Dear America, You’re welcome

This is what you all wanted. Whether you realize it or not, this is the monster WE created. Trump is the POTUS we deserve. All of us. Why? Because we suck.

First off, the Democrats did everything within their own power to put Trump into office themselves. It’s actually quite fascinating, to realize that the very same political party that wrote the blueprint on how to win elections in the social media era…so accurately hanged themselves in this one, by ignoring the very process that won them 2 elections with the Obama administration. During both Obama elections, the Dems (for the most part) rallied behind a candidate that was unifying. Obama wasn’t SO black that he became inaccessible to non-blacks; in spite of the fact that he appears more Black, than mulatto. People of all races, ethnicities, economic, religious and political backgrounds, were the makeup of Obama’s supporters. In this current election, the Dems also had a candidate who unified and polarized Americans….and that candidate was Bernie Sanders.

Unfortunately, Sanders was….for lack of more eloquent wording…..fuq’d with no lube out of his rightful place as the party’s officially appointed Presidential candidate. In a magnificently horrible example of political posturing & positioning, Hilary Clinton somehow was The Anointed One by the Democratic Party. In spite of countless polls and preliminary voters’ support for Bernie…as well as his social media presence being overwhelmingly positive….Bernie was the odd man out. Oh yeah, and lets also not forget the fact that Bernie was mopping the floor with Trump in most polls across the media landscape (sans Faux News and The Blaze, for obvious reasons)…the Dems had their guy, but for all the wrong reasons, said fuq him and rolled with Hilary Clinton, who in a significant number of those same polls, showed no signs of having the ability to realistically defeat Trump. But hey…let’s not let anything silly like LOGIC and DATA stand in the way of betting the farm on the belief that Americans would vote for Hilary simply off of the fundamental ideology of ‘a woman legitimately becoming POTUS’, right? The Democratic Party, fragmented itself and its voters into certain defeat…almost seemingly intentionally considering the level of ineptitude required to do so…simply because THEY didn’t want Bernie. Because, F*CK what The People want or believe in.

Then, we’ve got Mr. Make America Great Again. Look, pardon my blackness for a moment…but I gotta say it: America has NEVER been great for ANYONE. Not blacks, not Mexicans, not Immigrants…and arguably not even TOTALLY for whites either. America has been phenomenal for whites in MOST areas of life. Which is why, they mantra ‘Make America Great Again’ was so wildly disrespectful to people of color. I’m not going to claim that Donald Trump…excuse me, President-elect Trump…is a racist. I’m not going to say he is or isn’t. But, what I will say is that his entire platform was fundamentally built upon a premise that triggered and activated racists across this country….and this is where my perspective on Trump’s campaign gets deeper….

Remember back when Obama was essentially pressured/forced to denounce his ties to Jeremiah Wright, back in 2008? Pastor Wright’s views and statements made were deemed ‘divisive’ by the media (then subsequently also by The Sheeple), and his relationship with Obama was then scrutinized and sensationalized to ridiculous levels. President Obama had no choice but to denounce not only the statements of Pastor Wright, but also to denounce HIM, in order to ‘keep up appearances’ that he himself, wasn’t ‘an extremist’ of some sort. Personally, I just looked at it as the white media trying to make Obama look ‘more angry black man’ than ‘Presidential’…but that’s just me. Back to my point though, being that the pressure to separate himself from such beliefs and messages was incredibly important to his requirement of maintaining a squeaky clean image, as a candidate and ultimately as POTUS.

Fast forward to 2016, and we have Trump. Presidential candidate, supported by immeasurable numbers of extremist, radical white supremacist groups. There has never been a mention in mainstream media of this fact. There has never at any point of his campaign, been pressure for him to denounce the support of these people. More importantly though, Trump’s refusal to take the initiative to denounce these supporters said two things to me….

1.       Trump didn’t believe he could win WITHOUT the votes of the racists.
2. Trump didn’t believe he could win WITH the black votes, he’d have most likely earned by doing so.

It’s a slippery slope turning down support…especially when so much is at stake. Sure, we could chalk it all up to the obvious racial double standards and call it a day, but this is The Presidency of the UNITED States we’re talking about. How on Earth could we ignore the arguably most divisive Presidential candidate of the last century, potentially (I guess now inevitably) following the most INCLUSIVE President of all time?

Which brings me to another point…Obama was about UNITING this country. Instead, what we discovered over the course of the last 8yrs, is that America hasn’t changed much in the race relations area since pre-Jim Crow law abolition (yes, I’m aware some of those laws still exist in some areas, but just roll with the big picture here). We discovered that we’re nowhere CLOSE to even SNIFFING a ‘post-racial’ anything in this country. Racism simply….changed. The style and delivery of racism for decades simply re-branded itself, but delivered its effectiveness in a far stealthier manner. All of which culminates with the rabid support for Trump, in all of his ineloquent violence mongering ‘glory’.

In closing…from shameful political practices to a very active and rampant racial divide, as well as ethical behavior well beyond the realm of ‘understandable’ even…THIS is what America is. It wasn’t Trump’s campaign, it wasn’t Obama’s regime, and it wasn’t any other POTUS’ fault either. This is the sum of all America’s parts coming together, in a magnificently horrific Voltron of ‘What the WTF’. I don’t adhere to the sensationalizing and ‘OMG, we’re all DOOMED!!’ rhetoric. I believe that sort of thinking puts FAR too much weight into the power and ability the Presidential office has. But, what I do believe is this:

We most certainly won’t make America great (again), but there is a very realistic chance that in spite of what we saw a glimpse of during Obama’s two terms, America will be made Amerikkka, AGAIN.