Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Video Premier: Logic & Raze "Thinking Out Loud"

Here it is. The first video from our still "yet to have a f*cking title" project. It's intimate...and it was highly uncomfortable to shoot. You'll see why...

Directed by (@KuMays)
Song Produced by Raze (@RazeTastic)
Co-Produced by Mike Carpenter (@MJCarps)
Written by Raze, Logic & MJ Carps

Monday, June 27, 2011

Set Me Free...literally. #Freesass

Typically, here at AshyRadio would use more restraint and be above the gossip column stuff and objectifying women as.....

...Wait, no we don't. Here's video of #Freesass from last nights B.E.T. Awards.

*BUT FOR THE RECORD* Personally, I still would choose Tracee Ellis Ross in a HEARTBEAT (I prefer PSYCHO lookin chicks) but DAMN Free...

Oh yeah...and uhh...Wiz Lost.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

AshyMix - Summer Jumpoff 2011

It's been long...WAY too long since we've had some MUSIC for you here, but I'm back on it.

The new crib is almost in order and we back into the swang of thangs...NEW MUSIC.

Had a lot to sift thru, and there was a LOT of wackness, but here's some dope ish. Even got a couple cool slowjams in there for ya'll...ENJOY!

Prophetic - Planes
Bad Meets Evil - A Kiss
Kendrick Lamar - HiiiPoWeR
F.I.R.E. (Feeray) - Fly Away
CyHi The Prynce - Whoopty Doo (ft. Big Sean)
Dj Quik - Fire & Brimstone
J. Cole - Workout
Jean Grae - Case Basket
Royce da 5'9 - Second Place
Wale - Lacefrontin'
Lupe Fiasco - Out of My Head ft. Trey Songz
CyHi The Prynce - Fightin In The Club
Jill Scott - So Gone ft. Paul Wall

total time: 44:30

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

AshyReview: Jill Scott - Light of The Sun (2011), by the looks of the cover for this new album from Jilly from Philly, A LOT HAS CHANGED for sista girl. She's lost a lotta weight, gone thru all kinds of label issues, etc. Well, it absolutely comes thru in her music too.

And the change is pretty refreshing.

There's a lot LESS "neo soul" and a lot more HIP HOP. And by Hip Hop, I mean CLASSIC, 80's era Hip Hop influence here. It's definitely a record that in my opinion, is aimed square at the "30 and up" crowd. The album starts off with "Blessed", where it's half rap/sang about all the blessings she has in her life. It's WAY more fresh than my bland description of it sounds. From the "Passin me by-esque" shakers, to the smooth glissando showered drums. It's SLICK as hell.

Next we got So in Love ft. Anthony Hamilton which is simply DOPE. It's definitley a track that'll find it's way onto a steppers set. It sounds like it easily could've been made back when R&B FELT like something. Great track from two seasoned artists.

But, there ARE some missteps. The single "Shame" ft. Eve & The A Group is simply BORING. I saw the video a couple months ago, heard the song and was NEVER a fan of it. And nothing has changed since then. Jill then hits us with "All Cried Out" ft. Doug E. Fresh, which starts off feeling pretty good, and is kinda fun, but doesn't seem to REALLY hit its mark.

But THEN, "Le BOOM Vent Suite" drops and DAYUM. Here we go!! I can only imagine how this track will sound LIVE. But...then...IT HAPPENS.

"So Gone (What My Mind Says)" ft. Paul Wall (???) drops and HOLY DAMN WOW. This is that patented, epic movie love scene type track we know Jill is great for. And what's crazy...Paul Wall KILLS IT. I mean he makes his feature WORK. I'd personally rather have heard Ludacris, but this track is SICK.

"Hear My Call" is a pretty amazing balad. I am NOT a fan of ballads, but this is GOOD. Another standout is "Some Other Time" which is one of Jill's spoken word-esque joints, laid to a VERY funky and DAMN GOOD backdrop.

Oh yeah, on "Until Then" she uses the phrase "dickmatized". I damn near gave her a PERFECT rating off that alone...LOL.

And that's pretty much how the rest of the album rolls...DAMN GOOD.

In my opinion, as a fan...this is a glorious and superb return to the game since she hasn't dropped an original material since 2007.

If you don't buy this album, you are failing miserably as a lover of music.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Bottles


Friday, June 10, 2011

THE TENS - Phrases That Fail

Everybody uses slang terms and catch phrases these days. They've completely taken a stronghold of our daily vernacular, so deeply that we don't even realize when we're using them...they're just a part of the English language now.

