Saturday, July 16, 2011

AshyMix - MidSummerNights Mix

Got a lil bit of everything in this week's mix. Enjoy...

Rich Boy Ft. Trae "Gwap"
Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne I'M On One
Mims "I'm Busy"
J. Cole "Disgusting"
Phonte & Jean Grae "Base For Your Face"
Automatic "The Hbs"
Zion I Ft. Freeway "Victorious People"
Tha Dogg Pound "Big Pimpin"
Notorious Big "B.I.G Interlude"
Mary J. Blige Ft. Fabolous & Jadakiss "It Ain't Over Til It's Over"
Common Ft. Nas "Ghetto Dreams"
The Weeknd "Trust Issues (Rmx)"
The Foreign Exchange "Steal Away"
Jagged Edge "I Need A Woman"
Jill Scott "Making You Wait"
Marsha Ambrosius "Your Hands"

Runtime: 51mins 06Secs

Monday, July 11, 2011

Raze's Song of The Week: X-Quiz - "I Be Plankin on dem Hoes"

Guilty pleasure...?




Da homie X-Quiz has done a helluva job capitalizing off this dumb ass planking craze with an INSANELY dope, self produced track.

If you don't dig this, you ain't got a pulse.

You can check out more of his music, beats, etc at

You can also catch him on "xquiz crank lucas"

Saturday, July 9, 2011



I’ve been thinking for a while about what to say to the guys out here. God knows that something needs to be said because everywhere I turn, I hear the ladies bad-mouthing us in general and in large groups and frankly I’m really tired of being lumped in with you no good filthy meat bag mannequin ass pig weasel ass thirsty ass niggaz!!! I for one have got my shit together and it’s actually about time you get yours together too. So this is a general list to go by in order to figure out where in life you are and where you should be! There are also a few things here to separate you from me so that these blind and gullible bitches can stop mistaking me for you! Ladies this list will help you distinguish between a real man and some thirsty ass wanna be thug so you can stop blastin’ all men because you’re too stupid to know the difference. So here we go!


1. GOT A JOB – or are ACTIVELY seeking one! The type of employment doesn’t matter. He could be working at burger king or a corporate office, but what does matter is their level of commitment to it. Bills need to be paid and life needs to happen so an income is completely necessary. This is also why if they are currently unemployed they are ACTIVELY seeking employment. Payments stack up and being behind sucks!! THE DIFFERENCE - lifestyle. If that dude can blow off going to work easily or spends large amounts of time NOT working, then he has nothing to work for which brings me to

2. DON’T LIVE WITH MAMA – or daddy, or some other family member, friend or any other form of couch surfing. There are exceptions to the rule such as being down on their luck and need to get back on their feet (I won’t quantify this with a time limit due to today’s economy) or they have a master plan which involves getting their own place soon. A real man has a place to call his own and is proud to call it his! If you go home with this dude and he’s tellin you to keep it quiet so you don’t wake _____ up, then chances are you have chosen most unwisely! THE DIFFERENCE – ambition. Everyone knows somebody they can’t imagine with their own place because they have been couch-surfin THAT long! Even if the place looks like the fight club house, at least they can call it their own. Hell he worked hard for it!

3. DON’T SAG – their pants. No one in corporate America can respect a dude saggin his damn pants. There is no interview you can go into saggin and showin your draws and get the job. I won’t get into the history of it or the meaning behind it (google it) but I will say that it is highly unprofessional and the people that matter HATE that shit with a passion! Pull your f*ckin pants up and wear a belt properly! THE DIFFERENCE – style. In his off time he’s a mainstream rapper and about to hit the stage and that’s the only excuse I’ll accept! Cause honestly, there is no other reason to sag which bring me to

