JC Poppe - "Foundation of a Moment" Official Video!!!

If you're into music from Milwaukee, or Wisconsin for that matter, but don't know who JC Poppe is I seriously applaud you for gettin ya Atlas* on, considering the size of the rock you've been hiding under. With the release of his first album, "Sleep Therapy", in 2009 he snatched up a LOT of attention, locally and nationally, for seemingly coming out of nowhere with a truly different brew of hip hop. Some of the attention wasn't necessarily all good tho, as some felt he hadn't "paid dues/earned stripes" by grinding in the underground show circuit, as they had been.

Well, everybody's path isn't the same to walk, because obviously JC has been on his own path and considering the success he's had along the way, I'd say he's running his cheeseburger eating a$$ at top speed.

Which is probably walking for some of us...LOL.

Never the less. His new album(s) is amazing and the growth from "Sleep Therapy" to "Shadowlands/Tea Party" is uncanny...but come January of 0'11, you'll find out for yourselves. Til then, here's the first single from Shadowlands in awesome video form. Shout out to Ku Mays for an awesome job on the visuals to this dope record.

"Foundation of a Moment"
Produced by Danny Diggs 
Directed by Ku Mays 
Cameos by Some Short handsome Black Guy wearing a goofy hat in the parking lot scene.


*Atlas was the Roman titan that Zeus condemned to carry the weight of the world/heavens on his shoulders. Hence the "hiding under a large rock" reference.