But... although they may seem "cool" or at times, completely poignant...they often are just fucked up.

This is my take on a few...

1. Wifey - Lets be real here. The term wifey was made up to make unmarried, baby-momma types feel more important and less leavable than they actually are. It's hard and expensive to leave a WIFE. But it's pretty easy and pretty inexpensive to leave a wifey, QUICK. Plus, the payoff for creatively and disrespectfully leaving a wifey can be EPIC.

2. Hubby - Seriously, until you get a fkn marriage license, that dude is NOT your husband. I don't care if you got a ring, til ya'll say the "I Do's" none of that means SQUAT. Seriously, stop that shit.

3. "Come At Me Bro" - Anyone that actually LOSES a fight to someone that says this should forever be banished to the nether regions of human contact. If someone said this to ME b4 a fight, I would be far too stricken with uncontrollable laughter to even wanna fight anymore. I'd just walk wouldn't be worth it.

4. Leak - Look, it's not a "leak" if YOU put your own fkn music out. It's called a RELEASE. You just call it a Leak bcuz it makes YOU feel better about the bullshit you just dropped on the world's pinkie toe.

5. Dro/Kush - Dear Hood Smoker, unless you got a "white boy plug", chances are HIGHLY slim that you've EVER truly smoked Dro or Kush. Here's another jewel, just cuz it's Hydroponically grown weed, that doesn't make it any more potent necessarily. It's just a growing technique. Dumbass.

6. "On My..." - People swear on everything these days. But, none of it really means anything either. People will swear on their "kids lives" just to get you to give them a pack of Spearmint gum and a bus pass, and lie the whole time str8 to your face. If someone says this to you, assume they're a liar and DON'T DO IT.

7. Swag/Swagger - Just stop.

8. Classic - People will call something classic not 2 minutes after they've seen/listened to it. Music or movies can't be considered classic til their time has passed and they STILL killin it. YEARS later. Please, chill wit that shit.

9. Bro - Don't fucking call me bro if you don't know ME and I don't know YOU. Seriously...

10. Nigga - It's not JUST for niggas anymore! Apparently I was the only nigga in the hood that had a problem with the Puerto Ricans and Mexicans callin niggas niggas. Look, If I can't call you a fucking Spic, or Kike, or BETTER not call me a nigga. Unless you a fine as chick that I'm fuckin. Then you can call me whatever you want, cuz when my dick is in you, I'm gonna call YOU the worst shit I can think of. Fair is Fair.

- R.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bad Meets Evil: Fast Lane (Official Video) rapper...White rapper...

Next day...White rapper...

And AGAIN??!?

Jeez...somebody's gotta come up wit somethin else to drop on this fkn site...LOL.

New video from Em & Royce...and ironically enough...well, never-mind. Enjoy...pretty entertaining vid for my favorite song off their project.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Logic & Raze - Thinking Out Loud (Single)

So, Logic (of The Hollowz) and I have been working pretty half assed at this e.p. thingy since so many people were digging the single "Off My Rocker" we release a couple months ago. Well, we finally got our shit together and we're working pretty hard at finishing up the e.p. by...well, we're gonna finish it SOON.

Here's the new single.

It's dope.

Shouts out to da homie Mike Carpenter on the co-production.

And here's "Off My Rocker" for the late folks...LOL.

BTW, the downloads are FREE from the bandcamp page.

Hit me wit some feedback!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

AshyReviews: Bad Meets Evil "Hell: The Sequel"

A long, long time ago, there was a time in Hip Hop when lyricism and creativity were rewarded. During this time, the underground was actually CELEBRATED...I know, it's crazy huh?

Well, right b4 Eminem first hit the major label scene, he recorded an e.p. with fellow Detroit native Royce da 5'9". The gem of that project was a song that will forever live in hip hop history infamy, "Scary Movies". After Royce's guest appearance on The Slim Shady LP and his ghost writing for Dr. Dre's 2001, everyone expected Royce to be right around the corner.

Well, after multiple beefs, dis records and 10yrs later, Em and Royce have buried the hatchet and are now releasing new music together again. Quite frankly, IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME.

I haven't heard Eminem this hungry since The 8 Mile soundtrack and he sounds DAMN good. Royce on the other hand pulls off what very few, if any, have EVER been able to do; steal the show from Em...scary thing is, it happens MULTIPLE times throughout the album. And this is definitely a good thing.

