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I like Chicks with big booties.

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For the next time someone makes a joke about the Japanese Tsunami/Earthquake...

Raze's Seven for 7

AshyMix - Pop/Dance Mix


Sometimes, I really envy.... ATHEISTS.

Footage from SPEAK Easy's album release party

Dear Grant Hill, YOU'RE AN IDIOT.

Air You Out Vol II

Chinese Cleavage Clamp

Why You Ain't Got a Man - Your Standards Are Out of Your League (Pt.2)

New Music: J Cole - Killers (prod. by J Cole)

Why You Ain't Got a Man Part One - You're a Liar

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Top 50 Sex Mistakes Women Make

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Phonte & Jean Gray - Base for Your Face

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Songs That Time Forgot: Latanya "What You On" feat. Twista

If you REALLY think....

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