Raze's Top 25 Songs of All Time...OF ALL TIMES!!

I set myself up for the most impossible mission EVER this week.
To make a definitive list of my favorite songs of all time. I originally intended the list to be only TEN songs deep, but there were just too many songs that deserved to be mentioned. So there's a "top ten", but the rest of the list couldn't be denied. So...here goes nothin...LOL.

And YES, this is in order of dopeness.

1) Sam Cooke - Change Gone Come
Simply the greatest song I've ever heard. The execution, the emotion, what it meant in reference to the era it was made. Perfect song.

2) Michael Jackson - Stranger in Moscow
What can I say about The King? This song is the definition of FK'N EPIC MUSIC. Plus it's one of Michael's greatest vocal performances on record of his career.

3) Prince - The Beautiful Ones
The Purple Rain album is arguably one of the greatest ever made, and this gem was the backdrop of one of the most awesomely uncomfortable scenes in cinematic history.

4) Stevie Wonder - As
Everytime I hear this song I see my grand mother's face light up with a huge smile in my head. It's a great ode to love itself...and whoever you may love.

5) EminEm - Hailee's Song
My daughter's middle name is Hailee, and given all the ridiculous crap that we've had to endure because of her batshit crazy mother, that's still daddy's little girl. This song and "Mockingbird" are almost hard to listen to without tearing up, but I love em. This one trumps tho.

6) Alana Davis - Lullaby (Pieces)
Alana Davis is without a doubt my favorite female voice of all time. I love her voice, her control of it, and her songwriting is DOPE. She's pretty much dropped off the face of the planet since 2005, but she poked her head up in 2007 enough to give me the green light for a sample of her work, so for that I'm eternally grateful.

7) Oran Juice Jones - The Rain
Great song, great video...EPIC "BUSTED!!" MOMENT at the end. Nuff'said.

8) Pat Benetar - Love is a Battlefield
Very underrated by the urban market, but Pat was dope on MULTIPLE levels and this song, while a single, was still a perfect storm of her talents. Plus, my sister Elle Razberry goes NUTS when I play it.

9) Rick James & Teena Marie - Fire and Desire
R.I.P. to two of the best that EVER DID IT. And damn I bet they "did it"....LOL. Crazy thing is, this song is so powerful and almost caricature-esque, that when played at social functions most people don't even dance. They just huddle up and sing along...LOL.

10) Buena Vista Social Club - Chan Chan
I used to manage a new/used music store and one of my big titty latina co-workers put me up on them. From the moment I popped the CD in, I ain't been right since. I have no idea wtf they're saying, but it's irrelevant. Music is universal...

11) REM - Losing My Religion
12) Mary J. Blige - Beautiful Ones
13) Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up
14) Pete Rock & CL Smooth - They Reminisce Over You
15) Brian McKnight - Anytime
16) Red Hot Chili Peppers - Breaking The Girl
17) Sade - Every Word You Said
18) Outkast - Da Art of Storytelling (Part Two)
19) Lupe Fiasco - Intruder Alert
20) The Supremes - You Keep Me Hangin On
21) Tears for Fears - Head Over Heels
22) James Brown - It's a Man's World
23) Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around
24) New Edition - If It Isn't Love
25) Outkast - Liberation

Feedback is VERY welcome!!!