Fresh Visuals: JC Poppe - Audio

AUDIO - of or relating to the broadcasting, reproduction, or reception of sound.

How do I describe the feeling of listening to and watching JC Poppe’s new video entitled AUDIO?

It’s like getting hit on by the only fine chick in a bar full of ugly ones
It’s like your favorite NFL team just won the Super Bowl
It’s like going to the strip club and finding out today is 2-4-1 lap dances
It’s like the DJ always playing your favorite song as soon as you enter the club
It’s like finding out that your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend gave her a STD (that bitch)
It’s like going home early on a Friday and getting paid for a full day
It’s like getting a hi-five from your girl right after sex
It’s like Charlie sheen after a 3 day bender with no breaks
It’s like your S.O. telling you it’s Threesome Thursday and you’re the toy
It’s like the best part of waking up with Folgers in your cup
It’s like finding $10 under the seat of your car when the gas is on empty
It’s like being married to a flexible smart supermodel that knows how to cook and clean

You don’t have to take my word for it, check it out for yourself and tell us how YOU feel!