Dear Grant Hill, YOU'RE AN IDIOT.

Dear Grant Hill,

I read your "response" to the Fab Five's remarks about your family from the special that aired on ESPN this past Sunday night ( Read G. Hill's Remarks Here ) and have come to the conclusion that you're an idiot.

And here's why...

On MULTIPLE occasions, during the special and before the special aired in various interviews, Jalen Rose and Jimmy King CLEARLY have stated that their remarks about you and your family were their feelings as 17, 18 and 19 year old boys. They made it so painfully clear, that I consider your feeling the need to respond shows me a lot of YOUR character.

For all those "privileged Negro smarts" you got in that noodle of yours, you couldn't even use simple READING/LISTENING COMPREHENSION to understand Jalen was speaking of his PAST feelings from 20yrs ago? Phrases like, "at the time" and "back then I felt", and of course the most glaring "As a 20yr old" didn't set off any alarms that, heck, "those were the thoughts of some brash, young kids that felt some kind of way because I was raised in situations they were not blessed to have"? Your response, and feeling the need to respond are more reason why the Fab 5, and brothers like them, felt the way they felt about Duke Negroes.

Whether you wanna admit it or not, everything they said in the special was true and valid. You WERE more privileged than them. Maybe not as much as C. Webber, who also went to a somewhat posh private high school, but the rest? DEFINITELY. At that time, Duke DIDN'T recruit players like the Fab 5. As stated in the special, Duke was interested in C. Webber, who we already mentioned was not as "rough around the edges" as the other 4 players were. You WERE raised by both your parents. There's nothing wrong with that, nor should you feel ashamed of it. But you should now, AS A GROWN MAN, be able to understand WHY kids that grew up in the EXACT OPPOSITE of the environment you were brought up in could, and DID, resent you for it.

But, I guess you missed that, huh?

And yes, you're right. During your tenure at Duke, you never lost a game to the Fab 5.

ETHER. While this may seem like the perfect time to reiterate that accomplishment, it really comes off as a classless, undisciplined haymaker swung at an opponent you feel lesser than. After all, YOU'RE the winner, right? It was YOU and your Duke U. teammates that won on the court and seemingly in life, yet YOU'RE all not being interviewed! You're all not getting any tv specials filmed in your honor. None of you changed or had a lasting effect on college sports and American culture that's spanned the subsequent 20yrs.

But you know who has? THE FAB 5.

You know, the guys you "never lost a game to"? THOSE GUYS DID.

In closing G. Hill, you were the ONLY player, white or black, I ever respected from Duke's bball program. But with this long winded, unnecessary response to the thoughts and feelings of a few teenage boys from over 20yrs ago, that respect just went out the window.

But who the hell am I? I'm just a man that 12yrs ago was a teenage boy raised very similarly to how the Fab 5 were.

So you probably wouldn't even care...or notice.

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