4. DON’T GANG BANG - you’re stupid in your teens but you believe you know everything and a bunch of like minded people said you should join up – a few days and a jump in later you’re memorizing lit and secret handshakes actin all cocky! Everyone is your family and in your roaring twenties (when you’re old enough to know better but still young enough to make mistakes) you’ve known them long enough and been through enough shit together that you still claim the set although it’s been a while since the last time you went set trippin or on a scouting mission for rivals. In your dirty thirties (should be grown by now) you walk past the young ones throwin up gang signs and the only thing it does is remind you of the good old days. THE DIFFERENCE – maturity. If you are still a gangster in your thirties then your life (however short) is planned out for you and there is no hope (btw real gangsta’s don’t sag – makes it hard to run or hide guns & dope) for your future. So really there is no winner here. Real men will tell you about their past gang life in past tense. That’s it!

5. ARE EDUCATED - simple as that! They have a high school diploma (or GED) and either has or is pursuing higher education. No one is satisfied being a mannequin, undereducated, stoopid (spelled like this on purpose), and/ or under qualified! THE DIFFERENCE – intelligence. they have a vocabulary, can use multisyllabic words and know the meaning, possibly multi-lingual, proud of being smart! The only reason a person shouldn’t be searching for further education is either they already own their own successful business or their current career doesn’t require it. Otherwise don’t be stuck with stooped!!!

6. DON’T LIE – to you about themselves or anything you ask about them. They don’t brag on shit they don’t have and they don’t have to lie to get you in bed! The truth is fantastic enough to impress you and if they don’t want you to know then they’ll just tell you that you don’t need to know all that, or that it is private and prefer to keep it that way. You are not important enough for a real man to lie to and there is nothing you can offer that can make a real man compromise that! Whether you believe you have the golden rimmed snatch or not, it’s not good enough for a real man to break stride for. THE DIFFERENCE – integrity. The reason ladies keep falling for bullshit is because you can’t tell a lie from the truth and you base your knowledge on what you want instead of what you see. This is why your favorite phrase is “heard it all before” when in reality (if you were HALF as good as you claimed) if you heard the same phrase twice you would still be able to discern the truth from the lie!

7. ARE REAL DADS – nothing can keep a man from his child – except a corrupt child support system and a spiteful baby mama! The truth of the matter is that if you were able to clear your emotions from blinding you from the truth you would see that he is the greatest thing to happen to your child/ren and you wouldn’t want to separate him out of the equation. He wants to see and be with his kid/s and you are too blinded by rage to see that you are not only hurting him but hurting and setting up your kid/s for failure as well. You dudes out there that use fake names as birth-control give real men bad names and bad reps because now she is taking advice from Keisha (who has 3 baby-daddies) about how to handle her situation. THE DIFFERENCE – honor. Honor is something that is internal and actually CAN be learned. It’s what tells us to take responsibility for our actions and to accept the consequences of our decisions. It’s the reason my dad stuck around and the reason he knew before he died that he was leaving behind real men in his place and not just his biological sons, but every boy that has ever had contact with my father. Real men want to leave a legacy behind and there is no better legacy than to leave honorable offspring.

So there it is. Stop confusing real men with the trash you keep picking up and quit searching for trash in hopes to find a real man. Guys, quit fakin the funk and giving everybody else a bad name when it’s yo thirsty ass f*ckin it up for everyone! Fake ass dudes get action by pretending to be real men and by the time a female sees a real man she’s so messed up she can’t tell up from down. The problem comes in when she becomes comfortable with the confusion. Nuff said!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Things I've Learned About The Big "D"

For those that don't know, i have been on a hiatus from AshyRadio due to personal circumstances. As what should be public knowledge at this point, I am going through a divorce.

Here on AshyRadio we typically have views of relationships and give advice from our personal experiences and view points. I will be doing my first relationship blog here very candidly in hopes of benefiting other people.

From the beginning of my situation, i have found NO PLACE that offers any kind of advice on what to do while enduring a situation such as this. After finding myself here in the realm of divorce and separation, i noticed more and more how many other people are going through the exact same thing. Depressing as it is, the fact of the matter is we KNOW 50% of marriages do not end in "happily ever after" but we don't know what to expect, what to feel or how to know if we are "okay" while going through it.

