Pink Slips - II


It’s been a long time since I have heard and watched something so horrible, that it instantly inspired me to write! So for this week’s Pink Slips I give to you the bad apples. It sounds exactly like it is, but let me explain. Milwaukee Hip-Hop is a battleground for success as it is and the artists, MC's, producers, DJ’s, and beat-makers striving to make a name for themselves here are, in my opinion, exponentially better than artists of the same caliber from other cities simply because of the way Milwaukee as a city and a culture responds to its own home grown music scene. The time, love and dedication it takes just to keep going in a city like ours is in itself commendable and even so, Milwaukee has turned out some pretty damn good music!!! I can honestly say without a doubt or smudge of dishonesty that I am an actual fan of some of our own artists and in true fashion can’t wait for their albums to drop so that I can continue my collection of their artistry and music. I am also honored to know some of these musicians and poets personally as well.

However with all the glory and praise we can shower on our own there comes a time when you are forced to acknowledge the disturbingly horrific wannabe talent here that, at least in my opinion, are the reason why Milwaukee is still struggling to make a name for itself as a reputable city of music! Just when you think the time has come to collectively raise our hands in the air and scream we made it, some vomitous filth surfaces that happen to be so horrible, that the people with stock in brain scrub and eye soap start licking their chops at the prospect of becoming billionaires over night. Yes I’m looking at you "Rockz Solid ft. Annie B, Meccah Maloh- "BEAST" I’m also looking at others like you but you will suffice as an example.

There used to be a time when being an MC meant something great especially if you joined or were part of a group. First you had to have a stage name that everyone could respect and remember cause that became your name from then on. You also had to be able to freestyle because that was one of many ways you had to audition or showcase your talent and I mean off tops, and for all you non-freestylers that means that your freestyle rap had to be straight out of your head (off the top of your head) with nothing written. If you couldn’t flow to a beat “off tops” then you just couldn’t flow because EVERYONE can write and sound good, but to be an MC you had to be able to freestyle off tops! After your freestyle game was well scrutinized your written game had to be unmatched. DJ’s would be spinnin actual records, and beats were expensive as hell, cause only a few people could make beats back then. And not only would he make the beat, but he would also be the one in the background scratchin and switchin beats while you faced the crowd. With ALL OF THIS SAID we have come to a new age of technology, where apparently all you need is a computer and a mic and you can call yourself an MC or a producer now. You got people like “Rockz Solid, Annie B, and Meccah Maloh” polluting the waters of Hip-Hop with their disaster rap! With so many wannabe MC’s and producers out there promoting their disaster rap, it’s no wonder people are gun-shy when it comes new artists. People have to make an actual medical decision to see if they can stomach hearing another bad album from horrible ass artists fakin their way onto the scene.

Unfortunately it doesn’t end there. Like I said we are in the age of technology so not only are they making records, but they are somehow disillusioned enough to believe that people actually want to see their faces in a video shoot featuring their treacherous rap game. With video cameras being so cheap and software being pirated everywhere these fake MC’s are easier to find than the real artists. Real artists take the time and effort to refine their craft so as to put out the finest quality of their profession whereas these disturbingly horrible ass wannabe MC’s put quantity over quality, believing that if they saturate the market enough, eventually something they floated out there will be seen by someone important like throwing messages in a bottle in the lake!!
So now when you happen to youtube milwaukee Hip-Hop, you might come up with this shit stain:

"Rockz Solid ft. Annie B, Meccah Maloh- "BEAST”

So now thanks to wannabe MC’s like these Milwaukee will continue to suffer. So here’s your Pink Slip wannabe MC’s, producers, DJ’s etc… AKA the bad apples!! The fact that your music isn’t automatically filtered out of the pure waters of Hip-Hop out of sheer wackness and lack of talent has turned it into a cesspool! On the bright side, real MC’s will always have something to rap about as long as you’re around!!


  1. Ok...after watching the video for the THIRD time now...I have to ask, WHY?!?

    Somewhere along the way, the "STORYLINE" was just lost...forgotten...whatever. It was completely ill-conceived anyway. But even the activity was trash. Like, if you're going to "covertly" pass an envelope in a newspaper because ur in a public place, shouldn't you have kept the envelope concealed in the newspaper til you're somewhere in PRIVATE? Mecca may as well have just walked up with the envolope and just fucking handed it to her!

    And why the fuck was Annie rhyming from behind a damn plant?

    And the dancers...and the knockout of said dancer at the end of the

    And did ANYBODY notice how out of wack the lip syncing was? Did the artists not know the lyrics to their own song in time for the video shoot or something?

    This is all Tyler Perry's fault.

    ...thank you Based God.

  2. i listened to the lyrics and NONE of them made any sense at all! not to mention the video that has nothing to do with the nonsensical lyrics. also the video seemed like it started off with a plot then someone got a phone call in the middle of shooting it and lost track of where they were but just kept goin anyway

  3. Can I get a "Woah-Bundy" for that flip phone?


  4. This is Meccah Maloh.
    Hey whoever wrote this article...thanks for the writeup, real talk! LOL!


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