The Start of...uhh, something....err, EPIC?

Yeah, so I think that's cliche' enough to jump this thing off, right?

Welcome to AshyRadio. The idea is simple; No politics, no bullshitting, no bitchstivity allowed. If we dig it, we post it and applaud it. If we DON'T like it, we post it and trash it. If you're on the good end, act like you've been in the end zone b4. If you're on the bad end, DEAL WITH IT.

There will be no "hating" or any other bullshit cop-out that wack mf's accuse of. We're all about entertainment, and hyping the dope people out there doin dope things. Music, movies, art, poetry, porn (Yep, that's right...PORN TOO) and a buncha other stuff.

So, welcome. And thank you.

Let's build,




  1. is this gonna slow turn into all backshots??? lol

  2. Yay! Another way to crush the dreams and hopes of simpletons round the world! This is bound to create hatred on so many new levels!


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