I suppose part of this will be therapeutic for me in a way, but more over I'd like to offer help for those going through the same thing i am now or in the future as there doesn't appear to be much out there to aide us aside from sour emotions on blog boards. SO here it is:

1. Deserve's got nothing to do with it. What you get and what you deserve at this point are two different things. "Fair" is a word you should forget about.

2. Sometimes you won't understand why, and never will. You can ask all the questions you want, but even so it may still not make sense to you. Some divorces occur for obvious reasons such as adultry, abuse of the physical or emotional kind, abuse of substances, or financial reasons. As sad as these reasons are they do offer a place to start in putting your life back together. If you don't fall under any of these circumstances, you will be where I am. My advice: just focus on you. You may NEVER understand what just happened to you, but you cannot lose sight of your goal, which is taking care of yourself, and children if you have them

3. Answers don't lie in the bottom of a glass or bottle. Like any other problem in life, Jose, The Captain, Comrade Stoli and the good sir Johnny Walker can't talk back. What they can do is let your anger and frustration get the best of you. More importantly, they aren't going to take away your pain, or even mask it, which is what you will be looking to do. Find a different outlet. Racking up $100 bar tabs is not an advisable thing to do, because the costs you are about to face of a divorce and lawyers, if needed, are STUPENDOUS. Lastly, it will only lead to your trying to contact your soon to be ex and let's face it, we know that is NOT a good idea to attempt while under the influence.

4. Inform your supervisor. Your production and focus at work is going to change. I found it helpful to let my boss know immediately what i was enduring in a way to cushion a possible performance slip. If you need time off, take a few days. But don't stay gone for too long, work as un-enjoyable as it is can serve as a good distraction from what is happening to you now.

5. If you have kids, be ready. This situation goes so deep. Custody and placement battles. Schedules. Medicines. Clothing. Paying for recreational things. Your going to need to become an even better communicator if you want to keep your kids in your life. The fact is that you will be dealing with this person for the remainder of your life since you have kids together, so don't do vengeful things to try and hurt them the way they have hurt you. Don't use your children as a weapon. At this point, it is all about the children and your own future. This is hard for them too, and you need to be there for them double time to help them heal as well as yourself. I have no tips for you here accept this: think to the future, not to the past or present. You will not want to be the bigger person all the time but if you are lucky you will be blessed with the strength to be that person anyways. If you can, you will have a better chance of reaching a happy future.

6. Your reality will be different for a long, long time. I have spent months with the feeling that i am not in my own head. I don't feel like myself. Things don't look right. The world feels lucid and dreamlike and nothing seems to offer any substance. Music plays slower and off key. My vocabulary shrank. I wasn't me. It was scary. Extremely scary. I now know that this passes. You will eventually fall back into yourself. It just takes time.

7. Be prepared to hear the same shit from everyone. Sayings include "i'm so sorry for you", "give it time", "take it day by day", "what happened?", "hang in there" etc. People just honestly don't know what to say to you right now. They care so they want to say something, so they say things like this. Yes it's repetitive and annoying. But the fact is all these statements are true. Day by day, and you have all the time in the world.

8. Let go. If you are indeed getting divorced, and there will indeed be no reconciliation for you than you must let him or her go. They will be finding someone new at some point and so will you. It's going to hurt like hell hearing from other people what he/she is up to these days or who they are spending their time with. What can you do? Nothing but accept it and work on you. You will want to confront them, you will want to say something, you will want to scream and much much more. But don't. Go with dignity and let them have what they are looking for. You can do nothing else.

