Real Talk With Raze - Dear Tyler Perry...

In case you haven't noticed, Spike Lee has done more for black people, young black adults, black intellectuals and black FILM in general, than you're probably capable of fathoming. Saying he can "Go to hell" is the equivalent of giving your own mother a roundhouse kick to the jaw.

Arguably, it can be said that had there been no Spike Lee, there couldn't have been a Tyler Perry.

Spike Lee's films, even with all of their cultural taboos and edginess, proved that "black films" could be profitable. And more importantly, that they could be slick, polished and above all WELL DIRECTED/PRODUCED FILMS. Which is a far stretch from the dreck of blacksploitation films of the 70's.

Tyler Perry, you make films that highlight the stereotypes of American black culture, and have built an empire doing so. Whether you will ever admit it or not, your films have subconciously, and at times BLATANTLY, tapped into the psyche of the American black woman and exploited every insecurity and fear that's been embedded into their very beings since they were children. You've exaggerated these same things and then added the essential "Evil Black Nigga Boy in a Man's Body" in virtually EVERY movie you've made, and therefore validated not only the American Black Woman's fear/insecurity/disdain for the Black Male, but also, the rest of America's as well.

Meanwhile, Spike Lee has educated not only black people on how diverse our people are, but also other cultures on how we "tick", so to speak. One of his career's crowning achievements was beautifully and ACCURATELY telling the story of Malcolm X, a man that was previous to the movie, one of the most polarizing misunderstood leaders of the Civil Rights era. And let's not forget School Daze, Bamboozled, 25th Hour and Jungle Fever.

Seriously, just think about it...

"Do The Right Thing" vs "Madea Goes to Jail"....

"Why Did I Get Married" vs "Mo Betta Blues"...

Tyler Perry, you're no better than blaxploitating white folks, but have gotten a pass because you're "a brotha"; and we've all been so brainwashed into not wanting to "seem like haters" and not wanting to be labeled victims of "self hate", that many of us have actually embraced you and your bullshit contributions to black film and culture.

Your films are horribly directed, the writing is juvenile, and they feed off of every ounce of stereotypical negativity American black folks have to offer...all while having absolutely ZERO educational or intellectual value.

So, in closing...YOU in fact should go to hell.

Go STRAIGHT to hell.

- R.


  1. I've always been surprised at how popular the shows and movies, especially the comedies, have always been. They do nothing but reinforce the stereotypes that people seem to get mad at when they are brought up in any other situation. Every sitcom has the same 'black people do this....' and 'white people do this...' jokes and the average typecast characters constantly being recycled. How can you rise above a stereotype when that is the only thing people of other races are 'learning' about you. The fact that he gets so much respect ad admiration from anyone, especially black people, is just irresponsible.

  2. I've seen one Tyler Perry movie, and I could think - was that I'd been "Bamboozled" - the similarities between what Tyler does, and what that Spike Lee joint was about is pretty damn scary...genius really.

  3. They say there is more than one way to skin a cat. True. However, there is only one way Tyler Perry chooses to make his movies. Instead of sending up stereotypes, he reinforces them. The scripts are full of wives' tales and stale generational anecdotes. As I have said before, Every man with Oprah's dick in his ass thinks he's Satan...ugh...I mean God.

  4. Tyler Perry embodies what's wrong with the "relationship" between the media and American Black people. By preying on the insecurities of black women, villifying black men, perpetuating stereotypical behavior (that makes the majority comfortable) he increases the gap in the black family and has built an empire doing so. EVERY woman I know that lacks the propensity for thinking on her own is manipulated by this coon. I despise his shuckin & jivin, soft shoe, buck dancing, chicken scratching brand of "art". He has the audacity to tell Spike Lee to go to hell? Tyler Perry, admit your sexual preference, and then do the black community the service of dying a painful death. preference, and then do the black community the service of dying a painful death


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