISNEY stars are doing it. So with that said, since none of history's sex tape legends (Pamela Anderson, Verne Troyer, Kim Kardashian, Fred Durst, Paris Hilton; etc) are giving any guidance as to the Do's and DONT'S of sex tapes, as resident Porn Connoisseur of AshyRadio, I took the responsibility myself. It's just too hard (no homo) watching these misguided "stars" hustle backwards.


We all know you're on camera. But most importantly, YOU know you're on camera. The whole idea is to PERFORM so that whoever, including yourself can later watch and hopefully enjoy...or at LEAST be entertained by your foolish decision.

2. Play up your strongest point of interest.
Look, no matter how famous you are Mr. Celeb, NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU. It's all about THE GIRL. Even WOMEN watch sex tapes for the girl! Stop trying to be Ray J, and let ya girl SHINE!
Look, Ms. Celeb, we see your face ALL THE DAMN TIME. We can Google your face. We wanna see THAT AZZ or THOSE JUBEZ!! Know what? I've also always wondered if your pretty celebrity self can actually suck a d*ck too, so...IF YOU DO have mean head-game, SHOW OFF!!

3. Stop putting the camera so damn far away in obtrusive places!

Despite his camera hogging self love, Ray J (along with Tommy Lee) got one thing absolutely right. The camera was RIGHT IN THE MIX OF THE ACTION. It was at times P.O.V.(point of view), which adds to the REAL porn vibe cuz the viewer can imagine it's him getting boss'd by Pam or Kim. All these, "let's put the camera 12ft away, partially under a D12 t-shirt, behind a lamp" filmed sex tapes GOTTA GO.

4. Buy a decent f*cking camera!!
Now, some may disagree with me here because the campy lo-fi look of a sex tape is part of the allure. But as a techie, I just can't justify or believe that ANY respectably wealthy person would be walking around with a video camera in the same quality bracket as MY MOTHER. So with that said, spend the $500 and get a fkn DSLR camera that at least takes good 720p video. Or get a Flip ( for f*ck's sake. Literally.

5. Stop being so damned obvious.
We all KNOW you're planning on releasing this as a publicity stunt to boost the buzz of your failing career.
Sell me the dream. Believe me when I tell you this, I WANT TO BELIEVE that some homeless wino or freeloading dipsh*t homeboy turned house-guest turned entrepreneur stole ur "private moment" of inhibition. Unfortunately, all the make up, and staged scenarios ARE BOGUS. You're making a SEX TAPE, not a fkn PORNO. Get that thru your head! We wanna see the star "behind the curtain" being who THEY are. NORMAL. HORNY. REGULAR. PEOPLE. If we wanted to see staged, semi-scripted porn, WE WOULD WATCH STAGED, SEMI-SCRIPTED PORN.

That's all I got for right now. Trust, I could go on about this all day. But I won't. Just feel free to comment and add some insight of your own.



Friday, December 10, 2010

When You Have No Real Friends

They let you create shit like this...

I have to call BULLSHIT! Who let's people make stuff like this and call it music? One of the comments from her Stan's says, "Stop hating on Kim she is great and I am sure none of you haters can sing half as good as she can!" That's where you are wrong! Where do I sign up for this challenge?

I am so happy we don't have issues like this in hip hop...


Finally: Dr. Dre "Kush" official video ft. Akon & Snoop Dogg


You definitely wanna watch this in HD.

The Truth Hurts...but DAMN!!! This brotha is MAD!!!

Just click play, keep your volume down (if you're at work) and TRY not to die laughing.

and THIS is the video that got this brotha so mad...

I completely understand now.

To quote this brilliant brotha: "Dumb-ass stupid country, country-ass stupid dumb ass NIGGAS".



Thursday, December 9, 2010

Grind my Gears: Milwaukee Edition

I normally don't publicly voice things like this, but i happen to think that this is what AshyRadio was meant for. So here it is:

You know what really grinds my gears?

You, Milwaukee. YOU grind my gears.

Why you ask? For the last 30 years, this city has managed to do the equivalent of standing in a toilet bowl during a self flushing contest. Our ability to elect officials that abuse their power and neglect their responsibility to the community that put them in office is second to none, right along with our poverty rate. How did this happen to us? We did it to ourselves.

