Real Talk With Raze - The Salary Kaep of Bad Business

People talk about and attempt to justify Colin Kaepernick not being signed due to him allegedly being (and I quote) "bad for business". But, that leaves the most legitimate question on the field for play: WHY is Kaepernick "bad for business"?

Because, the people who spread this ideology as truth, are either bigots or they support bigoted ideologies. From a humanitarian standpoint, it’s absurd, that we’re even still discussing the Kaepernick issue. From some people ‘agreeing’ that police brutality is a problem and specifically, a problem for Blacks in ‘Murica…to people who apparently don’t even see a problem that exists; for African-Americans or anyone else for that matter. In our capitalist society, it’s obvious more now than ever, that the ability to make $$$, supersedes the importance of life preservation.

We’ve seen a number of players in the NFL commit horrendous crimes against humanity (including, for the sake of being thorough, the pets of humanity). From assault, domestic violence and (attempted) murder…and many of those players were given at LEAST one other opportunity at ‘redemption’. And that’s what’s being discussed alongside the ‘bad for business’ rhetoric; Kaepernick getting “another shot”.

….but, what did he do that caused his FIRST SHOT to end? Oh, that’s right…he stood up for Black people, and their right to not be murdered by the same policemen and women who swore oaths to protect and serve.

This brings me back to my original question: WHY is Kaepernick bad for business? He’s bad for business, because America, or at least a majority of its most social network vocal citizens, are bigots. They are bigots who would rather continue to turn their blind eyes to the atrocities committed against people of color, than to accept a man who exercises his American Constitutional right to protest.

And there’s your hypocrisy.

Earlier this week, I saw a woman on Facebook comment “It’s a free country…I can call Kaepernick a piece of crap if I want!!!”. However, after being reminded that that same written, constitutionalized set of citizen rights that afford her the right to do THAT….also empower and encourage, people like Kaepernick to kneel….for whatever his motives may be.

Speaking logically on the false narrative of Kaepernick being a “crappy QB” that many bigots have been spreading too…The 49rs of San Francisco have been a clusterf*ck of bad organizational operation since they lost to, ironically enough, the Baltimore Ravens in the Super Bowl of 2013. That team had one of the absolute worst offensive lines and receiving corps in the entire NFL. The fact that with just those 2 elements of the TEAM being as bad as they were/are, somehow now doesn’t matter when grading Kaepernick’s performance is sickening. Adding onto that, Kaepernick’s productivity and protection of the ball from turnovers with such a weak supporting cast, should be a testament to how good of a base he’s working with. But, again…none of this is ACTUALLY or LOGICALLY, about football at all.

This is about WHITE PEOPLE…white people protecting the status quo of modus operandi in America, and ensuring that Kaepernick becomes a Cautionary Tale for any and every person of color in this country who even considers following his lead. In a way, it could certainly be said that it IS about 'patriotism' too, given that for the first 200-400yrs of this country's existence, Blacks weren't even legitimately considered "human". So yes, Kaepernick’s situational condemnation, is the professional football level embodiment of dead Black people left to hang from trees in plain sight; particularly for others just like him, to see.

“See what happened to Colin? THAT…….could be you too, Boy. Now, gone out there, shut up, and PLAY BALL”

….or more literally put, “Make me millions/billions, don’t complain about ANYTHING, and get the f*ck out of my sight when you’re no longer profitable or useful to me and my team”.

Another bit that’s being missed here, is the unknown of whether Kaepernick playing for a team in the NFL actually IS bad for business or not. Because, I don’t buy it (potential pun intention).

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last 20yrs or so of social media sensationalism and marketing, it’s that people get online, most often safely from behind their internet personas/masks of anonymity, and JUST SAY SH*T. From speaking on products & services they’ll allegedly “never buy again!!!” to RSVPing to show up for events that they ultimately never arrive at. My experience has most often proved to be, for every 100 people who say they’re gonna show up…expect about 25-40% to follow through. So, if we’re technically talking, that means only 25-40% of the alleged 8% of lost NFL viewers (2016-2017 season), are actually likely to follow through with their claims to no longer support the league or team that they’ve otherwise spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on tickets and apparel for.

Also, what about the countless people online who’ve testified that they would immediately purchase a Kaepernick jersey, of WHATEVER team that signs him? Oh, I guess in the land of “if it ain’t white, it ain’t right” those dollars aren’t welcome and those theoretical dollars don’t count in any of these NFL owners’ equations.

This mess is labyrinthine, to say the least. However, if you’re still with me to this point here’s the bow on top: The numbers show, that Kaepernick is talented. By experience points alone, he’s better than 98% of the current 2nd string QBs in the NFL. He’s arguably an even better option at QB than Joe Flacco (we can debate that on another post at a different time). His teammates have never to my knowledge publicly down-talked him. His previous coaches have all praised him as a good teammate and leader. He wasn't a distraction to the locker room DURING HIS ACTIVE TIME PROTESTING. He hasn’t asked for any salary that he’s undeserved of (do your homework on what low level starters & 2nd string QBs make in the league and you’ll find your confirmation). Plus, he’s done an incredible amount of social, philanthropic and volunteer work in communities across the country. ALL of these, are qualities that owners, GMs and coaches typically DROOL over. So, what makes Colin Kaepernick so different from any other available free agent QB in the NFL?

Yep, that’s right. He stood against systemically racist injustices, on the behalf of Black people. And THAT, no matter how loudly or often you hear & read otherwise, is THE truth of the matter.

BONUS SHOT: Whoever is spewing the idea that Kaepernick getting signed will somehow affect a team or the NFL's bottom line negatively, sure isn't paying attention to the simple data. You know, like JERSEY SALES.