Air You Out Vol II

This is a list of egregious/hilarious/serious acts i have encountered or heard of in the past few weeks. I will be the first to say i don't have 100% info on most of these things, so I am only issuing my thoughts based on what i know, and therefore am absolving myself from how mad you get over reading any of this stuff. This is my opinion, nothing more.

The following flagrant violations and hilarious situations are followed by a rating system of exactly how bogus this shit was to me, and possibly an explanation, if the situation warrants it.

Time for Round 2:

Everyone suddenly grows a political opinion in 3 weeks.

Rating: Not Bogus, just dumb.

Explanation: Despite what your hippie blogs, bloggists, and tv programs told you, this move was talked about before the elections. The worst part is people supported senators who abandonned the people who put them in office, then these same people got mad when the senators absence cause an even more unfavorable outcome for wisconsin state employees. Sorry people. But you are DUMB. You really think the best way for a politician to represent you is by them hanging out at Key Lim Cove while the rest of the state carries on with business as usual? Then you think you get to complain about the outcome after the fact? What the hell kind of world do you live in? You can't win a battle if your soldiers aren't even on the field. If you elect someone to represent you, that person should never, NEVER leave the field unless YOU specifically tell them to. And if you DO tell them to leave the field, you have effectively SURRENDERED that battle. I didn't know this stuff was so confusing.

Racist arguements errupt on American blogs regarding our response to natural disasters while Japan seems to be carrying on in a dignified manner:

Rating: Red White and Bogus

Explanation: Alright everyone. We all know where the truth ends and the lies begin in this scenario. It IS a race based thing though, that race being that of the AMERICAN RACE. We have become quite a despicable society. The fact of the matter is whether a disaster happened at Washington High School or Wauwatosa West, both places would be able to provide more than enough people sitting there with their hands out instead of being hands on. I'm the type of person that when something bad happens, no matter how large, I got into repair mode immediately. I am obviously a minority in this method of thinking. I do feel entitled to openly state that i do not respect people that don't even ATTEMPT to help their own situation improve. Take a good look at yourself America. You no longer act right. Case in point, starting racist blogs to take shots at one another for some shit you would probably do your self. I can't imagine anyone ignorant enough to be openly racist would really be honorable enough to pass up a 52 inch plasma in the midst of a state of emergency.

Nate Dogg Died

Rating: Pretty Damn Bogus

Explanation: It's sad to see any musician that haunts my nostalgic memories die, especially when they die young. RIP to the best hook man in the game. That being said, was there even a #2 hookman in the game???

The Bucks still suck:

Rating: ............

Explanation: this is bullshit.

Man in drive through behind me this morning causes me to lose my appetite when i witness him digging in his face like vinyls in crates.

Rating: Double Bogey

Explanation: I mean this guy was getting it IN. Furiously. I was surprised he was not bleeding. I tought maybe a hornet flew up his nose at first, as this was the only thing that i could imagine that would make someone stick a finger up their nose so vigorously. It was so animated that even after looking away, it kept getting my attention in my rear view mirror.

tigerblood and winning

Rating: I'm still confused...

Explanation: Ok is he or is he not cracked out? Because this shit reeks of crackdom. I mean yes it's entertaining, but Mr. Sheen needs an intervention i think.

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