Real Talk Wit Raze: Nothing's Changed...H.J.H.

This may be one of the most important things you ladies may EVER read in reference to how you deal with and interpret what men say and do.

I don't want ya'll to get the wrong impression and think I'm saying that men are "simple" and "shallow", it's just that most of the time, ya'll read into things because you WANT our actions to have deeper meaning and motive to confirm your desires for us.

I really don't know how else to say this but to just blurt it out, it is.

"Nothing has changed...HE'S JUST HORNY."

I've been hit up with a ton of inboxes on Facebook and by email and by text from chicks I know very well, and some that I barely know at all that just like the fact that I'll give them unfiltered insight to the male psyche. And they all ask questions like...

"We got into an argument and had a big fall out, then a month later he's hitting me up at 1am asking what I'm up to...does that mean he wants to work things out?"

Sorry to steal ur tampons dear, but HELL NO. It just means HE'S HORNY.

See, while good dick has this uncanny ability to make YOU forget all the bullshit he's done and blind you to the fact that he WILL more than likely do it again, your puss (unless it is truly THE BOMB...which for 97.6% it is NOT) does not have that same effect on us. As a matter of fact, anything that he thought was wrong with you will IMMEDIATELY refresh in his mind and eyes almost instantaneously as his orgasm completes. So while you're whisked away to The Bonehead's Land of Blissnorance, thinking everything's all good, he's immediately back to "I can't stand this broad" mode.

I don't care if you're married, just f*ckin, baby momma/daddy, WHATEVER. If he told you he ain't like the way you wear ur hair, or you've gained too much weight, or you're lazy or you act brand new when ya homegirls are around, or...WHATEVER. All those issues/problems ya'll had ARE STILL PROBLEMS, even if he just dawgwalked you 6 ways around Saturn's Rings. YA'LL STILL GOT ISSUES TO IRON OUT. He ain't even forgiven you for shit.


And you have what he needs/wants...a vagina.

Really, you shouldn't look at this as all negative either. If there's a chance that he's actually NOT fuckin off at this point, you got a good man that believes YOU are the woman he want's to be his "perfect/prototype chick". But the more you take for granted that he's still got faith in your ability to become this, the more you're gambling with him finding that shit elsewhere.

Men need sex more than women. In a long enough term relationship this proves more and more true. (Long term as in deep emotional connection, not necessarily length of time together) Men are simply wired for that shit. We're also wired and raised to believe that "our" woman should cater to us, once we've chosen each other as mates. So if a man tells you something that he NEEDS to function healthily in the relationship, and you DON'T deliver, he views that as a VOID OF CONTRACT. Period. Now some shit don't apply, like 3somes and shit (UNLESS he told you from the beginning that's one of his "needs"...) but you should hopefully be intelligent enough to know the difference and be psychologically/emotionally in tune with YOUR man to know how HE ticks.

And here's another gem: If you don't cater to his desires/needs, more than likely, asking him to do ANYTHING remotely outta his character or zone is and will be taken as a "This bitch got some muhfuggin NERVE to ask me for SHIT" type of insult.

I hope ya'll get this. Seriously, you BETTER get it. Cuz it'll save him AND most importantly YOU a lotta confusion and headaches.



  1. sounds like something i would write! here's what i know. 100% of the females that read this will believe they have that golden rimmed, heroine lined snatch that men just can't get enough of. i will also say that 100% of those women are wrong. truth is, you were the easiest one to get into bed at that moment. if you say no then i bet your homegirl will say yes... there is so much more that can be written into this article and therefore i think a part 2 should be in order!

  2. Not 100% of the females will believe that their "snatch" is golden after reading this, but MOST are naive enough to believe that because he was in it....he must've REALLY liked it. Especially if he calls AFTER a falling out. It can be hurtful - because we attach more emotion to sex then men do, but if he's done nothing to solidify some kind of're more then likely his choice for the night's jump matter how good you've been told your tail is.

    Awesome read.


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