Raze's Favorite Milwaukee Hip Hop Albums

First off, let me preface this list by acknowledging that I KNOW people will call my list "biased" because not only do I have a few of my own projects on it, but projects from my team are on it. 

While I could have omitted those, I didn't. 


Because, F*CK YOU. That's why.

I'm not gonna destroy the integrity of MY list because some artists will be butt-hurt over their albums not making the cut, but my own did. 

These are the albums that I personally listen to in my "free time", which is basically when I'm working or some shit. Not necessarily "the best" or "most critically acclaimed by critics who shouldn't even be discussing Hip Hop music in the first damn place" or none of that shit. Just my list of albums that I can, for the most part, simply "press play and walk away" on.

These are the albums that I'm most proud to say are from my city and have for the most part made me fans of the artists that created them.

 So, with that said...let's get on with the list.

1. House of M - "The Alternate Reality of..."

2. The Hollowz - "Dreams of Sex and Flying"

3. AUTOMatic - "Transistor"

4. Raze - "Living in Technocolor"

5. Haz Solo & Tay Butler - "Silkies & House Shoes"

6. L&R (Formerly Logic&Raze) - "...STILL untitled"

7. Yo Dot - "Red Mist"

8. Ka$h & Nova - "G.R.H. Grassroots"

9. Prophetic - "Mo Profit, Mo Progress"

10. SPEAK easy - "Well Spoken"

:::Honorable Mentions:::
D. Ellsey "A Shift in The Wind"
Pizzle - "Fame in Vain"
Coo Coo Cal "Disturbed"
Dirty Mouf (aka Tha D.R.E.) "In Milwaukee"
Shife N*ggas - "Volume 1"
Dana Coppa "Coppa's Welfare Foods"
Qewl Miles "The Epitome"