9. Choose your confidants closely. The last thing i wanted to hear in the begging was how awful my wife was, and how i deserved better, how i never should have been with her, how i could do better. I love this woman and even though it is ending the last thing i want to do is listen to people shit on her. Find people that will give you constructive conversation. Find people that will help you discover what went wrong, and what inside of you caused those things to happen. Find people that will listen to you when you are angry and say absurd things, and let them talk you through that anger because it isn't going to go away on it's own. Find people that won't be afraid to tell you that you are or were wrong. If you can do that, you can heal and be ready for life when you are ready to get back out there. If you can't, well, i really don't know....... i didn't go that route.

10. Your body is going to change. You will either be an eater or a non eater. If you are an eater, try to find a bag of apples. If you are a non eater watch your blood sugar. I didn't eat the first week and a half after the news came to me. I survived on fresh squeezed lemonade for vitimin C and blood sugar, then when i was ready to eat i chose vitamin and mineral rich vegetables to help strengthen my body. Drink water. On the plus side i lost 30 pounds that i NEEDED to lose anyway and got into some good eating habbits.

11. You're going to need a coping mechanism. Unfortunately for me, the first thing i did once she told me her decision was run to the gas station and buy a pack of cigarettes. I quit 6 and a half years ago, but it was the only thing i knew for coping with stress. I don't know what else can help you here as i already made my choice, but let it be something that isn't harmful to yourself and that you can put down easily when you are ready. If you are smarter than me, you would choose running and then let it be a surviving habit after all is said and done.

12. At least consult an attorney. You have no idea what is on the other person's mind at this point and it is important to be ready for the worst. at least get a free consultation from an attorney and hear what they have to say. Make yourself knowledgeable about what you are going through or about to go through.

13. Don't shut down. The world isn't going to stop and give you a breather. Other bad shit is going to happen to you while you are dealing with what is quite possibly the most miserable thing you will ever endure. This world is going to try and break you now. Don't let it. You keep moving even when it hurts. You keep moving even when your heart says it needs a break. You keep moving even if your mind agrees that your heart needs a break. You just keep moving.

14. Leave it all on the field. If you still love them, do everything you can to convey that. Don't leave yourself in self doubt when the end comes. If they don't want it, they will tell you. It will hurt like hell all over again, but at least you will have peace of mind which in all of this is priceless. If on the other hand you don't love them, just say so. Don't accept gifts or attention. Don't lead them on. Be strong with your decision and be honest and eventually they will get it and accept that it is over.

15. Smile. You are going to have to learn to do it again, so start as early as you can. Life is short.

I hope this helps as few people as possible, because it hurts every time i find another person going through this. But if you are one of the people that this helps, i hope this can help give you some bearing in this confusion.

Stay Ashy

-Ed Cayce

AshyMix - Old School Heaven Pt. 1

New mix!

All old school...this one's goin out to my homie Shannon J. and in memory of my big brother Big E. Lotta classics on this one right here!

D.O.C. - Let The Bass Go
8ball & MJG - Top of The World
Geto Boys - Str8 Gangsterism
E40 - One Love
Whodini - One Love
LL Cool J - I'm Bad
Masta Ace - Born To Roll
Conscious Daughters - Funky Expedition
Dr. Dre - Nothin But a G Thang
AMG - Vertical Joyride
CMW - Late Night Hype
Geto Boys - Feels Good 2b A Gangsta
Public Enemy - Rebel Without a Pause
Lords of the Underground - Chief Rocka
Big Daddy Kane - Ain't No Half Steppin
EPMD - So Whatcha Sayin
MC Breed - No Future in yo Frontin
2Pac - All about You
Dj Quik - Tonight
Naughty By Nature - Uptown Anthem
Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - You Saw My Blinker (B*tch)
Slave - Watching You
Snoop Dogg - Lets Get Blown
Newcleus - Jam On It
Twista - Emotions
Do or Die - Po Pimp
Tela - Sho Nuff
8Ball & MJG - Space Age Pimpin
Notorious B.I.G. - Notorious Thugs
Too $hort - Cocktales

Runtime: 79mins 27secs


Friday, July 1, 2011

Pink Slips IV - The Good Guy Myth


I used to be a good guy at one point in time…. Back in those days I could honestly say I enjoyed doing things for my potential girlfriends like writing unique poetry from the heart, holding hands, taking long walks and saying super corny shit that at that time I thought was clever and cute…. Those days are gone now and honestly, I can’t blame women on this one…. No wait, YES I CAN!!!

