#SundayConfessions - Can't Keep it TOO 100

I've never understood, what's so wrong with men telling chicks the phrase...

"I'm just tryin to f*ck."

Sure, it's vulgar.

Yep, it's totally brash and absolutely crass.


Seriously, while millions of women hop on Twitter and FB DAILY, posting status updates and memes of bitterness...complaining about men "hiding their true intentions" and all kindsa other silly heaux psych babble, #IJTTF cuts ALL of the bullsh*t out of the conversation OFF TOP. There's no wasting of anyone's time. No hidden agendas. Best of all, everyone has 100% RESOLUTE understanding in what the other person is in this for, at least initially.

It should literally be every woman's dream for a man to say #IJTTF. They SAY they want honesty, right? They CLAIM they "ain't got time for playin games", RIGHT??

Then cut the games out and respect the honesty.

For f*ck's sake...at LEAST say THANK YOU, for the compliment alone!

I mean, if a guy DOESN'T hit you with the #IJTTF then ya'll would think it's somethin wrong wit him bcuz he DOESN'T wanna f*ck you. If he doesn't hit you with the #IJTTF, but romances you and gets you all emosprung in order to get you to f*ck then leaves because all he wanted to do was F*CK IN THE FIRST PLACE...he's a loser and all that shit.

Ultimately, men can't win regardless of how they approach the situation. Why? Because women want what they want even if they don't even really want that shit.

Basically what I'm sayin is...it's a couple chicks #IJTTF but don't feel like trying to make them feel special about it or no shit and I don't feel it's fair to me as a man to have to do anything other than say #IJTTF and if they down then we f*ck and that's that.