Real Talk Wit Raze: Questions, Bitchassness & Self Responsibility


Look, I know you love you're music.

It's YOUR art. As its creator, you feel like a father of sorts. Therefore, you feel you've got the cutest kid in the Class of '11 school photo.

Well, I'm here to let you know something....

IF YOU ASK, I will not hesitate to tell you that your kid is f*cking ugly as hell.

By the time you fix your mouth to ask ME my opinion on your music, you should already know how I get down. You should already know whether we're friends, acquaintances or perhaps even co-workers...I'm gonna let you know what's up. I'm gonna KEEP IT ONE HUNNID. And sometimes, that means...

...I gotta tell you ur kid looks like Precious.

And honestly, don't act all butt-hurt because I don't see the "inner beauty" of your fkn kid. Seriously, miss me with that. Show some self responsibility. You shouldn't let your ego blind you to the fact that there's POTENTIALLY a strong chance that I won't like your music; therefore maybe you shouldn't act brand new when I told you I didn't.

If I know I'm gonna act a fool if my wife tells me she didn't put gas in the truck, or God forbid, she forgot to grab my Hagen Daas Vanilla Swiss Almond ice cream, I'm just NOT GONNA ASK. It saves me the stress, and her the argument and gettin cussed out. EVERYBODY WINS. That's actually Bi-Winning.

As Dj Bizzon would say, "Why can't people just SHUT THE F*CK UP?". Nobody is obligated to like your music, so stop wanting to fight or "blog up" on writers/artists/etc that DON'T like you or your crew's music.

Take it like a man. Don't be a bitch. Your music is the lovechild of Flava Flav and Rossy de Palma ( PICTURE REFERENCE ) happens. So, what are you gonna do about it?


  1. Man, it's so easy to shut the fuck up... it takes no work at all...

  2. [this is me shutting the fuck up] dude that was so easy!


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