New Music: Lupe Fiasco "The Show Goes On"

Some love him, some hate him...and VERY few are indifferent.

I myself am a huge fan of Lupe. I wasn't initially tho, as I thought his first album was "just O.K." in my opinion.

But all that changed with 2 1st time hearing "The Cool" album. Dare I use the dreaded C-word (CLASSIC).

And, when I saw him perform live @ The Eagles Ballroom (the Rave). His performance was quite awesome and I was sold on him as a legit artist.

Well, after all kinds of label issues and what-not, maybe we'll actually get to see his 3rd album, "Lasers" FINALLY get a release in March of 0'11. First out the gate is "The Show Goes On", which I love. It's pop-ish, it's contrived, sure. But the message is still one that hip-hop could use more of on the radio.

Here's the video.

My apologies for the WorldStarHipHop link. I hate those fuckers.

Raze Approved.

Here's the download of the song. --->>


  1. Glad you finally came over to the side of the light on this cat. lol


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