The record starts off with "Welcome II Hell", where they trade one long verse each and its like double and triple time rhyme HELL as these dudes spit ABSURDLY dope bars. Things continue one the right track with "Fastlane", which is my favorite track on the album.

Next we get to "The Reunion", which Em sets up as "a true story". Once you hear it you'll hear just how ridiculous a statement that is. Clearly, Em still feels some kinda way about the Relapse album, as he's now with this song made his 30,000th apology for how lackluster it was (I'm of the minority that actually enjoyed the Relapse album GREATLY).

The album has a few other high points like the personal "Take From Me" and the INSULTINGLY GOOD posse cut "Loud Noises" featuring Slaughterhouse. And without a doubt, Crooked-I and Royce coulda just kept this joint all to themselves cuz DAMN they bodied everybody else. The bonus track "Echo feat. Liz Rodriguez" is easily my 2nd favorite track on the album. It's got that rock/epic rap type feel producer Alex Da Kid has helped make really popular in hip hop right now. Again, Royce takes the track; crazy thing is, Em killed it, but Royce dismembered it, then drove about 50miles outta town and buried it somewhere in the outskirts of Detroit.

But, I gotta unfortunately report there are some pretty glaring missteps here too. The most offensive is the inevitable single, "Lighters feat. Bruno Mars". While both artists definitely exercise some demons on this introspective track, it simply feels forced and just like the other 50 formula concocted Bruno Mars songs floating around pop radio. Thank you for nothing Jimmy Iovine!! "I'm on Everythang feat. Mike Epps" is another that they prolly could've just kept to themselves. After all the fuss about how Em's gotten clean, it just seems outta place to hear him rhyme about using drugs again.

With that said, Em and Royce made this record somewhat accidentally and it's definitely a testament to how great both these emcees are; especially when they're working together. All in all, this is a great warm up to the upcoming Slaughterhouse album and even more proof that while Em may not be the beast that he used to be, he's certainly still an ill tempered elephant in the room not to be taken lightly. Seems as thought Royce was the one that put the battery in Em's back, not the other way around.

3.5/5 Bottles

Friday, June 3, 2011


Yeah Yeah Yeah…

We heard the men go in on females, but y’all STILL be lookin’ with y’all lookin asses! Doncha?!
There are several things we don't want to see and hear from men this summer, but we'll just stick to the visual infractions...for now...


#10 - FILTHY HATS! Especially if you have NO HAIR!  How you gone be bald with a 10cm thick slice of neck grit on the inside of your brim, yo?! Don’t you wash your head in the shower??  DO YOU SHOWER? While we’re on the subject, DO NOT WEAR VISORS either.  What are you, 8?

#9 - VESTS!  Only crackheads and homosexual men are allowed to do this.  Why?  They’ve earned the right.  Step to me wearing a vest and I will involuntarily think of Troy from Waiting to Exhale with the funky leather vest on!   I’m going to laugh in your face, annnnd you’re prolly gonna want to throw a piece of fruit at me, but don’t.  It’s not my fault you smell.

#8 – FAKE ASS CHAINS on top of nappy ass taco meat! Don’t feel bad, it only kinda works for Kanye because his chain is REAL. Ok, I’m lying.  It still doesn’t work for Kanye despite that fact. Just don’t.

#7 - DINGY ASS WHITE TEES! Look modda sokkah.  White tees are, what, five dollars at the gas station?  It’s bad enough you wearin a dope boy's interpretation of casual attire. Lookin’ like you just crawled out from under Uncle Rukus’s pickup truck after a day on the block isn’t a “look” in any sense of the word.

#6 – BRONZE GRILLS!!  Yes, BRONZE.  That was not a typo and THAT, "Young Suck", does not contain any detectable percentage of gold.

#5 – “BURIED ROOTS”! Allow me to explain.  It is the male equivalent of the camel toe.  Some call it a “moose knuckle” or “mangina”.  Amongst us nature loving (and mannish) sistas it is called a buried root, because it looks like that curve of root that comes up out the ground around a tree.  Moral: Tight pants and/or shorts = No.

#4 – DEORDORANT BALLS! If you’re gonna wear that smedium beater, at LEAST shave your pits dude.  It looks like a band of miniature nigglets are gonna come pick those shits outta your pits like cotton!  IM JUST SAYIN…

#3 - SAGGING SHORTS!  Especially with dirty ass draws and a hairy ass crack!! What you trynta do? Attract the “Fleece Johnsons” of the world?  Gee’s two step remedy: 1. Get a belt. 2. Buy YOUR size!