Back when I was a young teen I had a friend, who we’ll call Jason that has always treated women like the dust you shake off your boots, while I always held women to a high esteem and put them on pedestals and wished them to be like goddesses. Around that time we both had girlfriends that would come and go. The only difference was that he had to drive his girlfriends away nearly beating them with sticks and call screening them, while I was writing letters trying to find out why they felt it necessary to cheat on me. The most common response, if I got one at all, was that I was too nice. Can you believe this bullshit!?!? TOO NICE!?!?!? Who says that shit!?!?

I sat down with my friend Jason and asked him why was it that his girls always had to be removed and why mine just drifted away. He told me that it was because I was a Casanova and he was a “Dog”! He explained to me that women lacked the capacity to appreciate a good guy and so he refused to waste his time being one. He also told me that his beliefs were confirmed simply by watching our dichotomy.

That’s when the asshole was born. My idea of a relationship was turned upside down and basically I learned that in order to KEEP a relationship I had to act like I didn’t want one. If I wanted to keep a girlfriend, I had to act like she was replaceable! The fucked up part of that is that all that acting I was doing soon became second nature. And soon after that I had lost most of my respect for the female gender and it BECAME my nature.

Let me explain it to you this way – I used to WANT to be romantic, hell I was a walking romance novel!!! Gave flowers and cards all the time, a complete gentleman, walked a lady to the door, always opened doors, created poetry, paid for dates etc… there was nothing I wouldn’t do for a girl back then. However, I never came across a girl that could or WOULD appreciate it! No matter how much of a sweetheart I was, no matter how nice I was, no matter how much I treated them with love and respect, they would always either cheat or leave cause I was TOO NICE!!!!

So I came to the conclusion that women don’t really want nice, they want DOGS and assholes! So the next time you find yourself saying some kind of bullshit like “where are all the good guys in the world” look around you! We’re right in front of your face dressed like the asshole you see before you - and you picked out our clothes!

SO, to the women in search of a “good man” - I’m sorry, but your services are no longer required. Thank you for your time and you’re fired!!

Real Talk with Raze: Dear Local Rappers...YOU SUCK.


I KNOW you BELIEVE you're the illest rapper to EVER rep ya side of town...

I KNOW you BELIEVE that since you've been rhymin & "grindin" for so long that you DESERVE to be more popular and successful than you are...

I KNOW you BELIEVE your bars are worth more than Kanye's bank account balance...

I KNOW you BELIEVE that you're the sickest female emcee to ever have a fkn monthly cycle...

Well, I'm here to let you know something...

Despite what you BELIEVE, you in all honesty...REALLY SUCK.

And I'm going to tell you why.

First of all, half your "catalog" of music is over beats that you don't even fkn own. Another 1/4th is music that you basically stole off of soundclick/soundcloud/myspace/etc. And the last 1/4th is just really wack, off brand shit that nobody wants to hear anyway...hence the first half of ur catalog's existence.

Secondly, you CAN'T WRITE SONGS. You can have all the "freestyle" bars you want, and ALLEGEDLY be able to go bar for bar with "the best of them", but guess what? NOBODY BUYS FREESTYLES. People invest in and support music that makes them FEEL something. Specifically, SONGS. And you don't know how to write them. You simply write VERSES and think because you've got 2 or 3 of them separated by some lame, wack ass hook that you've got A SONG. You just have some incoherent, unrelated verses separated by some lame, wack ass hook.

