Lupe Fiasco vs B.O.B. - Airplanes

So, the other song that "the label" originally tried to give Lupe, but ended up in the hands of Grammy nominated (winning?)artist B.O.B. finally surfaces.

It's Airplanes. Featuring an AWESOMELY whitegirly hook by the VERY smangable Hayley Williams.

I can't front ya'll...maybe it's cuz I'm a fan of Lupe, but I honestly like his version WAY better than B.O.B's. This does NOT mean I like it better than the remix with EminEm, which I feel trumps both, as Em prolly shoulda stolen this track altogether and used it on his criminally overrated "Recovery" album.

But, I'll let ya'll be the judge.

Lupe Fiasco version

B.O.B. version