#2 – BEAM!! So your hairline is receding…it happens to the best of you. But you know with summer comes involuntary perspiration and that’s like a beamed man’s kryptonite! (Next to rain, of course.)

#1 – HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER (TOES)! No one…and I do mean NO ONE, wants to see your crusty, nog, overgrown cuticle'd jawns mashing up your manmade material mandals, scraping your rancid insoles. It’s not a crime to get a pedicure and using a toe nail clipper and file is not rocket science, it’s called ‘grooming’.

**Honorable Mention**

KNOCKOFF STUNNERS! You ain’t gotta like to kick it, Craig.  I’m a Midwestern girl, labels don’t excite me nor do your ‘Douche and Garbaje’ sucker shades!  * Tip: At tax time, go online, get you some real ones if it’s all that serious!*

Gwensday out...until ASH time! *salutes* 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pink Slips III - Hopeless Romantics


SO YOU FIND YOURSELF drifting off into another one of those fantastic day dreams of some strange rich prince sweeping you off your feet out of nowhere and surprising you in front of your closest friends and family with a bouquet of flowers, a ring and a romantic getaway to include long walks on the beach, a picnic under the stars with wine and all of your favorite fruits covered in chocolate being fed to you as you lay in the sand, spontaneous poetry belted from his heart with renditions of his mighty love for you, a European get-a-way, passionate sex at every turn and not a care in the world….. WAKE THE F*CK UP and get with reality because that shit don’t exist and here’s why!

Romance is a story and a lie you tell yourself regularly to help you cope with your miserable life, in hopes that one day you will no longer have to be alone. The reality of it is that lie you keep telling yourself, is what is keeping you single! Think about it, WHAT THE HELL would a prince (or any well to do great guy) want with your meager ass!? Your fantasy offers nothing in return. It’s an “all take” fantasy where you receive and receive and the only thing you have to give is your worn out used ass! That’s more of a punishment than a prize!

Let’s list the other things wrong with your romance novel fantasies:

1. You don’t allow people to sweep you off your feet – especially strangers. If some strange guy walked up to you right now and started singing to you in public you’d probably mace him! If that guy you don’t talk to a few cubicles over sent you a bouquet of flowers you’d probably kick him in the nuts and report him for sexual harassment. Let’s face it, the only guy you would allow to walk up to you without already knowing him is someone that isn’t interested in you anyway – if he was wouldn’t he have said something by now!?

2. You’re a selfish bitch – no? Why you want your friends and family to see it happen!? Because you want to rub it in their faces is why. Also, nowhere in your fantasy is there anything about you cooking or cleaning or paying a fuckin bill is there!? Selfish bitch….

3. Long walks on the beach suck without theme music! Especially if you’re not on the ocean. All you have to listen to are the thoughts in your head (which is probably questioning everything about the moment like “why isn’t it as romantic in real life as it is in the movies”) and the boring chatter that keep pouring out of your mouth. Unfortunately for him (assuming you somehow managed to drag some pour soul here with you) the only thing pouring out of your useless mouth is “tell me how much you love me” and “what are you thinking” and “I wonder what my kids are doing right now” while he’s probably thinking “I wonder when she’s gonna use that mouth for something that will make ME happy”….

4. Picnics under the stars in real life include bugs and unstable surfaces! Yeah I know that wasn’t the case in your head, but in real life you’re not half as smart as you are in your head! (look at you trying to figure that one out!!). Nothing says romance like wrapping your mouth around a chocolate and moth covered strawberry dripping with ants! I don’t know what it is about picnics under the stars but insects LOVE them!! And don't put that bottle of wine down on the ground cause it wasn't built like a table. As soon as you let it go it will be EVERYWHERE and nothing says romance like pino noir or merlot stains all over your virgin white dress your kids bought you for Mother's Day.

5. Spontaneous poetry sounds corny as hell if it’s spontaneous. Seriously, if you don’t believe me, go to your nearest intersection (busy or not) and just start belting out some poetry. If you don’t have one written, say the words to Mary had a little lamb. Guaranteed you will either A) if it’s busy as hell have empty soda cans thrown at you or B) if it’s empty STILL feel embarrassed as hell and never speak of that shame moment again! The only time poetry sounds good is if you are in a poetry club or reading a book of poetry.

