The Adventures of S&M - Prunch @ Pizza Man

One of the lesser acknowledged perks of living in a cold weather area like Wisconsin, is the heightened appreciation for weather change. There is without a doubt, NOTHING quite like the boost of energy that blankets the city in a warmth of when Winter lets go and passes the baton to Spring; who after all of this time, sure feels a helluva lot like Summer's fine ass.

But, back to Us.....we woke up Saturday morning to a blast of 70+ degree air and legitimate sun-heat on our faces. So we did what anyone who just woke up to a mixture of still last night (drunk) & hungover, would do: We got dressed to walk to Starbucks.

Most likely looking a hot ass mess, but in our minds looking fly as fuq, because we really, REALLY did try not to look hungover as hell. We strolled those approximately 11 blocks confidently.......until that last block and a half when we both slowed down right quick, looked each other in the eye, and admitted thirst defeat simultaneously. The morning had truly arrived, as any benefits of still last night blindness that we had half a block ago, WAS GONE. We struggled, we needed more than Starbucks could deliver....WE NEEDED MORE ALCOHOL.

The decision was made. Pizza Man was victorious over it's fierce competitor Cafe Hollander. We entered Pizza Man, Mary somewhat struggling with the heavy front door, to an amazing cross-breeze and the blessing of knowing we were mere minutes away from the salvation of liquid shenanigan fuel.

We were greeted and seated promptly. The energy of our host was only made even greater by our server. She spoke of drinking, wishing she could be out in the wonderful weather drinking the day away...then continuing to drink more. We were moved...touched to our the tragedy of this young woman having to work on such a day of frolic for us. There was only one thing left to do...drink more alcohol....FOR HER. For every moment she couldn't, we would drink.........and we did.
We ordered Bloody Mary's, with sidecars (because that's more alcohol) as well as a carafe of water. While we needed to consume more LSF, it was imperative that we hydrate simultaneously to avoid premature crashing. The Bloody Mary's were fantastic. I could have used more cheese, but that could also just be because I was lucidly drunk. Either way, it was really great.

We ordered Eggplant Fries, with both, Lemon-Marinara and Creamy Parmesan sauces. They were too, delicious. The seasoning was light and perfectly in harmony with the sweetness of the eggplant. Both saucers were great complimentary, but the Creamy Parm sauce really stood out.

A second Bloody Mary has arrived. well as the pizza!

We went a little outside of our normal, traditional style pie, and chose some nice alt toppings. Instead of the traditional paste style sauce, we chose the lighter Italia style sauce. We then added mushroom, spinach and spicy Lamb Sausage, with mozzarella cheese. All sitting on a light, thin crust.

It was fantastic. So good in fact, that as you can see, we got halfway through it before I realized I was supposed to be taking pics here. (Also evident by the lack of images of the Bloody Marys - oops).

Once we both tapped out from belly expansion, we got everything wrapped up into a baggie. Left Pizza Man feeling incredibly satisfied, and continued our journey to....Starbucks.

Because The Morning After is always better with Starbucks. AND in this case...Pizza Man too.

P.S. - This older woman did something really stupid. We struggled with whether we should advise her to secure that shit somewhere that made some damn adult sense.....but, we figured "She's older than WE supposed to tell her how to live HER life??", we chilled.