We continue to stand behind "leaders" that talk a good game. Leaders that say they will improve job opportunity but continue to turn jobs away and create an anti-business culture here in our city. For example, years ago our faithful "leaders" told Buyseasons INC that they could not build a new headquarters in the Menomonee Valley. Why? Because "we don't want THOSE kinds of jobs here". Well let me tell you something. "THOSE" kinds of jobs at "THAT" kind of company years later would have provided over 500 job opportunities to Milwaukee residents. Residents that rely on our failing public transit system. A system that does not travel to New Berlin, the area in which the now twice expanded Buyseasons INC headquarters will be built. And just what business was allowed to build in the Valley in it's place? Seemingly..... none. The Valley is just as empty as ever, minus one Spanish company they managed to get in there. So as your aldermen and council members go around determining what jobs are good enough for you by blacklisting business from relocating in the city, stamping out temporary job services that provide thousands of jobs to the Milwaukee area and worst of all, taxing the god forsaken breath out of the last of the recognizable Milwaukee businesses (Harley, Miller, Midwest Ex.... ooops too late), maybe it's time we start doing our jobs as responsible citizens.

Perhaps we should do more than listen to promises and catch highlights of debates on the news. Perhaps party lines don't mean as much as we thought they did. Maybe a plan does matter. Maybe it is time WE made a difference instead of depending on someone else to fix things for us. Maybe it is time we stopped being so damn lazy and stand up for the place we call home, instead of waiting for someone else to be the catalyst. Maybe it's time to stop saying maybe.

- Ed Cayce

It's Thick Thursday!!!

Horray For Creeps!!!


















Maybe he just really likes the hat and overalls...

People turn down jobs all the time - even in a recession. But 24-year-old Keith Fitzhugh just turned down the dream job of many - to play professional football for the New York Jets. He'd already had three previous stints with the team that for some reason or another didn't work out. So, when the Jets came knocking this time he took a pass. Instead, he'll stay where he's at, employed by a local railroad company as a train conductor, which earns him just enough to take care of his ailing parents. How many retired, released, kicked-out, busted up, broken former football players do you think wish they had his foresight?

Finally: Transformers 3 - Dark of the Moon trailer

It's almost time for another Transformers movie!!

Raze don't care about people's hatred for Michael Bay.

Raze don't give a damn about the negative press about the "Nigga-Bots" from Transformers:ROTF.

Raze don't give a nugget off a log of poop about whether you're a fan of The Transformers, this franchise in any way or not.

Raze is happy as black man with no standards in a room fulla insecure, fat white women. 

If my guess and hopes are correct, the bot at the end of the trailer is none other than Bad Ass Transformer #1, UNICRON. Which would be EPIC beyond comprehension.

You WILL want to watch this in HD btw...

Enjoy. I'm about to for the 5th time in a row.

EDIT: I must also add that, as a CREEP, I am VERY dissapointed in the lack of sexiness Megan Fox's replacement, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, brings to this installment of the series. I for the life of me can't figure out why they would pick ANOTHER yamp with NO film experience based solely on looks that are over cooked to say the least. ugghh...

Here's the broad in all her bony, no body whatsoever glory.

Yup, apparently, THIS was the best Mr. Bay could do. I swear this b*tch betta not be a sign of things to come with this movie...but anyway....'s the F*CKING AWESOME trailer!!

Here's the shitty YouTube trailer...

for the HD go here:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What's The Difference?

So earlier I posted the story about a Wisconsin man living in a very small town posting a "No Negroes Allowed" sign outside of his business, seen here. And people get all up in arms because he said the word Negroes and he doesn't want black people in his business because some black people have caused him trouble and he says " It’s not all the black people there are just a few bad ones".

Ok, so no one is shocked that there is a racist person who owns a business. And is really anyone that shocked that a sign like this is posted? No. But, why don't we get up in arms when or even pay attention when Milwaukee businesses like resturants, bars, clubs, etc. do the same? I've personally not been let into almost all the clubs in Milwaukee. Whether it was from baggy jeans, the wrong dress shoes or because my sleeve crease was too low on my shoulder. Yes. My sleeve crease was too low. Or what about when our friends, black, white, asain, any ethinicity says something ignorant.

