Why You Ain't Got a Man Part One - You're a Liar

I'm sure, in the privacy of your own minds, a few of you ladies have asked yourselves..."Why can't I find a man?", or a variant like "Why can't I find a GOOD man?". And while you and ya girlfriends have come up with a reason or two or twenty, I have a sneaking suspicion that not many (if ANY) of those reasons had to do with one constant....YOU.

So, as a man, I'm gonna give ya'll the view you more than likely never sought out. The Male Perspective. None of these 5 parts are in any particular order of importance over the other, as you may either be afflicted by all to only one of them. But rest assured, I'm POSITIVE you have at very least ONE of these issues...if you can't get...or KEEP, a man.

Reason #1: You're a LIAR.

Men lie. Women lie.

Who lies more?

WOMEN. Why? Because women lie to men, their friends, their family and most importantly THEMSELVES.

Women lie about things as trivial as what their REAL dress sizes are, to crazy things like how many men they've had sex with. You know girl...THE REAL NUMBER. Because despite what grading curve theorem you may have picked up along the way, ALL DICKS THAT ENTER YOUR VAGINA/MOUTH/ETC COUNT. It's because of this behavior that men typically don't trust women.

There are certain questions men simply KNOW BETTER than to ask a woman. Don't get it twisted tho ladies, it has very little to do with respect for the female gender, as much as it has to do with us just not wanting to be lied to. Whether ya'll realize it or not, we ALSO have intuition. That loud voice inside of us that yells "BULLSH*T!!!" every time we're told something suspect. Like, how many men you've slept with. Or, that we're the best you ever had...or, that you're only a size 8. That's why most times men won't bother to ask these questions, unless you ask first & open the topic. I'm a married man, and honestly have no idea how many men my wife has been with. Not that I think she'd lie to me if I asked, but considering she's a woman, it's not as important as the potential lie WOULD be. So I don't ask.

But, let's get back to the REAL problem. Women lying to themselves.

Just face it, you're NOT a dime. Sure dudes holla at you. Maybe some even whistle or say "dayum she thick" under their breath. That doesn't mean you're unapproachable, or a particularly high standard of beauty. It just means you look good enough for a man to appreciate the view walking past you. Or that you're attractive enough for him to wanna put his d*ck in. BUT, THAT'S IT. Nothing more, nothing less. You see fine women ALL THE TIME. You notice fine women more than MEN do! Then, after seeing all those examples of what beautiful is, you look in the mirror everyday at every physical flaw you have, that men may not even notice, and they KILL YOU inside. Because of these flaws, you KNOW you're NOT Kim Kardashian. You're NOT Meagan Good. While this doesn't mean you're not attractive in your own specific ways, you ain't "THAT chick".

I know, you're told in r&b songs that you're beautiful "no matter what people say" and all that, but lets face it, you're NOT. Most of us are, and should be happy to be, just average. So stop telling yourself you deserve a basketball player, or an educated dude wit a "good job", when YOU don't even have A job. You're telling yourself you're this ultra-sought after gem, when in fact you're at best very well manufactured costume jewelry.

Confidence is one thing, but this faux arrogance is disgusting. Show some humility. Or, better yet, HAVE some humility. Keep it ONE HUNNID.

No man wants a partner that's a liar. ESPECIALLY not a woman that lies to herself.

It's thinking like this that leads to the next issue...


  1. Real talk, would you be offended if I started using the term "One Hunnid"?


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