Raze's Quick Picks of Awesome

From new to "old" (that I slept on) and completely genre-independent...I'm just posting joints that I dig. No mas o menos.


Xen - Exorcism
The homie Xen hit me with this #QuickHitter joint "Exorcism" that's just acrobatic as all damn hell and WILL require at least 2 listens to catch everything...TRUST ME. Take this ride.

Stat Quo - OutKast
Stat Quo shoulda BEEN a superstar by now. I have no idea WTF Em and Dre been smoking/snorting/etc but fuck if I'm not STILL waiting for a solo Stat album with superstar production talent. Either way...here's yet ANOTHER Stat Quo joint that's beyond dope. Plus it helps that it's an ill homage to my fav Hip Hop group of all time.

OB O'Brien - Steve Nash
Apparently this is one of Drizzy's childhood friends or some shit. I don't personally give a damn bout all that. This joint is DOPE. Press play...enjoy.

Fabolous - Cuffing Season
If there's one thing you can't EVER take away from Fab, it's his ability to ALWAYS drop a ridic single. I still to this day am waiting for him to actually drop an album as dope as his reputation presents him to be...but yeah. Either way...Cuffing Season is UNDENIABLE.

Fall Out Boy - Where Did The Party Go (DJ Squeeze RMX)
Ya know...a funny thing happened while I was thinking I couldn't POSSIBLY love this fkn song anymore than I already do. I FOUND THIS REMIX. Thank you Dj Squeeze. Wherever the hell you are.

Adrien Marcel - 2AM rmx (ft. Sage & Problem)
The post club/bar come up. We've all been there. And this track makes me think of nothing but warm, summer nights floating thru traffic on the prowl. Dopeness. And for once, the rappers don't f*ck the song up with idiotic verses that have nothing to do with the song. LOL...imagine that.

R. Kelly - Show Me Ya Pussy/Throw Money On You
Yes. TWO songs off Kellz new album. Look...lemme tell you somethin. Fuck what that nigga do in his real life. This album is DOPE. Those of ya'll that can read between the lines I'm sure have figured out that while I am a thinker and shit...I also have a VERY alive ratchet side to me. And while "Show Me Ya Pussy" is absolute ratchetness of the highest form, the eloquence of "Throw Money On You", knowing damn well it's a damn skrip club anthem, makes it a PERFECT SONG. Seriously...how Kellz made the private dance experience sound and feel completely romantic is GENIUS. Either way...YOU'RE WELCOME.

Kid Ink ft. Chris Brown - Show Me
Yeah, so...I fell up on this one totally on accident. I try my damnedest to stay the F*CK away from the FM radio dials. But, this one is just....so, eloquently ratchet. And this is also the only one this week I'm posting with a video because...well, because B*TCHES. That's why.