Raze's Rant - Obama and The Ferguson Fiasco

Let me begin this post with a statement of condolence and a call for the eventual bringing of justice to the crimes against the people of Ferguson, Mo. It's a shame and absolutely deplorable what the police are, and have been, doing in that town to it's citizens and I pray that some social and political shift is on the near horizon for the sake of it's next and future generations. 

With that said....I'm going to say some things that will be wildly UNPOPULAR among my fellow Black Americans. But, I don't care....

I'm tired of black folks reaching to Negro Jesus aka POTUS Black aka Nigga Savior Prez aka Barack Obama....for saving. There is currently a lynching of our President on the internet being carried out by a massive crowd of....African Americans. Again. Because, once again in Amerikkka, there is injustice being done to people of color and a vast majority of us black folk citizens are looking toward Obama to "save us and fix it all". Well, I've got some bad news for you....

...he's not. And, it's not his job to.

Obama is a black man, yes. This is true...actually, wait. No, that's not accurate. Obama is a Bi-Racial man. However, in America the One Drop Rule is forever in effect, so....he's black. But it is NOT his inherited responsibility to make a statement or acknowledgement of EVERY socially significant injustice done to a black person in this country. Last I checked, that was the job description of ambulance chasers like Al Sharpton and 'nem....or better yet, THE PEOPLE.

I've shared these thoughts on a few different web forums and gotten a...let's say "interesting" bit of colorful feedback. I'd like to share some of this with you....

"yet he acknowledged Robin Williams death and all of the school shootings and mass killings of white folks done by white folks." 

Look, anyone trying to equate the death of an entertainer to the potentially political and criminal death of a citizen is too much of an idiot to even....entertain...or acknowledge. Stop it...that's petty and completely off scale. Also, there have been shootings at "black" schools too, which Obama HAS publicly spoken on.

"Time for black people to admit they were got by Obama." "He's the President and this is the most pressing issue in Black America right now. Tired of hearing this excuse. If he's not going to speak on our issues, then there was no point giving him 90%+ of our vote."

Oh, this was a GOOD ONE...

"He's the President and this is the most pressing issue in Black America right now. Tired of hearing this excuse. What he COULD do is put some political capitol behind fixing the fucking system. THERE'S an idea!! Him and the first Black Attorney General. Both have been disappointments on the highest level. But keep making excuses, you don't give a sh*t about Blacks apparently."

Yeah....CLEARLY I don't give a sh*t about blacks because I disagreed with this guy. What a dummy ass reply. I just see the big picture and apparently voted for Obama for a significantly different reason than many other black folks did. I believed in his campaign because, instead of claiming to be a Black Jesus POTUS, he spoke for each individual citizen, regardless of their race, to take responsibility for the power they hold as a citizen...particularly black Americans. I care about PEOPLE that are willing to do for themselves....opposed to sitting around bitching and waiting for someone to save them. If that means I don't care about black people...I've got a very lazy, carefree shrug for that assessment.

Let's have some fun for a second...here's a serious question for all wanting Obama to make a statement - 

What do you expect this statement by Obama to accomplish? 

Seriously...LOOK AT THIS. Honk for Justice? What is this - The Era of The Purposeless Picket Sign? When we were at our BEST as a people, I'm talkin bout black folks now....we picketed and actually AFFECTED THE SYSTEM. We caused loss of DOLLARS....which caused ACTION; sometimes retaliation action against us, but we were RESILIENT and continued to PUSH. There was a legitimate cause and effect to our movements against the system that so diligently and actively had oppressed us for generations. Now, we just make these virtual posts that ultimately are just as fleeting to the mind as the last time you saw a Volkswagen Beetle drive past you on the street. 

Obama is like the CEO of a corporation; he doesn't have time for dealing with the issues in the mail room. He's the fucking CEO - he NEEDS to be making sure the company makes high level decisions to ensure the company stays afloat. Pressuring Obama to speak on these issues is misguided. Where is the pressure on local governments? Where is the pressure being applied at the Aldermanic and Mayoral level?

And let's not forget one last MAJOR issue - THIS IS ALL STILL UNDER INVESTIGATION.

Why the hell would Obama speak up on a situation that quite frankly, local media, local citizens and local government aren't even entirely sure what happened? That would be absurd, not only on a Presidential level, but even a GENERAL CITIZEN LEVEL. Don't speak on things, til you know ALL of the FACTS. That's like...a major rule of like, LIFE and sh*t.

All of this stuff could come to a head and we may learn things over the next few months to a year that will lead to our POTUS speaking on it. But him jumping in now, with the sharks already circling his administration for pretty much ANYTHING from shooting a basketball to occasionally sitting down to pee (allegedly), would be just as politically suicidal as a presidential administration turning a blind eye to FBI reports of known terrorist organizations planning to use commercial airlines as missiles by flying them into buildings.

Oh....wait. Never mind that.