#RazesRant - Stuff THIS in ur Pipe and Smoke It

In all honesty, who the fuck even smokes dirt, brick weed anymore?

I mean, the shit that "it makes sense that someone could swap this out for Oregano without telling the difference bcuz it's fucking rubbish" type weed.

The shit that's so bad it doesn't even deserve a cool name like "Dope" and should just be called the ONE thing no muhf*cka wit a GOOD garden would want in his fucking good ass garden - WEED.

The shit that puts you to sleep WITH  a fucking migraine headache type shit.

The shit that random niggas on the shittiest corners of all of Shittilandavia, USA can be found giving away for practically FREE, in the most precidented weed discount sale of all time...the coveted....THREE-4-TEN deal!!!

I'm trippin but for real....in today's economy, every dollar counts. We WORK for that shit and to spend it on stuff that's doing more harm than good is THE definition of hustling backwards. Then to add insult to injury, home growers are WAY more boutique to buy from and FIND than ever. They're educated and shit. There's no way someone hasn't or doesn't have at least ONE muhf*cka they can score some PRIME budz round here.

So, the question is....who THE FUCK is smoking dirt and dandys round this muhfucka?!?!