Everywhere People: Natalie V.

So, I decided to do a new series here called "Everywhere People", dedicated to awesome, regular folk I come accross in life. Some will be from my home town, and others won't be. But rest assured, I meet some amazing folks thru my multiple "jobs" that aren't musicians or poets or whatever. They're just people out here living life in ways we ALL should be able to relate to.

First up is Natalie. I first met her thru Facebook. She commented on some status my sister's hubby started, and me being the creep that I am, I check out her page and DAYUM! Yup...friend request was sent. But, after her comments on my stats, seeing her own and a few private convos here and there I realized there was a lot more to this sista. And now, you will too...

1. You ain't gotta say WHERE you work, but what do you do for a living?

Right now I'm an unemployed teacher. Last school year I was teaching at a choice school on Milwaukee's Northside and the school was being ran by some crooked ass so-called Christians. I went through a period where I didn't get paid for 4 months. I damn near lost everything. I ended up moving back to Madison with my mom for a few months at the end of the school year. The school closed due to the many "financial problems" they were experiencing and I was out of a job. They did eventually end up paying me and the other teachers that had been working there... in July. That same day, they loaded up a U-haul and took off to Mississippi with all of the rest of the money. It was a mess. I came back to Waukesha in August and grinded it out at a call center making dirt and working 70 hours a week. It was a seasonal position that ended in November. Since then, I have been getting unemployment and looking for a new gig. I'm absolutely desperate to work with teens again. My degree is in Journalism and this fall I'll probably be starting some classes for my teacher certification. I would love to teach English or Social Studies again.

2. Ahh, nothin quite like folks scammin' the system AND the people...wackness. So, when you're not buried in application/resume' hell, what do you do for fun?

I'm pretty mellow nowadays. Once upon a time, I loved going out dancing and partying but now I'm pretty low-key. I enjoy spending time at home with my 12 year-old son. On any given day my house is full of kids. I'm like the neighborhood mom. I tutor some of the neighbor kids and my God son. Help with some of their behavioral issues. Just overall try to help make them into better people. For me, that's what gets me going. Seeing one of my "kids" doing something positive or applying some of the things that I'm trying to instill in them. When I'm not with kids (which is all the damn time!), I like concerts, shows, museums, etc. Not big on clubs and bars. I've done that scene already. I also like to walk and jog for exercise. My tits have a tendency to make that difficult though. I gotta strap those bad boys down. I love cooking so pretty much everday of the week I'm whipping something up or baking. I gotta have music playing in the background though. I don't watch but like 2 hours of tv a week but I love music and reading. I like to think that every moment has a soundtrack...

3. Yeah, I can't front. I be EXTRA mad at those stats about what you "whippin up in the kitchen" sometimes...LOL. Natalie, you've got one of the most awesome smiles I've EVER seen...LOL. But, given all you've gone thru lately, are you GENUINELY happy where you are in life right now?

Good question. No. I always thought I'd be a lot further along at almost 30 than I am. I just find reasons to smile everyday. It could be worse but it damn sure ain't awesome. I'm just generally a happy person. People like to be around me because I make them smile. A lot of the people that are close to me look to me to be the rock of the group. So, if I fail, they may too. If I can't make it through something with that smile on my face, they won't either. But, I can't really complain. I don't have everything I want and sometimes feel like I deserve, but that's on me. I haven't had the drive like I used to. I was the ultimate working, going to school, awesome daughter and mom. When I finished college, I just got to comfortable with mediocrity. So now, I'm in a place where somethings gotta happen. But, like I said, I can't complain. For everything I don't have quite right, there's probably 2 things that are just right. I have a beautiful, talented and healthy son, a handful of great friends, a family that loves me and a gentleman to come around and bang my ass sideways when I need it. Life is good... But I haven't achieved the greatness that I'm destined for. It'll happen though, once I find the motivation I once had.

4. Nice answer. I can feel you on that! So, if you could change ANYTHING about you, (ur life, physically, etc) would you and what would it be?

I'm not going to give that cliched, bullshit answer " I wouldn't change a thing because it made me the person I am today". Yeah fucking right. If I had to narrow it down to one thing, it'd probably be where I'm at as far as a career and finances. If I could wake up tomorrow and be smack dab in the middle of my dream job, with some commas in my bank account, I'd be blinking like I Dream Of Jeanie. Yeah the things in my past made me who I am today, but shit... I'm trying to have a better version of me. Everybody needs a damn short cut at some point.

