AshyMix - The Best of Devin The Dude

I been a Devin fan since about '99 when I got his 1st album "The Dude" in an old record pool. First song I ever heard was "Boo-Boo'n". Ya'll unfamiliar with The Dude will find out, He's got his own lane and damn it's a fun ride(pause).

Lacville '79
Who's That Man, Momma?
I Need a Song
Doobie Ashtray (prod. by Dj Premier)
To The X-treme
Boo Boo'n
What a Job ft. Snoop Dogg & Andre 3000
I Can't Make It Home
See What I Can Pull
El Grande Nadgas
She Useta Be
Payin Fa Pussy
Fuck You (prod. by Dr Dre)
Right Now

Total Time: 44:40