N*gga WHAT?!? : Michael Jackson's nephew says 3 of 10 songs on "Michael" are NOT MJ!!

 MJ Whoz3a

Well, I knew something would surface soon about this album and sure enough, IT HAS INDEED.

According to the twitter page of MJ's nephew Taryll (listed as "Neff U" on the album's production credits), only 7 of the 10 songs on the new, posthumous Michael Jackson album are actually MJ!

From Teddy Riley lying on the Oprah show to this damning statement...

"to all the mj fans… regarding the song "breaking news" i am so sorry you have to deal with this. my uncle loved you so much and would not want it this way. However there are songs that ARE my uncle singing on the upcoming album and I will support those 100% But I will not support "Breaking News" and a few others because it simply is not him. They tried to fool me and they tried to fool you. I told them it would never happen."

So, the worst case scenario is unveiling right in front of us people. As an MJ fan I am appaulled at this and will NOT be supporting this album. It's a shame, there ARE songs that MJ genuinely sang, but I KNEW there was something that didn't seem right. Well, not all a sudden the "demo version" feeling I got from some of the songs was for good reason....IT WASN'T MJ!!
You can check out Taryll's twitter page for yourself...just remember where ya heard the news...