#NoFilterFriday - Slaves Be Paid As Sh*t Now

I'm sure many of you have seen this picture floating around social media sites, insinuating and/or flat out re-branding the NFL Combine as a form of "new slavery". I mean, look at this picture! Look at how similar these images are! 

Well, guess what? Just like most half baked memes floating around, this is utter bullshit. But, this bullshit actually infuriates me....and here's WHY.

It pisses me to see so many black people DAILY, push agendas and ideas founded in dumbfuckery...all in the name of "Pro-black intellectualism". I'm sick and tired and feel nauseous every time I see some young IDIOT try to compare anything that happens TODAY to slavery, that....ya know....ISN'T SLAVERY. All of you fucking idiots REACHING to convince people that professional and semi-pro sports are somehow "The New Slavery" should be taken to the back of a woodshed and whipped til you faint. Your shared idiocy not only makes you look like the shining symbol of stupidity that you are, but more importantly, it's a shameful (or shameless) display of utter disrespect to the history of TRUE slavery that our ancestors experienced. SHAME ON YOU. And shame on your parents for never instilling a REAL sense of historic knowledge of your own people. Buying into a foolish notion that APPEARS to be profound on the surface, all in the name of appearing to be "for the cause" does little more than expose you as a part of the problem. And for f*ck's sake, anybody with 15mins to kill and M$ Paint can make this sh*t LOOK like however they want it to, as long as someone is dumb enough to believe it.

Since when were slaves of ANY era, particularly African-American slavery, allowed to take vacations? Where exactly in the history of all slavery throughout history were slaves put on pedestals and celebrated, while being given the ability to financially secure the futures of not only their immediate family, but also to build generational wealth? Oh, here's another one: When were slaves cared for medically, emotionally and psychologically? Even the most valuable slave was only as valuable as their durability. They were treated as sub-human...as a matter of fact, one could argue that a strong steed received better care than even the most reliable of slaves (Not counting the House Negroes, of course). 

The REAL slaves of this nation were stripped of their family ties...their NAMESAKES....their CHILDREN were taken from them and SOLD to the highest bidder, never to be seen again. Their Husbands were beaten mercilessly, hanged from trees, dragged from horse carriages, dismembered; all in front of their children and peers. Their wives were beaten, disfigured and RAPED...then forced to carry and bear the seeds of said rapists. All the while, never being reimbursed for their labor and services, nor ever knowing what it feels like to simply "GO SOMEWHERE ELSE, because they needed some time off". 

If you don't see the fundamental differences between real slavery and this bullshit floating around Facebook masquerading as slavery....YOU YOURSELF, ARE A SLAVE. 

Reporting live from the comfortably air conditioned confines of my well paid slave quarters.