Marsha Ambrosius - Far Away music video


That's pretty much what I had to say during the kitchen seen of this vid. Completely caught me off guard. Well done, Ms. Ambrosius.

I for one do not approve of homosexual relationships, but I have a gay cousin and have had a few gay friends over time that were great people. So while I don't take my disapproval to condemning levels, I understand that as a Christian man, it also is not my job nor right to judge ANY person for their lifestyle. I also know that nobody requires my approval to do what ultimately makes them HAPPY.

On a personal & human level, I LOVE Marsha for this video. I love people and feel nobody has the right to hurt, bully or worst of all murder someone based on their race, religion

I guess it also doesn't hurt that the song itself is BEAUTIFUL. (Well done production by Just Blaze)

So, check out the vid and lemmie know what you think...let's discuss.

Here's the Youtube for those of you on mobile: