Star Wars - The Last Jedi (Trailer and Theories)

OK guys &'s the final OFFICIAL trailer for Star Wars:The Last Jedi.

I know I've been waiting for this film forever, and after watching the trailer I am GEEKED!!! But, I do feel that there was a bit too much revealed in all honesty. Take a look...

Now, there were some pretty important things visually here, but I'm not gonna focus on those, as much as I'm focused on THE WORDS SPOKEN. For the record, if you don't want ANY potential NOT read any further!!!

BLAH BLAH BLAH...filling space....BLAH BLAH....ok, HERE WE GO.

"Something.....inside me has always been there.......THEN I WAS AWAKE."

This quote is VERY revealing to's almost as if the Clone methodology was used on someone already ridiculously high in Midichlorians, but Rey's batch was the most successful one.

...and boy, was it successful.

I believe Rey is a clone, and she doesn't have parents in the traditional sense. She's a clone of....Darth Vader or Palpatine.

Luke - "I've only seen this raw power once didn't scare me enough then, IT DOES NOW."

Luke was young and had no idea what he was REALLY in for, when he took on Vader and Palpatine. The only argument for me here, is which between Palpatine or Vader AT THAT TIME, was the stronger of the two. Whichever one was, I'm sure is who Rey's 'parent' is. So when he says it didn't scare him enough, and then watched him get his ass handed to him by Palpatine, only to ultimately be saved by "teaming up" with Vader to defeat him.

So, that's theory #1.

Theory 2 is a little more abstract and albeit, a bit less 'shocking'.

...maybe not Palpatine directly, but someone in his leadership lineage fulfilled Darth Plagueis' plan to create life from raw Midichlorians, and from that...we got Rey. This would also be supported (lightly) by her 'father's' pet-name for her: Stardust.

That's it. Those are my thoughts and I'm stickin to em. We'll see how much more we learn on December 15th!