Random Thoughts About Conceal Carry

As insulting and outspoken local media and local loudmouths in general have been about this, they fail to provide you with any hard facts about conceal carry. I will not attempt to do so in this blog as i did my research BEFORE the voting happened like some of you irresponsible lazy idiots should have. I am simply firing shots (ha!) back. Some in response to quotes I have seen, others just general points.

1. "Welcome to the wild wild west". - Really? Have you SEEN the crime statistics in Milwaukee? And you think things can POSSIBLY get WORSE? IT HAS BEEN THE WILD WILD WEST HERE MORONS!

2. "I won't feel safe anymore in Wisconsin, I am moving". - But you felt safe when the criminals were the only ones carrying guns on the street??? I will pitch in for your U-Haul moron. Then this state will be safer AND smarter.

3. "I just don't see the need for people to have guns". - Then obviously you have never been robbed at gun point or put in any other sort of life threatening situation. I envy you.

4. "Isn't this a job for the police?" - Yeah. They've been doing a bang up job. My personal policeman sleeps on my couch.

5. "Now that conceal carry is passed, don't go shooting people when you get emotional or for small reasons, you will still go to jail". - Really genius? The people who NEED to hear this were the ones ALREADY carrying the guns illegally, not the responsible citizens that will utilize this law in an attempt to heighten their chances of surviving a life endangering situation.

Now for some general points.

1. You are an IDIOT if you are JUST NOW looking into the statistics of this stuff. Generally (and i know you all may be confused because of these recalls and what not) you are supposed to do your research BEFORE the vote comes and then go ACTUALLY vote. Not complain afterwards and hope you get a redo. That being said, as much as we would LIKE TO, we (the supporters of this right) promise not to shoot you because we are upset with you. Because promises make you feel better.

2. You can outlaw guns if you want to but criminals will still have them. You know why? Because they break laws. That is why we call them criminals. Even if you COULD ensure no one owned a gun, then we would have to outlaw knives because that is what criminals would use to commit their crimes with. And wow, knives are just TOO dangerous to trust your everyday American with. I will begin learning to cut my food with a spoon in preparation for impending backlash.

3. You probably know many gun owners whose integrity your bitchy, whiny, and uneducated rants offend deeply. Oh you didn't know they owned guns? Well that's because they are responsible owners that don't think life is an HBO mini series and feel they need to wave it around in everyone's face. In fact, that's how MOST owners are. I know, crazy.

4. If you have never even fired a weapon, even at a piece of paper at the firing range, you really have no right to have an opinion on this matter. I challenge you to go to your local range and fire a pistol JUST ONCE at a dangling sheet of paper. Learn what it takes to shoot a gun. That chill, that anxiety and fear you feel while you are trying to convince yourself to pull the trigger is EXACTLY what you should feel given that you are about to utilize a tool of absolute finality. Now imagine having a person in front of you instead of a piece of paper, and think about how difficult that would be, the lack of normal thought it would take to carry that out (soldiers and officers excluded). Now consider that the people we are protecting ourselves from do not have ANY of those feelings when a person is standing in front of their barrel. These are the people we have voted to defend ourselves from. This is the psyche we are up against. Total disdain for life.

5. If you don't want guns in your face, they won't be, because they will be concealed. ::slow clap::

6. If only you were just as angry and snarky with the criminals this law is meant to deter as you are to the law abiding citizens that supported this bill, there may not have been a need for it at all. Nonetheless, you will sure as hell wish one of us was there when your life is in danger because you are getting robbed at gun point on your way to your car after work by a criminal who would have had a gun regardless of what the law states. But that's how you guys live. You have more pride in your opinions than acknowledgment of reality.

7. Please keep in perspective that this law also finally legalizes women to carry pepper sprays and tazers (amongst other things) in their purses or on person to defend themselves with. If the bill was nothing but that alone, I would be ok with it.

8. A gun is not a magic wand you pull out and wave around to make trouble disappear. Responsible owners know this, and that's who this law is for. The people who would do such things are ALREADY doing it.

9. Talk is cheap. Things have been done your way around here for quite sometime. Maybe you are alright with depending on other people for the safety of your family. I am not. And i don't judge you for that. But it is time for a change here. You are so upset that the change has come that you have resorted to insults to make people like me feel poorly about themselves for picking our safety over your opinions. You weren't scared of me yesterday. I wasn't a drunken gun waving fool yesterday. I wasn't a sensitive, in my chest, shoot everything to solve the world's problems kind of guy yesterday. Then why suddenly am I all these things today?

10. If you think the law is wrong, then don't carry a gun. It's pretty easy.


I've "fired back" and got these things off my chest. If i hurt your feelings, I really don't give a fuck. I don't suppose this was any different than the JSOnline article I just read, and hey, we were supposed to take it too.

For those of you who didn't get their feelings hurt and would like to continue this in the way I normally conduct my discussions: You are more than welcome to converse with me in an educated and respectful manner anytime on facebook, twitter or email at xedcaycex@gmail.com . I will not however respond to any of the pointless insults and ranting that sponsored this "call to arms" so don't waste your time. Those of you interested in conceal carry can also contact me and I will be happy to provide you any information you may be looking for.