Third, you have no people skills. You rant and rave about how talented you are or how slept on you are when in actuality, ain't nobody sleeping on you; their simply NOT INTERESTED. And most likely it's bcuz you spam the shit outta ur music by posting it on people's profile walls with the same impersonal message copy pasted to everyone else in their timeline as if THEY DON'T SEE ALL THOSE OTHER POSTS YOU'VE MADE. How about engaging ur desired listeners...or better yet, respecting them enough to just POST A LINK and letting them check out ur music ON THEIR TIME...IF they're interested? Ever think of THAT?

Fourth, you're annoying. Not in the "misbehaved child at the cookout" annoying either. I mean "the self indulged, entitlement issue having, in desperate need of a clue, somebody PLEASE ban him/her from THE INTERNET ITSELF" type of annoying. As an indie/underground artist, unfortunately people need to FIRST like YOU, as a person to some degree. Hell, even if they don't LIKE you, they gotta be able to identify something about YOU with THEMSELVES. Unfortunately, most of you are so busy playing the "Hey! Look at me!!" game that people just would rather pretend you're not even there.

Fifth, you've either personally or professionally burned too many bridges. Look, everybody wants to be "on". And at some point as artists we all feel our music isn't appreciated as it should be. I admit I'm guilty of this as well, very much so. But it's not the "more popular/successful" artists fault they are where they are, and you are where you are. But since you're a douche, you prolly made a diss record or badmouthed them to some mutual acquaintances and it's gotten back. Now, do you think the artist in position to help you get higher in the totem pole is gonna wanna help YOU out? It doesn't matter how dope you THINK or BELIEVE you are; once you've made bad on someone, THEY REMEMBER. And now, regardless of how talented you may be, YOU'RE FUCKED. Not only will they not help you get on, they may also go out of their way to KEEP YOU THE FUCK OFF.

Sixth, you're not interesting. One of the biggest issues people have had with Nas (who is one of the greatest emcees of all time) is that he's actually a pretty boring guy. He doesn't really have a "star-like" aura about him. But HE'S The Great Pharaoh Nasir. YOU are overwhelmingly...NOT. It takes some pretty phenomenal talent to get over the lack of "like-a-bility" and most of you are not.

Seventh, you're whole style is bitten. You know the expression, "it's all been done b4"? Well, while this is true TO A DEGREE, simply giving in to that frame of thought is idiotic. Why would ANYONE wanna see a fake ass, far lesser talented Nikki Menaj or Drake clone, when they can just GO SEE/BUY/LISTEN to Nikki Menaj or Drake? Well, not only do ur desired fans think this way, but promoters and A&R's feel this way too. At LEAST fkn attempt to add ur own seasoning to the recipe...SOME sort of personal flair, instead of just essentially raping someone else of their style.

Eighth, your performances SUCK. On stage or on camera you're not engaging, you're kinda like an awkwardly moving, breathing mannequin, that occasional may say something funny or witty in a line or two...but really, we're more interested in what's going on at the bar or on the HDtv's hanging from the walls. You don't connect with the crowd, nor do you put on a SHOW. You just basically, hop on stage and rap over some music as you would if you were practicing at home in ur mirror. Shit, half of you rhyme over your vocals which is utterly repugnant. Karaoke singers deserve more respect than you.

Lastly (for now), you're just not any fucking good. At some point we all need PERSPECTIVE. To step outside of ourselves and look at things from a different view. And sometimes when we do that, we realize...we really just don't fucking measure up to more successful artists. Once you accept that, you can either QUIT or WORK HARDER at figuring out what's "missing". It may be a fixable or learnable (yes, I just made that word up) thing. Or it may simply be TALENT that's missing. Either gotta be real with yourself at some point, cuz honestly a lot of you are just wasting hard drive space on engineer's computers that could seriously be better used for downloading internet midget porn...or something.

I'm certain a few of these will strike many of you the wrong way...I don't mind that. And I really don't mean to be as disrespectful to you "working toward a dream". I'm actually trying to HELP YOU. Not deter you...

...well, I AM trying to deter those of you that genuinely suck. I, nor anybody else, wants to hear you.

EVER again.