#AshyProductReviews - @Munkeybarz

I'm gonna keep it one hunnid witchaw.....I didn't even bother to actually review these shits. Why? Because this is one of the dumbest sex products I've ever seen. 

As a lover of doggystyle pummeling, it's completely unnecessary in every way. PLUS, as I have confirmed with a few of my female friends, women enjoy the "Alpha-dominance" of a man grabbing their hips and waist with his bare hands and having his way with her. Why the hell would someone want to put on some retarded looking belt and pretend to ride a bike or some shit when it's time for black out, purely testosterone fueled, dawgwalking??? And when it's time to toss her ass onto her side and shove her leg up in the air for the Scissorsmang move, you gotta take the belt off and shit? 

Nothing but unnecessary, in the way BS. Fuck this product.