5. In a perfect world, where do you see yourself at in 5yrs?

Hmm... In 5 years I definitely see myself being someone's wife. I don't want anymore kids. But I would love to find myself in a really healthy and beautiful realationship. I know that sounds really cheesy but there are few things that I want for myself. Damn near everything I do is for the benefit of my son. I want something that is solely for myself. I think that's the only thing that I really desire. A partner. I've proved I can be independent. I've raised my son on my own. I've been a strong woman. I want to spend my thirties and beyond having someone to have my back. Make some of the decisions and look out for me.

6. I can't believe I've never asked you this, but...has anybody ever told you that you look like Jordin Sparks?

LOL... yes. EVERYONE. Its bad when your own parents call you in the middle of American Idol and tell you that you're on TV. I've even had people stop me in the store and tell me I look like her. But here's the thing, I'm older so that bitch looks like me.

7. LMAO...now you know I love me some Jordin. Watch them "bitches" girl...J/K. So, Do you prefer ya brothas light skint or dark skint?

Oooooh...that's a good question. Honestly, I don't care. I've dated all different shades of men. Even a Nigerian. He was black and crazy as hell. I've also dated the piss-colored, translucent Chris Brown look alike. I look at features more than color. I like nice teeth and pretty eyes. As long as he's taller than me with 3-inch heels on and not skinny as all hell (I don't need my man making me feel all insecure about my size when I see us in pictures together.)... it doesn't really matter.

8. Ok, so you're an equal opportunity sista! Word up. How do you feel about dating outside of your race? For yourself AND when others do?

I don't get all hung up on that, usually. I ain't gonna lie, when I see a good-looking, successful brotha with an ugly, overweight, busted white woman, a part of me says "oh hell naw!". But, I'm a product of race mixing, so I can't hate on it. Overall, I think that love is love. Who you love and have sex with has never been anyone's business. I try not to make it mine. I feel the same way about gay relationships. For me personally, I prefer a black man but I don't discriminate. If that makes any sense. But there's a reason...I love black families. There is just something about the way black famililes support one another and are there for each other. I love the idea of having a STRONG, BLACK family. I've seen the difference. I've gone to the white side of the family's reunions and my black side's reunions. Completely diefferent. Not just the food and the music (LMAO...I hate eating that shit my white family calls food. Shit from Pick n Save's deli is NOT food). I feel like black families are just down for each other more. They don't let disagreements become things that divide the family. There's always a "big momma" that squashes that and keeps the family as a unit. I love that.

9. Getting back on my creep ish, I know a few VERY good photographers. Would you ever consider modeling or posing for a soft-core (lingerie or topless) porn site? I had to ask since you brought up "The Girls" earlier...LOL.

Actually, for a long time I wanted to be a model. I use to practice my walk and everything (and this was in my adult years!). I just never felt like I had the body for it. It took me a long time to get comfortable in my own skin and learn to love my body the way that it is. Now that I'm a lot heavier than I used to be, I am the most confident in the way I look. It comes with growth and maturity. I grew up with 5 brothers and a mom that is a tom boy. I think I had an identity crisis for a while! So, yes... I would consider modeling, but would keep it limited to lingerie as the most risque. My brothers would collectively fly back to Wisconsin to beat my ass if they ever caught me online with my clothes off. Also, being the mother of a son, I want him to have respect for women. I don't want him thinking that a woman has to be objectified or use sex to become successful. Sure a woman can be admired for her beauty, as long as there's the right motivation behind it.

10. Great answer...and there's still hope, LOL. Here's a question that usually gets folks uppity, Did you vote for Obama? If yes, are you happy with the job he's done so far?

I did. I love Obama. Not only because he's fine as all outdoors and intelligent and sexy and...sorry. I digress...When Obama got elected, I knew it was going to be a lose/lose situation. After Bush destroyed the country and the economy and started a bunch of shit with all these other countries, there was no way he was going to come into all of those situations and make all the boo-boo's better overnight. If a republican would've gotten elected, the other republicans would be bending over backwards to clean up all this shit, hide as much of it as they could, to make that president look like a savior. But, we got a democrat, a black democrat, in a republican majority and this poor guy is getting a lot of shit that's not his fault stuck to his ass. People have to remember, these problems didn't start with the Obama. And its going to take a long ass time and several presidency terms to fix all of the things that are wrong. I think Obama has done some great things and some things that are questionable. BUT, at the end of the day he's still fine as hell and he's better than Bush. That's good enough for me.

11. If you could watch ONE movie on repeat for the rest of your life, what would it be? (Trilogies can count as one movie)

Probably Sex and the City the movie, and only the first one. I just love the story. Deep down inside, I'm just a hopeless romantic. That flick has a great story line to it. I'm not usually one for the girly movies but that is definitely one of my faves.

