What The Duck is Wrong?!?!

Ok...so, pardon the ridiculously cliche' post title...but it's the best I could do at the moment. Why? Because I'm completely confused as to why ANYONE with a sliver of sense would CARE or is SURPRISED that Phil, from A&E's show "Duck Dynasty" is apparently....an anti-homosexual bigot.

Oh yeah...NEWS FLASH....he's not the only one in America.

Look, this is NOT about to be a post about the 1st Amendment. We all know it's within every American's rights to speak outta their asses if people are willing to listen. And if the ratings are any indication, PLENTY of people were willing to listen to what Phil had to say. Unfortunately for THEM, they for some odd reason expected the voice and thoughts of a college educated, deeply insightful and empathetic humanitarian. What they instead got, was...and pardon my prejudices here....a modestly educated, southern baptist raised, white 60yr old that was raised since childhood to believe in Jim Crow law "sensibilities". Now, I'm no genius but...I kinda pegged this guy as EXACTLY what I just described, without having watched a SINGLE F*CKING EPISODE of that damn show.

So, that brings me back to the title of this post: What the Duck is Wrong?

Why on earth are homosexuals upset because he's anti-homo? I mean, they guy sites the bible for his anti-gay stance and beliefs. And I know I might be reaching a bit here but...isn't there...like....a LOT of stuff in the bible about NOT being gay and how it's a sin and all that? Now, I'm not saying it's RIGHT or WRONG to be gay. Personally, I don't give a fuck what or who anyone else chooses to do what they want with. That's THEIR prerogative. HOWEVER...it's also anyone else's prerogative to agree or disagree with whatever the hell they want. And since a vast majority of us know that the bible has many passages siting being gay as a sin, and this dude is basically what he is...why the big fuss? Because he's on TV? So the fuck what??? Because he's on a ridiculously successful TV show? AND?!?!

As for his incredibly short-sighted and blindly ignorant stance on black Americans' states of mind in the Jim Crow era of The South....DUH!!! He was born in 1946!!! Do you muthafuckas have ANY IDEA what life in The South was like between 1946 and....like, FUCKING EVER?!?!? Now, I'm not justifying...but let me shed some light on many of YOUR ignorances of HIS ignorance: Black Folks in the South didn't have a choice but to accept Jim Crow laws. Because of this forced acceptance, to a person raised to fundamentally not know any fucking better, this would probably look a helluva damn lot like "happiness" or at the very least "content comfort". So, while the rest of the world has ALLEGEDLY evolved in regards to race relations....Mr. Poppa Duck Dynasty's world view didn't really change all that much. Because...well, he was shooting at ducks and shit (or whatever the hell they do on that fucking show) until recently when they somehow struck gold by cashing in on their redneck-ness with this TV series.

And this brings me back to my initial point: It makes no sense to me that people are SO upset by these comments. It's completely illogical to expect ANYTHING other than what we've gotten from Phil thus far. And it's also not A&E's responsibility to fire him for his beliefs. He wasn't hired to raise our children, or preach his anti-gay and racially ignorant belief system to the world. His job is to entertain in whatever way was, until recently, working pretty damned well. And if people didn't like him or find his brand of entertainment acceptable as a result of his beliefs being exposed....then let them speak by simply TUNING AWAY. But all this social media outcry for action as a result of him having differing beliefs is, in my opinion, ridiculous. Not to mention, it's on the low, very indicative of another problem with the social norm these days: People fundamentally have no idea how to disagree with one another.

But...that's prolly best saved for another conversation. Let me just close by saying this: Phil is nothing more than the racist, anti-gay old dude that never moved out of the neighborhood when all the gay and black people started moving in. What do we as a people typically do to these old fuckers that never evolved along with the rest of us? WE IGNORE THEM. And quite frankly, I can't fucking believe you muthafuckas aren't doing that shit RIGHT NOW.



  1. This is on point. Hands down best post on this topic EVER!!


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