If you REALLY think....

Look, I understand that your favorite artist is awesome.


That doesn't mean they're immune or incapable of a moment of wackness.

Like, Lupe Fiasco for example. (If that were a rap line, it'd be a wack rhyme. *and THAT rhymed too*)

You may love the "original" or you may hate it, but initially "Nothin on You" by B.O.B. feat. Bruno "catch a grenade" Mars was intended for LUPE FIASCO.

Let's just thank the Hip Hop Gods for BoB getting this song and doing what will go down as the song that shoulda happened. Why? Cuz Lupe sucked midget taint on this demo.


  1. As always Raze you be bringing truth. Now I am not an expert on lyricism but my ears hurt and feel tempted to find you and take 3mins away from you. All in all good find and keeping it real.



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