Songs That Time Forgot: Latanya "What You On" feat. Twista

51 Mh H4 Ow8 ML SS500

I remember when this joint FIRST came out in '98, I always wondered why it never took off as big as it should've. As if the sound of the beat ain't dating it enough, the line "here's my number so BEEP ME" just sounds wild as hell, WHAT?!? LOL

Well, 11yrs later I still bump this track from time to time. It took some crazy digging, but I found the mp3 on and BOUGHT it. WIN. I also had the original maxi single CD from '98 still wit the Dj Herb Club 559 remix, which is equally dope, just not as chill as the original.
Latanya - What You On Ft. Twista (album mix)

Dj Herb Club 559 Remix (clean)