Mickeal Hathaway

http://www.ourstage.com/tracks/QOEUUCREXOUZ-lovin-my-style if this link doesn't work copy and paste to your browser

Mickael Hathaway has expressed to me that he is strong enough to face any opinion of his music and thrives on the input because it only drives him to become better. he states

"...I got praise from many people on that song so its good to hear the downside to it.. I like to hear both cause I'm confident in my music and know its a very opinionated field."

I personally thank Mr. Hathaway for his submission and bravery.

Above is a link to Mickeal Hathaway's song "Lovin my style" for you all to enjoy. I have received his permission to post his link (thank you Mr. Hathaway) and I have written my opinion below. BY ALL MEANS listen to the music before you form your own opinion OR read mine. I don't want to influence anyone to love or hate anything, but I am honest with my opinions!! Now - go listen and wite your own opinion about the music or MY opinion in the comments below.

http://www.ourstage.com/tracks/QOEUUCREXOUZ-lovin-my-style if this link doesn't work copy and paste to your browser

IN MY OPINION (do not read until you listen to the link)

I see much potential in [Mickael Hathaway's] rap career, but this song should be scrapped from his resume. The beat is monotonous and mundane. It seems like a beat that was left for the scrap bin was used for this song. Nothing about this beat made me want to replay this song. Nothing about it was memorable. [Mickael Hathaway] has the perfect voice for hip-hop and the perfect voice for recording and the perfect voice for a generation, but the lyrics were complete trash. There was no message, no real word play, and nothing about the words were worth memorizing. All great songs make you want to sing along and these lyrics didn't do it for me. After listening to it I can't even remember what I heard so I had to play it again and still nothing. With the right beat and the right lyrics I think [Mickael Hathaway] would be unstoppable but this should be tossed out completely and anyone that allowed this to escape from the studio should be fired.

Again I would like to thank Mr. Hathaway for his bravery and for allowing me to express my opinion openly and honestly. I look forward to more music from him and anyone else willing to submit themselves to an open unbiased opinion.


  1. The beat to me was something real mellow I could vibe to while high. Otherwise it wasnt anything that would be stuck in my head

    I must say I agree with his sound. He has a crazy good voice (no homo) which, to me, doesnt make an artist good, but it does help with making him more appealing to the masses

    As for lyrics, this i've ALWAYS been a real tight ass about. I find simplistic rhyme schemes to be annoying and I dont know if theyre the product of the current mainstream, of if theyre part of what made the current mainstream.

    either way, I prefer complex rhyme schemes as I feel it shows atleast some what of a level of creativity and skill as well as the topic of the track. That being said I wasnt impressed with his rhyming on this track.

    I dont know how much my opinion really matters at this point, as im still working on building myself. But Raze can vouche for atleast my rhyming skills if nothing more. (which btw I took that advice you gave me and have seen improvment)

    Anyways, I enjoyed the track..though I dont feel it was anything special, I think he is capable of making some really good music


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