Sometimes, I really envy.... ATHEISTS.

Look, I'm a God loving Christian man. I believe in God and give praise and spread the word and all that...blah blah blah. And I don't mean to downplay my faith, because Lord knows despite as much as I have and do sin, that my heart and soul lies in his hands.

But it's shit like THIS VIDEO, that truthfully drives me fkn crazy and almost makes me ashamed to say I believe in the same God as these people. Seriously, these muhfuckas apparently are SO wrapped up in the bible and when "Noah's flood" happened, and that May 21st, 2011 is exactly 7000yrs from then and woo-woo, blabble blabble, that they completely forgot the part in the bible where it says "NO MAN, WOMAN OR CHILD KNOWS THE DAY OF MY RETURN". So, for all the false prophets, and bible thumping mathematicians out there, GO SOMEWHERE.

Atheists have it so much easier. They can just tune this bullshit out, whistle a dixie tune and go about their business.

Nah, not me. I watch and listen to videos like this where everybody is so hell bent on guessing or predicting the end of the world, they're forgetting to do the most important thing God wants us to focus on....LIVE OUR LIVES!!

Here's a tip. The world isn't ending in 2012. If it does, on the brink of said Armageddon, I will PROMISE to do my best to come back to, log in and admit I was wrong. The only reason all these "signs" seem out of the ordinary is because this is the first generation where information about such occurrences on a global scale can spread so quickly to the general public!

What, people think there haven't been tsunamis and earthquakes in the Pacific SINCE Noah's Ark?

Seriously, please...for the love of God. Stop trying to do his job. And stop believing in these "prophets" that claim they know what's in God's plan. Live your lives, and let your faith in God be the beacon of light that sees you through the troubled times when they arrive.

Or, keep being dumb-asses and GO SOMEWHERE.


  1. Yes... nothing erks me more than people who "know" when Jesus will return. No one knows. .. these are the signs of the end times. We have been in the end times...for some time now. Lol
    and ur right we need to live our lives. We need to live for Him. So we are ready when He does come.
    I can see the video now...but I'm sure I will have to comment on that. Lol


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