Did this really just happen?

I mean we all wish we could, but did Regis seriously smack Nicki Minaj on the ass? And then Kelly and her are comparing waists? I wont go too deep into this subject, but yes, her body is different than most women you see on your show. At the same time we all know Nicki puts it out there, but that doesn't mean it's cool to go nuts about it... Wow...


  1. I SAW THIS!!

    Damn, Regis just couldn't help himself. But here's the catch, if Nicki would've spazzed and put him in his place, would she have been viewed as wrong? It's wild that there isn't more of a fervor about this in the media. Basically, Nicki was disrepected on nat'l television and she just took it on the chin (no pun intended). Regardless if she's a disrespect to herself of not, this was not cool IMO.



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