#RealTalkWithRaze - The #ComboFail of #Easter and #420

Seriously....the fact that the calendar this year has bestowed us with Easter AND 420 landing on the same damn day, is really fucking unfortunate. 

Why, you ask?

Because very few things bring out the presumptuous, racist, classist, bigotry, and flat out disrespectful prejudices quite like religion and marijuana. 

Ironically enough, just 2 days ago I had a crazy debate over the behavior of Atheists and Agnostics in relation to religious posts on social media. I questioned why either party felt the need to "testify" their "religion" to the other. While there were a lot of stories shared of how people came to be Atheists or Agnostics, there weren't any ANSWERS to the question; just a lot of validation of the need for the question to be asked. Then, lo and behold, I wake up on Easter morning to find the main spokesman for #TeamAtheists&Agnostics posted THIS....

Here's my thing: I'm a firm believer in the idiom and ethos "Live and Let Live". As long as no real harm is coming to anyone or any group, let muhf*ckas do what they want and feel is right. No harm, no foul. So, I find it remarkably difficult to understand how seeing Christians acknowledge an important holiday pertinent to their religion, f*cks up The Facebook Experience of a non-believer. I mean, let's be real here...there are 3 really good options for the NBs (non-believers) out there:

1. Un-friend all of the Christians on your TL.
2. Un-follow all of the Christians on your TL.
3. Log the f*ck off for the day.

Now, personally, I'd be looking at options 1 and 2 VERY seriously if I were in their shoes. I mean, I don't have any racists on my TL. Why? Because I'm not a racist and I don't want to have to read or deal with anyone's racist posts. I have no problem with differing beliefs, but certain things are just too much for me; so I police my TL as I see fit. 

But when I see people post stuff like the ABOVE, I can't help but consider them trolling morons and little more than that. Basically, they're too weak and/or stupid to rid their Facebook Experience of the thing that annoys them so much (Christians) and in turn, they're too ignorantly disrespectful to simply allow them (the Christians) to post what they feel, as they feel, in regards to their beliefs. 

Basically what I'm saying is: Atheists/Agnostics could simply post something in regards to THEIR beliefs (or lack thereof), opposed to being disrespectful of the beliefs of others. That's flat out WEAK. Using the belittling and disrespect of someone else, for the social gain and validation of yourself is PUSSY. Yeah, I SAID IT.

And that brings me to my next topic: 420. 

Yup...self proclaimed moralists, legalists (I had no idea that was even a "thing" til recently) and hyper-Christians alike ALL combine to loathe this "holiday". One of which on my TL went as far as to make one of the most pretentious and presumptuous statements I've read in a VERY long time....

I mean, REALLY? This is so absurd, it HAS TO BE TROLLING. But, for sh*ts and giggles, let's count the stupid here...

1. So, everyone that partakes in 420 celebration has no job? That's absurd because of ALL the people I PERSONALLY know that toke, ALL of them work. And to make this post even MORE stupid, is that those people that DO work, make WELL over $50k/year salaries. Now, while that's not some amazingly impressive number, it's significant enough to shoot down this idiotic, dumbf*ck notion that marijuana smokers are all jobless losers with no value to society other than being criminals. Which leads us to...

2. Criminals? REALLY?!?! Could you possibly imagine, the looks on random police precinct employees if hoards of stoned senseless citizens walked into their station to declare themselves criminals in need of detainment and prosecution for smoking weed? Guess what I'm not gonna do? Respect this absurd take as anything more than the ramblings of a f*cking fool.

Now, for the record....I know neither one of these dudes is a "fool" or is "stupid". HOWEVER, they've let their disdain for the harmless actions and beliefs of others lead them down a path of self-righteous dumbf*ckery. So, what's the point of this post today?

The point is this: I'm f*cking pissed that I've gotta read shit like this, from TWO fronts, on the same damn day. I mean f*ck...if you don't smoke, then don't smoke and don't befriend people that do smoke. If you don't "Jesus", then don't "Jesus" and don't befriend people that DO "Jesus". Yes, it truly IS that simple. 

So, in closing, I'll be exercising 1 of those 3 options from above that I posted: Deleting the f*ck out of people that fall into both of these categories. If you're too disrespectful and too self-righteous to allow people to celebrate and bring themselves (and their families) joy, while hurting nobody in the process, then I don't have any room for you in MY Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Social Media experience. 

You people are f*cking morons, with little to no purpose in this world other than to bitch and complain about things that ultimately have no bearing on YOUR life; and to top it off, you're too f*cking weak to actually do anything REAL about it.

F*ck off!!!


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