Why You Ain't Got a Man - Your Standards Are Out of Your League (Pt.2)

Issue #2: Your Standards Are Out of Your League

You're not a princess. You're most likely a marginally intelligent, somewhat physically attractive woman that's had your fair share of crappy relationships. You've got a couple girlfriends that are more bitter than you are and maybe ONE girlfriend that actually IS married. You've got some mileage on you in the twat department. You've also probably got a decent, but nothing glamorous or particularly high paying job.

You are the average working class American woman.

But, you still THINK you're a princess. You're still holding on tightly to the belief that you're entitled to a prince charming type dude. Because of this, when a GOOD MAN crosses your path, you turn your nose up at him. I've seen it a million times. Your problem can be broken down by simple math.

(Eye Candy, Brolic, Blow Ya Back Out Dude)
(Good Job/Got Money Dude)
(Respects You/Mentally Stimulates You Dude)
(Some Quality that makes you the envy of ur homegirls)

While this would qualify as an obviously desirable equation to any woman, it lacks REALISM because it's not complete. There's another side to this equation, the math of YOU.

(Past Physical Prime)
(Child/Children from previous marriage or relationship)
(Wacked out Sense of Entitlement)
(Undesirable Social Network of Friends)

Now, take the sum of both parts, subtract the sum of HIM from the sum of YOU, and the answer is called REALITY. (And if you're too confused to follow this, you REALLY got worse problems than finding a man...LOL.)

You certainly must have noticed I didn't include the POSTITIVES of you in ur half of the equation. Why, you ask? Because they don't matter. They don't matter because most men won't choose to date you based on your positives. He'll decide why NOT to date you based on your negatives tho! It may seem like a twisted logic to you, but trust me. Men aren't typically in any rush to settle down. So no matter how awesome the chick may be, we're looking for ANY and EVERY reason NOT TO settle down with her.

A lot of times, guys have a more realistic grasp on "who they are" than women do. It's most likely because we're the more logical gender, but none the less, it's true. Because of this, you'd be hard pressed to find a guy that KNOWS he's a good catch that will even bother with a woman he knows he can do better than. Primarily because he's also more cerebral than libido. He thinks more of what he can LOSE in a bad outcome, than what he can gain in the short term by "slumming" (essentially what I was doing while I was dumbf*ck whipped by my ex b4 I met my wife). So, while you're shooting for the stars, unless you find one at a moment lower stratospheric flight, you're pretty much wasting your time.

I'm not saying you should be lowering your standards. Instead, what you SHOULD be doing is re-evaluating the realism of your standards. Go back to part one, be honest with yourself. Think about what's REALLY important to you. Be willing to embrace a man that maybe isn't obscenely handsome, but IS obscenely responsible, sensible and caring.

No person is perfect, so accept your flaws; and through that understanding, be more willing to accept a man's flaws. Otherwise, since it IS your perogotive to do so, learn to accept & embrace the lonliness of chasing shooting stars your Toyota Corolla can't catch.

On to the next one...

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  1. it's like a mortgage or loan processing. gotta see if you qualify for the house or car you want but by the time the math is done you find out you gotta put that hummer back cause all you can afford is this 1989 buick regal. oh, and that mansion you say you absolutely must have turns into an efficiency in the hood. BE REALISTIC AND GRATEFUL!!!

    and honestly i don't see any women seeing the light go on after reading this. i see excuse after excuse as to why they don't fit the profile. it's like i always say, skirts believe they all are the exception to the rule...



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