What's The Difference?

So earlier I posted the story about a Wisconsin man living in a very small town posting a "No Negroes Allowed" sign outside of his business, seen here. And people get all up in arms because he said the word Negroes and he doesn't want black people in his business because some black people have caused him trouble and he says " It’s not all the black people there are just a few bad ones".

Ok, so no one is shocked that there is a racist person who owns a business. And is really anyone that shocked that a sign like this is posted? No. But, why don't we get up in arms when or even pay attention when Milwaukee businesses like resturants, bars, clubs, etc. do the same? I've personally not been let into almost all the clubs in Milwaukee. Whether it was from baggy jeans, the wrong dress shoes or because my sleeve crease was too low on my shoulder. Yes. My sleeve crease was too low. Or what about when our friends, black, white, asain, any ethinicity says something ignorant.

Can we open our eyes to the ignorance that happens all the time without being naive or passive aggressive? How come nothing is done on a daily basis to prevent larger issues like this from happening. Do we wait until we are 70 to workout? Why then wait until you get to a club or a business that has already has discriminatory practices to get all up in arms about it.

I see no difference in what this guy did juxtaposed to what happens all the time in "urban" areas of Milwaukee. We think we are all good because we are surrounded by more minorities but we all make these ignorant comments and assumptions but only really want to get mad when it's so blatant or when other people are doing it to us specifically.

Stand Up for Intelligence over ignorance everyday not when it's too late. No, I'm not saying accuse everybody of being racist or ignorant. But when questionable things happen in small city, big metropolitan areas, your own house or to a friend, speak up and stop letting it slide on any level so that we can all have a base of intelligence and maturity.

Stop waiting for these outrageous forms of ignorance to be mad. Be a human and a confidence human daily. Don't be blind when it comes to us all as humans and the importance of us growing as a human race, not just our own. Corny. Yes. Sorry. But true.

P.S. Look out for a post on being only caring about discrimination when it happens to you, but not when it happens to other people....


  1. i have to play devils advocate here. personally i can't blame the man for doing what he is doing. the reason i don't go to certain clubs in milwaukee is because there are too many black people there and the best place to get shot is where a lot of black people are gathered. take for example the shooting of one of my fb friends at a show promoting black milwaukee music culture and she was the security there. or what about a martini mike's? i used to LOVE lounging there when it was the velvet room, but then black people got wind of the place, the name and atmosphere changed and boom; shootings! the lady bug club - shootings! i heard a popular radio host say he condones not giving them their liquor liscense back because there are too many black people that frequent the place and that, mixed with hip-hop and house music, is a recipe for violence and shootings and i have to agree. i hang out in east side clubs and bars because there are fewer black people there and i'm less likely to be shot for just having a drink there. the lake front used to be a nice place to go see the sun rise, enjoy the lake and lakeside activities such as jetskis and kite flying or a nice walk in the sand or on the marina, but in summer, all you see are black people cluttering the area with their big rims and loud music turning the place into a car show and rap video for scantily dressed women. the milwaukee police department and sherrifs office have set up mobile stations and jails at the lake front during the warmer months specifically for this reason. i dare you to try driving down lincoln memorial drive on a hot day in july! it's impossible with all the flashy cars and police and sherrif vehicles all over the place! how am i supposed to enjoy the lake when i could end up sleeping with the fishes??? if i'm wrong then why is there such a huge police presence??

  2. With their big rims and loud music....ALRIGHTYTHEN


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