Real Talk Wit Raze: Femcees and B*tches That Rap Bout They P*ssy

I don't like female rappers.

I just don't. I admit that I'm completely prejudiced when it comes to women in rap. The instant I hear about some chick on the mic, I assume she's wack off top, and she's a slore at worst.


Because the days of female empowerment, pride and most importantly RESPECT, are LONG GONE.

There was a time when Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, The Lady of Rage and many others were the voices for women in Hip hop. And whether you agreed with what they said on records, you HAD TO RESPECT THEM. For multiple reasons. They not only respected themselves and their gender, but they also RESPECTED THE ARTFORM. They respected the culture, and the impact their words had on their target audience...and beyond.

Unfortunately, in this ever "evolving" world of "hip hop" music, these artists have been displaced by younger, less intelligent women that lack practically every positive point I mentioned in the previous paragraph. As hard as it may be to believe, I would guess that at LEAST 75% of female rappers in this current generation have the subject matter depth of a 13yr old teenager. ESPECIALLY if they're over the age of 25, because they're having issues with getting older and counting up to their "2nd childhoods".

Pussy, money, ain't shit baby daddies, needing a real nigga, glorified prostitution and fire ass weed have taken over as the most important topics addressed by female rappers. As with most things throughout history, the art from that time period reflects the social state of that time period. And if there is any truth to this theory, it should come as no surprise why teen pregnancy, broken homes and many other issues are so pravalent not only in the urban markets, but also THE BURBS. I'm not saying hip hop is to blame...I'm just saying the music is reflecting it.

But, I don't buy that. Because the 80's were HORRID. The 90's weren't really much better. Yet the pride and higher levels of self worth embedded in the music, particularly from women, didn't so hopelessly reflect the dismal social state of the "target audience". There was hope...there was education...there was LOVE. If not only for themselves, for their listeners.

For Hip Hop.


***Much love to the Femcees that still hold it down for hip hop, culturally. This obviously is not meant for or about ya'll. I wish you all the best in your careers and champion your efforts. Peace***


  1. A-fucking-MEN! And actually I could care less about a femcee and have more respect for an MC that just so happens to come with a vagina...think about it.

  2. WORD...and of course I must mention Lauryn Hill. LOL

  3. well said. and yes lauren hill and BOSS and salt n pepa etc... pussy rap is just cheaper and easier to make. doesn't take any real thought. just 3 minutes of how men ain't shit if they ain't paid and how to fuck that man into a coma and how he can't hang and then how that same man ain't shit cause she got knocked up. it's not that women mc's are gone, it's just that pussy rap is the cockroach of hip hop and survived longer than we thought

  4. I agree totally with what was said above however has anyone taken into consideration:

    1) Hip-Hop is in a decline so the effect is compounded on women because there are less of them so the percentage is higher

    2) Not many write thier own lyrics, how can a man write about what its like to be a woman? Hence why old skool has "better" fem rappers, THEY WROTE THEIR OWN SHIT!!!!

    Again Raze excellent mention of the music industry keep it up


  5. It's as if you were reading my mind. You can't separate a music from its time, and I feel that it's BEEN time to separate crap from (most) rap. Unfortunately, that will never happen. In the meantime, dumbed-down music appeals to dumbed-down minds. Too bad for us, the industry, as well as the world, happens to be full of it/them.

    Bad enough that most mainstream rap songs by women promote alcoholism, gold-digging/spending a man's money, and promiscuity. On the flip side, most mainstream rap songs by men promote alcoholism/drug-use, violence, and making/spending money.



    (Had to revise my last post due to grammatical errors)


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