Raze's Favorite 25 Songs of Oh-Tee'In

Ok..so I set out to (a week and a half early) make out a list of my 25 favorite songs of 2010 aka Da Oh'Tee-In.

Actually, it was supposed to be TWENTY, but ehh...that didn't work. For MULTIPLE reasons.
So, I'm just gonna do my thizzle. Feel free to ridicule, as I'm sure even some of my Ashy brothers & sisters will...LOL.

Oh yeah, these are in NO ORDER WHAT SO EVER. It was hard enough making the fucking list, let alone putting them in order of dopeness. Yeah right...

1. Little Brother - Tigallo for Dolo (Finally, a solo track from Phonte. And what a teaser for the solo Phonte album that we will NEVER EVER F*CKING SEE. What a jerk.)

2. Malicious - Vital Signs (It was hard even picking one song off this year's Malicious album, but yeah, THIS IS MY JOINT. Str8 forward hip hop. Period.)

3. AUTOMatic - Nobody (Such a beautiful tragic record. APRIME really showed his storytelling skill off on this one.)

4. Drake - Same Mistakes (For Your Type demo) (Fuck the Jamie Foxx record. Drizzy shoulda kept this one for delf.)

5. Fabolous - You Be Killin Em (I'm a sucker for Fab's singles. This joint is just mindlessly catchy and commercially slept on.)

6. Yung Humma - Let Me Smang It ft. Flint Flossy (Yeah, I know...ur prolly thinkin WHAT THE...but that's the point. It's so bad, IT'S AWESOME.

Lemme Smang It - Yung Humma featuring Flynt Flossy from Turquoise Jeep Records on Vimeo.

7. Dr. Dre - Kush (Yup, it's gotten some lackluster responses, but the overall feel and SOUND of this record is simply EPIC. Akon for Nate Dogg? Not even close, but...fuck it.)
8. Raze - All I Am Not (Ok, so I added myself. So the fuck what. It's MY list and this is one of MY favorite songs of the year. If you can lyrically listen to this and tell me it's wack...I've got two middle fingers and an i.p. address block for you.)

9. F. Stokes - Pretty Shit (Technically this may have dropped in '09, but I discovered it less than a month ago so it's 0'10 to me. And damn it is DOPE. F. Stokes is doing some more "out there" poetry type ish right now, but he obviously can spit/write as an emcee. I'm hoping he returns to this stee...SOON.)

10. Alicia Keys - Unthinkable (I'm Ready) (Easily my favorite "I'm bout to get some BOOTAY" track of the year. Pure sensual, seduction, beat it up music.)

11. JC Poppe - Foundation of a Moment (One of my new favorite songs of all time...OF ALL TIMES!! (c)KaNYeWeST)

12. Kanye West - Blame Game ft. John Legend & Chris Rock (Damn this song reminds me of quite a few ex...whatevers. Another reason I believe Yeezy is a genius. John Legend kills the hook. And Chris Rock at the end? BRILLIANT.)

13. Cee Lo Green - Fool For You ft. Philip Bailey (yeah, "F*ck You" was the great single, but THIS was my jam that had the repeat button on overtime.)

14. The Foreign Exchange - Laughing at Your Plans (Another moment to prove Phonte made the right decision by leaving hip hop behind)

15. Slum Village - Faster (This song makes me feel like I'm listening to some 2010 Depeche Mode meets Tribe Called Quest or somethin...and I love every second of it.)
16. Joe Budden - Stuck in the Moment (It was so difficult picking one song off MM4, but ultimately this one just hit me hardest. PAUSE.)

17. SPEAK Easy - Something Epic (Yes, something epic indeed. I seriously hope to hear a more epic mix of this song on SPEAK's upcoming album, considering this was on a mixtape.)

18. Far East Movement - Like a G6 (Another one of my WTF tracks. Yup, hate all you want. If this dropped in '98 it woulda been an underground House music HIT RECORD.)

19. The Dream - Take Care of Me (This is one of those songs that validate why I am admittedly a fan of The Dream. Dude IS this generation's R. Kelly...which is crazy cuz R. Kelly just put out a GREAT album this year...weird.)

20. Dameon Ellzey - A Shift In The Wind ft. Bobby Drake (This track is just simply undeniably SICK. I ain't even gotta explain the shit. Just listen.)

21. Plies - Goonette (Yeah, ignorance is bliss.....right?) 

22. Eminem - 25 To Life (I'm a sucker for extended metaphors and storytelling. So, yeah, this is an example of Em at his best.)

23. Sade - Babyfather (It's Sade. The queen of melancholy strikes again.)

24. The Roots - The Day ft. Blue, Phonte & Patty Crash (One track of many from in my opinion the most under-appreciated album of the year.)

25. The Hollowz - Bring It Back (I'm really upset the album didn't drop this year. But it's coming January, so this track helps me forgive them.)