Can we open our eyes to the ignorance that happens all the time without being naive or passive aggressive? How come nothing is done on a daily basis to prevent larger issues like this from happening. Do we wait until we are 70 to workout? Why then wait until you get to a club or a business that has already has discriminatory practices to get all up in arms about it.

I see no difference in what this guy did juxtaposed to what happens all the time in "urban" areas of Milwaukee. We think we are all good because we are surrounded by more minorities but we all make these ignorant comments and assumptions but only really want to get mad when it's so blatant or when other people are doing it to us specifically.

Stand Up for Intelligence over ignorance everyday not when it's too late. No, I'm not saying accuse everybody of being racist or ignorant. But when questionable things happen in small city, big metropolitan areas, your own house or to a friend, speak up and stop letting it slide on any level so that we can all have a base of intelligence and maturity.

Stop waiting for these outrageous forms of ignorance to be mad. Be a human and a confidence human daily. Don't be blind when it comes to us all as humans and the importance of us growing as a human race, not just our own. Corny. Yes. Sorry. But true.

P.S. Look out for a post on being only caring about discrimination when it happens to you, but not when it happens to other people....

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Christmas = B*TCHES

New video from who I think is one of the funniest cats on YouTube. 

This video comes with an important message about everybody's favorite holiday, Christmas. Or as our atheist brethren call it, X-Mas.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

N*gga WHAT?!? : Michael Jackson's nephew says 3 of 10 songs on "Michael" are NOT MJ!!

 MJ Whoz3a

Well, I knew something would surface soon about this album and sure enough, IT HAS INDEED.

According to the twitter page of MJ's nephew Taryll (listed as "Neff U" on the album's production credits), only 7 of the 10 songs on the new, posthumous Michael Jackson album are actually MJ!

From Teddy Riley lying on the Oprah show to this damning statement...

"to all the mj fans… regarding the song "breaking news" i am so sorry you have to deal with this. my uncle loved you so much and would not want it this way. However there are songs that ARE my uncle singing on the upcoming album and I will support those 100% But I will not support "Breaking News" and a few others because it simply is not him. They tried to fool me and they tried to fool you. I told them it would never happen."

So, the worst case scenario is unveiling right in front of us people. As an MJ fan I am appaulled at this and will NOT be supporting this album. It's a shame, there ARE songs that MJ genuinely sang, but I KNEW there was something that didn't seem right. Well, not all a sudden the "demo version" feeling I got from some of the songs was for good reason....IT WASN'T MJ!!
You can check out Taryll's twitter page for yourself...just remember where ya heard the news...

Monday, December 6, 2010

AshyRadio 1st Listen: Michael Jackson - Michael (2010)

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The new Michael Jackson album, "Michael" has officially leaked to the web. While I was fighting the temptation to download it versus wait and buy it, I just couldn't help myself. Mediafire I went.
I don't know what to say. From conspiracy theorists crying "FOUL!!" because of a supposed MJ vocal clone named Jason Malachi doing most of the vocal work, to the overall lackluster production, this in my opinion is yet ANOTHER posthumous album release by a great artist that most certainly should NEVER have seen the light of day. 

Most of the tracks sound no better than high quality mixed versions of demos or songs that would've ended up on the cutting room floor. Surprising the song "Monster" featuring 50cent is the gem of the album here. The Lenny Kravitz produced "Another Day" is a decent, somewhat catchy track, but sounds like it should've been released about 10-15yrs ago. 

I'm not gonna continue to point out flaws in this record, because I could be at it all night. I do believe MJ had another great album in him. For die hard MJ fans, the best treats of the album are the last two songs, which sound & feel like some vintage, time machine "Dangerous" era MJ. 

All in all, it's an album that at times, purists will consider a disrespect to his legacy, and others will enjoy for the nostalgic angle. Fans will buy, and detractors will continue to detract. 

I on the other hand, will delete and remember MJ the way I see best. By enjoying the music HE released the way HE intended it to be released, while he was still with us.