6. European get-a-ways cost serious money and take months of planning and who has that kind of vacation time!? The person that can afford that kind of vacation is not taking that vacation BECAUSE THEY GOTTA WORK!!! Besides, what about you says you deserve to be whisked away to some foreign country?? You probably don’t have a passport and even if you did, he’s not taking your kids and that child support your baby daddy is paying guarantees you better not leave the state without his permission!

7. Sex at every turn at this point means you’re a whore! Think about it, every time this stranger does something nice for you, you drop your pants or lift your skirt or drop to your knees. REALLY!? THAT’s how you choose to repay this kind stranger!? By offering some substandard worn out p**** while secretly trying to rope him into an 18 year child support contract!? You’re awesome generosity speaks volumes and your praises will be sung from the highest - GTFOH!!!!!

Your romance novel ideas and thoughts have no place in the real world and for all of our sake you should keep it in its proper place – the mental stimulation and masturbation pile! The only time it should be brought up is as a bargaining chip when he asks you for a threesome with your best friend! I’m sure we’d all agree that a long walk on the beach would be worth that! Otherwise….

I’m sorry, but your services are no longer required. Thank you for your time and you’re fired!!

Don’t worry ladies, I know I can be harsh on you at times, but at least I can say I am fair and equal!


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why You Ain't Got a Man - You're a Hoe

Yep. It's an extremely difficult thing for most women to accept, but on your path to discovering THE REAL YOU, some of you may find that you, in fact, are a hoe.

Hoe. Tramp. Floosy. Jumpoff. Bustdown. Cum-bucket. Smeeze. Skeezer. Skally-wag. Slut. Pass-a-round. Chickenhead. Slore.

These are all or some of the terms that at least a few of your male counterparts may have used when describing you to their homies or their girlfriends. And while VERY RARELY getting this reputation is unwarranted, quite often, it suits the carrier...


Just face it. The only people that say and actually expect OTHER people to live by the phrase "Let what happened in the past stay in the past" are people with unsavory pasts. From my personal experience, it's the chicks that have been ran thru by multiple guys in the same clique of friends, teammates, or co-workers. Also, it's chicks that got it in with a few guys that happen to go to the same club/bar as one another.

I know one chick in particular that not only smeezed her way thru a group of guys, (4 guys from the same clique, 3 of which within a month of each other. The last was years later.) but she also smeezed her way thru an apartment complex (3 more offenses) and added 2 family members of one of the guys from the initial group of friends.

I know, its it if you got lost for a second. This hoe...errm, CHICK was busy, as you can see.

The point is...while this particular chick's case is somewhat extreme, it's closer to typical than many women would ever admit. ESPECIALLY to the guy she's interested in dealing with long term. SHE knows it, but in order to sell the lie, she has to trick herself into believing the lie.

But in the end, MEN KNOW.

There's a certain unspoken, pheromone-like scent given off by HOES that most men are pretty keen on. There's some guys (simps) that simply don't care because The Thirst has a stronghold on their manhood. There's also the chance that you may live in a small to mid-sized city, where info on who smang'd who is more public knowledge than looking someone up on C-CAP. So, if you fucked some dude's homie, or dude he worked with, I assure you he eventually WILL find out.

Hell, at least half the time chicks tell on themselves. From the clothes you wear out, to the pictures you have on your social networking profile (especially the ever so classy "Bathroom Mirror, show off my cleavage and/or butt, while simultaneously hiding my GUT or turkey-neck pics), to the hoe-ass homegirls you surround yourself with. Birds of a feather, smeeze together. Any man that believes outta ur group of hoes that YOU'RE "the GOOD one", deserves every flame of crotch-blazing hell your jumpoff ass gives him.

Really, no guy wants to be walkin thru a mall, in line at the movies or God forbid, show up to a friend's wedding with The Hoe that half the groomsmen done been inside of. I'm not sayin you gotta be an angel, because most men are fairly realistic when it comes to sexual histories; particularly if you went to college. But if YOUR sex history rivals, or eclipses HIS? That's cause for pause.

So, cut the crap. Nobody outside of the "Sistagurl Support System" is gonna have any sympathy for you & your plight to downplay your slore-tastic past and find a man. And even the chicks in the SSS will call you a smeeze behind your back. The best bet you have is to basically, R&R. Relocate & Reinvent yourself. New groups of friends, new hang out spots...and if your case is extreme enough, an entirely new CITY, where NOBODY knows your name.

But lets face it, you are who you are. And men know that too. Once a hoe, ALWAYS a hoe. No theory outside of basic math is 100%, but most of you reading this aren't exactly top 2-percentile types either.

Because if you WERE, you'd have a man.