Black....Twitter?? #QuickHits

I personally feel many of the things black Americans do to separate themselves from other races (and let's face it - it's only white people we're trying to "separate from") are doing a disservice to garnering the respect desired to be received from such separatist actions. Plus, from my perspective, a lot of the actions associated with sub-cultures such as "Black Twitter" just make black people look like bullies, whiners and an overall brain-trust of poorly informed bandwagon jumpers; all perpetuated by desires of gaining popularity and galvanized by the depressingly shallow view that skin color is paramount to all matters of importance and relevance. 

I am ridiculously invested in and conscious of the plight of the African American; for at LEAST one very obvious reason. Fortunately for me, I was never raised to believe or buy into ideologies founded in racial bias. I've seldom found these mantras to necessarily be pro-black without being anti-other. I'm sure that many of my public stances appear to be contrary to the consensus of black folks, and what they attempt to pass off as "solidarity". So, while I am definitely sympathetic and empathetic to the state of the African American, my personal sensibilities are prioritized by HUMANITY, not individual sects of humanity, dictated by the color of people's skin. 

What can I say....I'm a dreamer.