12. How ironic that you would say Sex in The City...lol. So, which is more important, Length or Girth?

Girth. I don't need no nigga rearranging my cervix. That shit is not sexy and it doesn't feel good. I'll take a ground and pound session with a chub over a long one any day of the week.

13. ROFLMAO @ "ground and pound session"!! Ok...you're a mother...what do you think are the most important things a father can provide to raising a child that a mother can't?

A child (male or female) needs to see a positive and strong male in their home. Whether its the biological, adopted or step, every kid needs a dad. How can a child grow up to be an adult that forms healthy and postive relationships in their life, if they don't see it first in their own home? A little girl needs a man to demonstrate certain things...that a man should appreciate and realize the worth of a woman. How a man should treat them when they're grown and in their own relationship. A little boy needs that male figure that keeps his ass in check, teaches him how to do man things around the house and demonstrates to him how a man should treat his lady. A father is a very important thing. Women do it on their own everyday and do amazing jobs. BUT, its not something a woman can do, completely and successfully, without a father or male figure in that child's life. I'm sure a lot of bitches are gonna hate on me for that statement right there but guess what, I don't give a fuck. Deep down inside they know I'm right.

14. (High Fives are in order when I see you for that answer) You're mixed...what races are you mixed with and what issues, if any, did you deal with growing up bcuz of that?

I am black, white, Comanche, Cherokee and Creole. My mom is Norweigan, Scotch-Irish and Danish. My dad is all that other shit. I grew up with a lot of latino friends because of it. I was never black enough for the black girls and I was never white enough or rich enough for the white girls that I went to school with. I grew up in the 'burbs of Madison in pretty nice schools. For the most part, people were accepting. But by the time I hit high school, that's when it got bad. Black chicks wanted to jump on me because I was going out with dark-skinned brothas. It was crazy. So I kicked it with a lot of Puerto Ricans, Dominicans and Mexicans because they really didn't give a shit. They all thought I was boriqua or dominicana anyway. And I got to eat a lot of good food, learn a lot about other cultures and it sparked my interest in learning and speaking Spanish. It also taught me a lot about seeing the world through the eyes of another minority. It's an experience more people should have.

And to the fat, gorilla looking bitch at Park Bar back in 2003 that threw a drink on me and told me to take my spic ass over to El Babalu's and stay away from "their men", even if my fine, light-skinned ass wouldn't have been at Park Bar that night, you still wouldn't have gotten any play.

15. Words cannot describe how AWESOME that last answer was. Ok, last question. I do this thing at shows called, Say Something. Its your chance to just share ANYTHING you want. No matter how profound or trivial and shallow it may be. Like, what's one of your philosophies on life or what's one thing about you nobody could guess by looking at your pics or reading your other answers. Don't matter what it is, just...SAY SOMETHING.

Here I go with my hopeless romantic shit again...I love this quote..."The best thing you can learn in life is how to love, and to be loved". Love is the basis for making all things possible. It gives you a reason to get out of bed and to climb back in it. Love takes so many forms and is ever-changing. Anyone can love, but not as many know or understand the importance of letting yourself be loved. It's completely different. It's a necessity for life. Sure we can't live without air, water and food, but no one can live without love. And if you could, who would want to?

Well, That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I'd like to thank Natalie for putting so much of her business out there for me and ya'll. Stay tuned for more Everywhere People ya'll...


  1. LOVE IT! I knew ya'll were up to something! ;0)
    I <3 Natalie!. . . Oh, & Raze is ok too! LoL!
    Natalie it is scary how alike we think!? From Big titty joggin, how we feel about President Obama, Girth, our positive attitudes & our black family reunions . . .wait . . . I meant . . . HUH!? LoL! <3 the article & learning more about No Air Natalie ahhhhhh crack house memories! LmAo! & the "Everywhere People" Concept! *HIGH 5*

  2. wow! i def gotta send a fb friend request! this interview process turned out to be pretty awesome and i like how ppl are going to be vibrating hoping they're next to be interviewed (not knowin they aren't interesting enough to BE interviewed lmao)!!! i love the questions but i love the answers so much more! definately a great first choice and a hard act to follow for future interviewees.
    awesome job natalie!


  3. So honest. I wish more people would speak from the heart, and live accordingly. This sista has been handed some, and she's still not bitter. Her statements are encouraging. It's refreshing to see thinking people highlighted.

  4. Man good job!!!! ive heard about this! is this your site too?



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