Real Talk With Raze - Good Woman 101

It's been said b4, but I've had a few personal cases pop up on my radar so I will beat the life support stricken horse.

Here's the deal.

EVERY WOMAN thinks she's a "good woman".

Even the most heinous, disrespectful, self righteous, self loathing, self centered, 8 kids by 10 different dudes havin, can't keep a job or stay healthy bcuz she's lazy as f* get the point. Even THEY think they're good women. And on FB, Twitter, G+, random social networking B.S. site, they whine and bitch and complain about how "ain't no good men out here". I think it's quite the contrary. Not that there IS an abundance of good men, but I think, scratch that...I KNOW there's an equal amount of women that ain't "good".

Ladies, here's a news flash: It takes more than cooking, cleaning & occasionally giving an epic blowjob to qualify you as a good woman. Life ain't a f*ckin Tyler Perry movie and it damn sure ain't a Twilight novel. Being a good woman isn't even necessarily a globally acceptable ideal either. What one man may consider a "good catch" another will most certainly find boring, and most importantly a turn off. It's not about being this socially defined (most likely by women that also can't find a man) construct of a "Good Woman". It's about being the best woman you can be for the man you've made the Relationship Agreement with. And that means not only communication, but EXECUTION of the desires, ideals and standards that have been the BOTH OF YOU.

Of the countless men I've talked to; from married to single to currently in "happy relationships", they ALL have said the same thing:

"Women seem to think putting effort into what WE want doesn't apply to them".

Let me explain this for you, since I'm SURE a good lot of you have immediately shunned it as "bullshit" without even thinking about it first. When men find a woman and get into a committed relationship with that woman, IT MEANS SOMETHING VERY REAL TO US. Why? Because like you consider your vagina an "Ultra Bargaining Chip" we too consider our "Free Agent Penis" our most valued prize. It's not that we necessarily want to f*ck every hot girl we see. But we covet THE ABILITY/POSSIBILITY TO do so. And when we commit to a woman, we trade that it temporarily or permanently. Therefore, when you ask your man or he tells you how he feels about a particular situation or the relationship in general, it is ESSENTIAL that you give him the same respect that you expect/demand in return. But according to my sample size of 20 men of different racial & social's all the same.

Men feel like their women simply, DO NOT CARE.

About what you ask? Oh, that's easy...OUR FEELINGS.

From dirty houses, paying more attention to financial details, not respecting how we accept being spoken to and sexual likes/ keeping in shape, not talking shit about our ex's/mothers/female friends and not wearing clothes that we like to see women in...ultimately, the most important feelings and desires of the men you are in a relationship with ARE IGNORED.

And that's not all...

The other issue these men had was with the amount of effort shown to "make us happy" was apparently "just enough to shut us up for a while". I too as a married man deal with this. It's true. Men would rather you just give us the finger and our walking papers than to tell you how we feel about a situation, only to get the placating "Two Week Band-aid" before falling back to the regularly scheduled programming that we have no interest in.

And this is why YOU consider there to be "no good men". Because when we don't get from YOU what we want/like/desire/NEED, we look and get it ELSEWHERE. Why? Because in a man's mind, you've given and shown no interest in making us happy anymore, therefore why should you still receive penal exclusivity? Lord knows, if you told your man REPEATEDLY that you were tired of him having no job or his gut or how messy the house was...and that man did NOTHING to change...even worse did just enough to give you hope that he would make those adjustments for YOUR happiness only to fall back to his regular old would start lookin at other "Personally gratifying opportunities" as well.

And don't fkn lie, cuz ya'll KNOW that's the damn truth.

In closing, the big lesson I hope women at least START to understand here is that, in a relationship, contrary to the totem of physical strength, YOU are the driving force. The prosperity of a household STARTS with the woman, and her efforts to make her man happy. A happily satisfied man that feels his woman lives with him in heart&mind, and more importantly does for HIM and caters to HIM, without a doubt, WILL do ANYTHING for that woman.

Nobody should be forced to deal with any situation they're not happy with or fulfilled by. So communication is PRIORITY #1. But what you and your partner do with those divulged ideals is most certainly right behind it.



  1. Madd Props on ya presentation of self

  2. This is so very true and really goes both ways. Sometimes the woman is trying hard to be the ideal for the man and the man is not trying any more or has become complacent/comfortable in "knowing" that their woman will always be there for them and that once they have further effort required...but like you said, a truly strong relationship is built on communication. I don't think my relationship is perfect and I'm sure Raze's isn't either...but I'd like to think my boyfriend and I, as well as Resa and Raze, have pretty stable/happy relationships. I love seeing Raze's posts on facebook about how wonderful Resa is at something or what she's done for him *cough* no innuendo intended. I don't like the wishy washy shit, like "My boyfriend is the greatest because he bought me Janet Jackson tickets." But real, tangible reasons, little things that no one else would notice. Just publicly showing you care, but keeping major business to yourselves and never taking yourselves to seriously. Definitely are a model for other couples out there. Bottom line, we all need to step up our game, or there are gonna be a lot of lonely old cat ladies and bridge playing old men.

  3. well all that is true but what about the woman who stands strong talks to her man cleans and try to meet majority of his compliance, but turn the shoe around it's about his folks first which i all about fam too. some women aren't afraid to tell a man about her sexual desires either, some may be all around women show me something else, not the same old shit it get's boring here to.then he don't want to bring nothing in always talking about his needs, what about mines.when i'm doing all i can to please and be appreciated, he should be doing the same it's not your looks that happened thru this door it was show me what you made of maybe we can click and unite, cause together we can stand but divided we go fall, and don,t take things onesided and try to take any credit when did shit but be a lazy ass bomb some of you men's need to stand up and be men's and stop being little boy's you came in with conversation most of them leave with lies,cheating giving new womens something to drink or whatever and the woman cook the meal bought the meal paid the rent and the utilities.and so-on but you want your dick suck or you going to eat some pussy i think like that too. how many men are there real men stand up


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