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New Music - Bouquet of D'usse (a weekend in February)

"Bouquet of D'usse (a weekend in february)" was a joke I told my fiance, referencing what a new school R&B album title or group could be called. Imagine, if you will, a dude showing up to pick up a chick for a date night, with a bouquet of not flowers, but mini-bottles of D'usse liquor...😂😂. That visual was hilarious to us, so I named the EP after it.

The project was produced over the course of a weekend, in February 2019. Just said, "I'm gonna make an EP this weekend"...and did. Also...the cover art is inspired by the ridiculous Pen&Pixel album covers (No Limit/Cash Money records) of the 90's. The combination of smoove R&B flavor with ratchet-romance Hip Hop (plus slickly layered metaphoric lyrics) makes this a fun, eye opening ride; likely making listeners think "What the hell was Raze drinkin' THAT weekend?!?!".......well, I was drinkin'....a lot. I was good luv, ENJOY. 😂
1. the wolf
2. Naw
3. come thru
4. No Sir…

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