01. Hold My Hand (Duet With Akon) (Produced By Akon And Giorgio 3:33

02. Hollywood Tonight (Produced By Teddy Riley, Michael Jackson 4:31
And Neff-U)

03. Keep Your Head Up (Produced By Tricky) 4:51

04. (I Like) The Way You Love Me (Produced By Neff-U) 4:34

05. Monster Ft. 50 Cent (Produced By Teddy Riley, Angelikson 5:06
And Michael Jackson)

06. Best Of Joy (Produced By Neff-U And Michael Jackson) 3:03

07. Breaking News (Produced By Teddy Riley, Angelikson And 4:14
Michael Jackson)

08. (I Can't Make It) Another Day Ft. Lenny Kravitz (Produced 3:55
By Lenny Kravitz)

09. Behind The Mask (Produced Michael Jackson And John McClain) 5:02

10. Much Too Soon (Produced Michael Jackson And John McClain) 2:48


Did this really just happen?

I mean we all wish we could, but did Regis seriously smack Nicki Minaj on the ass? And then Kelly and her are comparing waists? I wont go too deep into this subject, but yes, her body is different than most women you see on your show. At the same time we all know Nicki puts it out there, but that doesn't mean it's cool to go nuts about it... Wow...

WHAT THE FU......?

Ok...I'm not exactly sure what happened. But apparently some dude got a copy of Jay Z's "Song Cry" and decided to try and flip the previously already flipped sample with HORRID results.

This is so damn bad, it's utterly HILARIOUS. Dude is prolly actually sayin some shit too, but there's almost NO WAY to decipher it cuz the "beat" just...well, check it out.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nas Illmatic Documentary aka How To Make An Album

This is how a real album is made. Every song has a purpose. Every song has a story. Not only that, the lyricism is obviously top notch. It's just cool to hear the producers and Nas himself talk about what they were trying to do with it. Back when people were in the studio with each other making albums, lol.

Bullshit Song of the Week:

Flo-Rida strikes...again.

I just don't get it. There was a time when Flo was a respectable underground artist. Were it not for my complete and utter disdain for his existence NOW, I would still have the mp3's from 2005 to prove it. But I deleted ALL them shits. Well, he has now sold his soul to the Diddy (figuratively speaking of course) and gone ALL THE WAY B.E.P. for the past 2 albums. There's essentially no smidgen of his former self or street cred what so ever...

This song is awful, even for pop shit. I didn't provide a download link cuz I don't anticipate anyone will want to take this stray log of shit home with them. I suggest a vomit bucket before you hit play...

Raze's "ClubHouse" Old School Booti-House mix

About 11+yrs ago, in Milwaukee there was an underage nightclub called The Clubhouse. It was typically so live in Clubhouse that the OVER 21 crowd would find their way in there on the occasional Friday/Saturday night. Well, if there was one thing the Clubhouse was known for, it was BOOTI-HOUSE music. Or as the B-more folk call it, Club Music. Well...

I was on Youtube and for some reason went crazy on a old school booti house kick. And surprisingly, I found a LOT more old records on there I didn't even think were out there anymore.


 With that said, I went into the crates and put together a mix to take some of ya'll back wit me to a time when dancing & sweaty dry humpin on a dancefloor were one in the same...and all a young man needed on a quest for gettin some.



Saturday, December 4, 2010

40 Ounce Night @ Moct, Milwaukee Tonight. Kid Cut Up & Kid Millions.... Check em out

5 Hip Hop Myths Debunked

Interesting info about some hip hop myths... check it out...


The Start of...uhh, something....err, EPIC?

Yeah, so I think that's cliche' enough to jump this thing off, right?

Welcome to AshyRadio. The idea is simple; No politics, no bullshitting, no bitchstivity allowed. If we dig it, we post it and applaud it. If we DON'T like it, we post it and trash it. If you're on the good end, act like you've been in the end zone b4. If you're on the bad end, DEAL WITH IT.

There will be no "hating" or any other bullshit cop-out that wack mf's accuse of. We're all about entertainment, and hyping the dope people out there doin dope things. Music, movies, art, poetry, porn (Yep, that's right...PORN TOO) and a buncha other stuff.

So, welcome. And thank you.

Let's build,