Raze's Seven for 7

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4 outta 7 Hoes I would Smang

Nope, not these 7 broads. While that would be a good situation to have to choose or GET chose...I'm talmbout Seven New Tracks that I'm feelin for this week.

Check em out.

Wiz Khalifa - Rooftops
I know I kinda shitted on Wiz's album (the nigga sings on EVERY song...ugghckk), but this joint (no pun) is just dope to me. Definitely some kinda mood music.

Raekwon - Molasses ft. Rick Ross & Ghostface
I don't even like Officer Ricky, but he SNAPPED on this joint. As a whole this song is simply put, classic dope Wu shit.

Timbaland & Attitude - Fuck You
Damn...this sounds like Timbo on a Dr Dre impression RAGE. Mean ass track...subtastic, deep bassline. Killer backing drum loop. All around ILL.

RJD2 - A Roller Skating Jam Called Friday ft. Phonte
I'm actually not sure how long this joint has been out, but I JUST heard it off "Tigalo's Greatest Unreleased Joints" and it's DOPE DOPE DOPE. Be ready to dance after you hit play...

Zion I - Victorious People ft Freeway
I am having a HORRID case of beat-envy on this one. Damn I wish I made this beat...dope song.

Marsha Ambrosious - Your Hands
Damn this song is just marinated in sultry, sexiness.

John West - Lovely ft Pusha T
Pusha is simply EVERYWHERE. For a second I thought John West was some hybrid Kanye/Legend thing, but I guess he's really some new R&B dude. And he CAN actually sing too...dope track.

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Me On The Job back in the day at wack ass Quarters