Air You Out Vol 1

This is a list of egregious/hilarious/serious acts i have encountered or heard of in the past few weeks since i have been on hiatus from AshyRadio due to the completion of The Hollowz upcoming production, "Dreams of Sex and Flying". Yeah, i plugged my own shit. I will be the first to say i don't have 100% info on most of these things, so I am only issuing my thoughts based on what i know, and therefore am absolving myself from how mad you get over reading any of this stuff. This is my opinion, nothing more.

The following flagrant violations and hilarious situations are followed by a rating system of exactly how bogus this shit was to me, and possibly an explanation, if the situation warrants it.

And here we go:

The crazy white guy shot a bunch of people in Arizona, for no apparent reason other than to prove that things happen for no reason.

Rating: Uber Bogus
My Take: So after tea partiers got blamed IMMEDIATELY for breeding a raging gunman, facts get straightened out and people step forward with stories about this guy. Turns out this guy had been losing his mind for quite some time now and made multiple threats on multiple persons/institutions before finally committing this uber bogus act. His friends say he was sucked into a belief system in which nothing mattered, that the theory of nothingness was his "God" of sorts. Well let me tell you something you peice of pre-cum, in a world of nothingness, NOTHING would have happened. Instead you shot a politician. You killed some judges. You killed a 9 year old girl. You killed some aides. You will plead insanity and attempt to beat this case. You will fail. You will be raped in prison. Some guy looking to make a name and prove a point will kill you while you are on mop up duty and sodomize you with the very broomstick you were doing chores with, and that will be getting off easy in my book. It's a shame that politicians had to learn the true struggle of an everyday American in such a world shattering manner, but the fact of the matter is it happened, and we cannot change that. In our urban areas, people worry about these situations happening to them every day, and with good reason. Often enough it does happen. Lives taken for no reason in the blink of an eye. Many Congressmen/women and other representatives have now gone on record stating that they wish to protect themselves by carrying concealed weaponry. Please see the point in this and offer your fellow Americans the same opportunity to protect themselves and their families as well by sharing that right with them. You are no more special than us. Our lives are just as valuable to the ones that love us.
Moral of this story: Responsible armed citizens would have put a spark through this cunt muscle once he pulled his gun out.

Chicago completely spazzed out on Cutler, burned his jersey, questioned his toughness, only to find out that he had an MCL injury.

Rating: Hilarious!!! But if your are from Chicago, its a double bogey (double bogus, obviously).
My Take: HA! So Chicago. You take the QB with the fluffiest heart in all of professional sports, and LITERALLY kick him while he is LEGITIMATELY down? I hope you really like how Caleb Hanie played in that game. Because he will be your starter after Cutler cries his way out of another team and city... one much more deserving of an exodus than the other. You are so thirsty for a championship that you shit on one of the largest pieces to your teams puzzle and have alienated him from the franchise. If you wanted to burn jerseys, you should have burned your entire o-line's jerseys for letting Cutler get sacked more than any other QB in the league this year. He got up and answered the bell in every other game, you REALLY thought he QUIT on NATIONAL TV in the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP?!?!?!?! That.... THAT is how thirsty you are, Chicago.
Moral of this Story: Don't move to Chicago unless you are Jesus (considered perfect from what i have been told and hence should be above scrutiny), Superman (he seems to be pretty perfect as well, and his MCL won't tear) or a no faith having, bitchy, whiny, sniveling crying sports fan that will give up on your team and players the INSTANT something doesn't go your way(you'll fit right in). Thank GOD Cub's season is right around the corner, right??? RIGHT???

Gov Doyle Cooks the Books

Rating: Triple Bogey on MULTIPLE levels.
My Take: If you honestly cared about our ex governor being a crook, you would have never re-elected him, and since you did, it clearly tells me that no matter what i say here, you have already moved on to the next article.
Moral of this Story: Carry on, i'm really not going to waste my time here.

50 cent makes a TON of money on the stock market, and you made it for him.

Rating: I see NO violation here, but a lot of people are calling Turbo Bogus on this.
My Take: He went on TV. He said "buy blah blah blah stock and double your money, it's a sure shot". And he told you the TRUTH. There was no inside information exchanged. This was not Martha Stewart part 2. This was a guy who understands the power of his brand and celebrity, and used it to make himself even MORE money. The BEST part of it was his most loyal fans, the FIRST people to follow his advice, made ALOT of money by doing this as well. Anyone who is calling bogus on this is just plain jealous. I am not a fan of 50 by ANY means, but i must say, that was genius.
Moral of the Story: Sometimes things are good AND true instead of too good to be true.

This is it for now. Put one in the air.